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Sublease agreement – what should be considered?

In today’s fast-paced world, subleases are increasingly common. Plenty of reasons that lead to subletting: a long stay abroad is planned, your own income is not enough to pay off the loan for the apartment or you simply decide to share your apartment.

But what should you pay attention to when subletting and how does it proceed?

Boxie24 has listed all important tips and tricks in the field of subletting for you, so that nothing can happen here.

What should I do with my belongings if I sublet?

Different types of subletting

Not every housemate is a subtenant

The right partner for subletting: Boxie24

This must be stated in the sub-tenant contract

Differences between a temporary and a permanent sublease

What should I do with my belongings if I sublet?

This is the question many people ask themselves who sublet their living space for various reasons. On the one hand, you don’t want anyone else to sniff around or even damage anything in your property, on the other, you want to offer the subtenant as much space as possible for himself, his belongings and his life. What do you do with your household items while doing a semester abroad in Sydney or even working an entire year as an au pair in the United States? Boxie24 has a storage solution for anyone who subleases their room, apartment or even an entire house: store your belongings at Boxie24.

Boxie24 has locations and partners with storage space in New York and Miami and also offers convenient service for everything that has to do with the storage itself. So you don’t have to worry about transport to the warehouse, because the Boxie24 team will pick up your stored stuff at your home, store them and when you come back and the subletting is finished, we will bring your stuff in a very easy way. way back to you. Also for our hard-working employees, storing furniture is no problem. You don’t have to worry about anything and you can easily get everything back once the subletting period is over. With boxie24 you have handy and inexpensive storage space.

The sublease agreement has been signed

Different types of subletting

A subtenant uses individual rooms or parts of an apartment or the entire apartment rented by a third person. In contrast to the main tenant – who has concluded a traditional lease with the landlord – the subtenant is not a contract partner of the apartment owner. A classic example is a shared apartment in which one person has rented an apartment, lives in one or more rooms and sublet the other rooms to other residents. However, there is also a subtenant if the main tenant has let the apartment to a third party due to long-term absence. A sublease must be approved by the apartment owner. However, he can only refuse if the apartment is overcrowded or if there are special reasons against the person of the subtenant.

The sublease represents a second level lease: either part of a property is let to a third party, or all of the property.

Not every housemate is a subtenant

There are – as everywhere – exceptions: for example close family members such as the spouse and children, the parents or stepchildren. Nor are domestic workers such as au pairs or staff housed in the home or health care apartment or house subtenants.

Then there is a group of people who can live in your apartment for up to 8 weeks and who only need to consult with your landlord if the 8 weeks are exceeded: these include family members such as brothers and sisters, adult children, grandchildren, children-in-law and friends.

The right partner for subletting: Boxie24

Boxie24 offers many advantages if you leave the city or the country for a certain period of time. If you don’t want to leave your apartment empty for the general public and don’t want to pay the rent during your absence, subletting is the best option. You rent out your apartment or room – for a fixed period or otherwise – and you can use the sublet income. Continue to pay the normal rent.

Boxie24 offers you ideal storage options and services for the duration of your stay abroad:

  • Flexible contracts: You are welcome to double your semester abroad and stay abroad for a whole year, and get your stuff back sooner if you didn’t like the job as an au pair and you travel home earlier. Boxie24 is known for the flexible and straightforward handling of customer requests.

  • Delivery service: You don’t have to worry about a van or other vehicle, because you can deliver your belongings to your apartment and return it when you want.

  • Ideal storage conditions: clean, safe and air-conditioned. This is the standard in all our warehouses!

This must be stated in the sub-tenant contract

The sublease agreement describes the rights and obligations of both parties. Not as in the normal lease between tenant and landlord, but between main and subtenant.

Important parts of the sublease contract:

  • Names of main and subtenants

  • Address of the house; for one-storey apartments

  • Description of the rental property: rooms that are shared and rooms that can only be used by one party; Likewise, devices that may be used jointly or only by a specific tenant must be registered.

  • Number of keys given

  • Reference to the main lease: reference should be made here to the main lease and the applicable house rules.

  • Written permission from the landlord

  • Rental period: start of the rental relationship and, in case of time limit, a justification must be present

  • Notice periods: Normally, a period of 3 months applies, if another has been agreed, this must be clearly stated in writing

  • Rent and utilities

  • Account details of the landlord: the rent is deposited into this account

  • Deposit: a deposit must be agreed. Normally this amounts to 3 months of cold rent

  • Rental use: careful handling of the property and the common objects must be agreed

  • Possibly: Agreement on the purchase and repair of shared household appliances: for example, if a new refrigerator is bought or the dishwasher breaks, the sublease agreement must determine how and whether the subtenant is involved in the costs.

It is also advisable to draw up a report that is comparable to the delivery report. This creates a basis of trust for the main tenants and subtenants and offers certainty for future delivery when moving.

If there are no specific agreements about the additional costs, their additional payment or cosmetic repairs, the subtenant does not have to pay them.

Also important: income from subletting must be reported on the tax return.

Differences between a temporary and a permanent sublease

A fixed-term sublease agreement – also called a temporary lease – must include the start and end date in writing. In addition, the main tenant must inform the subtenant in writing about the reason for the term. The easiest way to do this is to include the reason in the sublease agreement. In the case of temporary subleases, it is usually not possible to terminate early.

If there is only an effective date in the sublease agreement, this is a sublease agreement for an indefinite period. The regular right of termination applies here: 3 months notice period, doubled to 6 if the main tenant cancels without giving reasons. For a furnished room, a short termination notice is usually agreed: the main tenant can terminate the subtenant without giving reasons until the 15th of a month. The subtenant has to leave the room at the end of this month. If the former subtenant is only staying with a friend for the time being, Boxie24 is also the right contact for him: we store his belongings in the interim storage and return them when he has found a new apartment. Self-storage is a good and inexpensive way to deal with relocations and a stay abroad.

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