On-demand-storage is an easy and affordable way to store your things both temporarily and long-term.

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What is On-Demand-Storage?

Last update: 07.05.2019

On-demand-storage is an easy and affordable way to store your things both temporarily and long-term. On-demand-storage is often referred to as full service storage, valet storage and storage with front door pickup.

Don’t be confused if you hear these similar terms. They all mean the same thing. When you hire a full service self storage company like Boxie24 Storage, all you have to do is pack your things.

We come to your home or residence, load up your belongings in our truck, transport it all back to our secure facility and pack it all into your storage unit.

It’s cost-effective and very convenient because it cuts out many of the typical expenses associated with traditional self storage; and you never have to leave your house to go to and from your storage unit.

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How it Works:

Renting on-demand-storage in New York is easy. Just follow these 4 simple steps and we do the rest.

On-Demand storage in 4 easy steps

What’s the Difference Between On-Demand-Storage and Traditional self Storage?

There are two major differences between on-demand-storage and traditional self storage: the cost and the convenience.

With traditional self storage, you have to do everything yourself. This often entails finding moving boxes, hiring movers, transporting everything to and from the storage facility and packing everything into the storage unit.

All this work can get expensive and definitely takes up valuable time, therefore check out our storage prices or contact us for more information.

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On-Demand-Storage with Online Inventory Management

Since on-demand-storage facilities often restrict public access to their storage units, customers can keep track of their stored belongings by logging into their account on the Boxie24 website and using the online inventory management tool.

When we come out to your home to pick up your things, we catalog everything into your online account.

You can see exactly what’s inside your storage unit, make requests for delivery of some or all of your things, and even add more storage space.

It may seem strange not having access to your storage unit, but we feel that restricted public access is actually one of the biggest perks of on-demand-storage.

Since no one but authorized personnel has access to your storage unit, there’s less chance things can be stolen or vandalized. In addition, you never have to set foot in another storage facility again!

If you are ready to get started with our on-demand-storage solutions, contact one of our storage specialists now.

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