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Garage storage – What can I store?

When it comes to home storage, it seems that most people tend to gravitate towards using their garage for everything but their car! Often it happens that there are random items around the house that you don’t often use, but perhaps you think that you’d want it in your garage. As a result of using your garage for storage, you’ll end up with a medley of items that you are still not using.

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Though there should be a place for everything in the home, here are some items that you should consider putting into your garage storage.

  1. Car and car supplies
    It is obvious to store your car in your garage storage, if you have the room, but don’t forget about using your garage storage for items like your roof rack, wiper fluid, air pumps, and more!

  2. Gym Equipment
    If you have the space for it, the garage is a great space to store your gym equipment as it’ll lower the risk of you breaking or damaging something inside your home with a weight or other workout item. Just make sure to stay cool in the summertime and also make sure that you use it.

  3. Tools
    Tools are a no-brainer. A garage is where your tools are supposed to go. You can  use a rolling tool chest to keep all your screwdrivers, sockets and wrenches in. Nuts, bolts, and screws can go in plastic drawers.

  4. Beer
    Why are you storing your beer? Shouldn’t you be drinking it?! Beer can be kept for a little while, and the garage is a nice place for it (preferably with a refrigerator), to make sure the little ones don’t get their hands on it. Just be sure you keep it out of the sun as your beer can get skunked and go bad!

  5. Batteries
    As a handy electronic aid, batteries go well in the garage. Just be sure that they stay in a cool climate as you can significantly hurt the duration of how long the battery will last you. Consider bringing lead batteries you may have to a junkyard as you can make a little extra money!

  6. Christmas Decorations
    If you don’t have any attic storage space left, your garage storage unit is just fine. Make sure to box and label your smaller items so you aren’t opening all of your boxes when looking for them. Also, ensure the item safety by using bubble wrap and other packing materials.

  7. Yard and Gardening Tools
    The garage is the ideal home for tools and appliances you only use outdoors. Think shovels, hoses, extension cords, lawnmowers, gardening tools, extra pots for flowers and so on. Bags of potting soil, buckets of ice melt and other outdoor supplies that come in bulky packaging are also good candidates for garage storage, garage cabinets can be a great way to organize your tools.

  8. Infrequently Used Items
    If you need to store any items you rarely, or never actually use, the garage – like the basement or attic – is often a great place to hide it away. Just keep in mind that sturdy, weatherproof objects will do better in the garage, while more delicate items, like documents and electronics, will hold up better in a basement or attic.

  9. Shoes
    One warning for long-term storage of boots and shoes in the garage storage: spiders. I have found a black widow in a pair of grass-cutting shoes I left in the garage for a few months. Be sure to hang them out and open them up far enough to see if there are any webs/eggs. Just be sure to let the boots dry before storing them. Also, we sincerely apologize if you must now check your shoes for spiders or other scary insects every time you put them on!

Overall, it is apparent that you can store many items in your garage, especially if you are the type to hoard a lot of stuff. But why not consider full-service storage with BOXIE24. Save yourself the clutter in your garage and let us come and pick your items up whenever you need us to! It’s affordable, it’s fast, and it’s convenient. Our full-service storage solution will make your life so much easier, and you’ll even be able to park your car in your garage!

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Garage Storage – What you shouldn’t store in your garage

Now that we covered the do’s of garage storage, let’s have a look at some of the dont’s. You may have been storing some things in your storage unit of a garage, so here is a list that’ll help you figure out what shouldn’t be going in there and help you achieve your garage organization goal.

  • CD’s and DVD’s
    Heat will deteriorate your 90’s and 2000’s classic discs. If your garage is not air-conditioned then it is not recommended storing them in there.

  • Food and Canned Goods
    You wouldn’t store canned goods in your garage unless it is kept at a cool room temperature all year round (68 degrees F). Furthermore, pet food should also not be stored in a garage as the moisture would spoil the dog’s food giving diarrhea, which isn’t exactly fun to clean up!

  • Paint cans
    You don’t want messy paint cans in the house, so you leave it in the garage. A few months/years/decades later you go to open it up, and there is a disgusting blob of gunk in there. Next time, keep the paint can clean and tuck it away in a closet or your basement. Also, ensure it is sealed airtight or you may as well store it in the garbage can.

  • Photographs
    Don’t store cherished photographs in your garage for an extended period. Excessive heat will cause the pictures to stick together and tear up when separating them. Also, with other liquids that may be stored in the garage, they are at risk of getting wet. Let’s not forget an animal got into your garage and made your family photo album their permanent home, that would be very sad!

  • Anything Dangerous
    Keep propane tanks, which can leak and ignite, out of the garage (and other enclosed spaces). Store them outside, in a well-ventilated area, instead. Always be careful with flammable or hazardous materials. You may want to consider storing them in a ventilated locker (or shed with a padlock on it) or simply keeping one tank at your house and refilling it as you see fit without keeping a spare. Safety first!

  • Items That Will Attract Pests
    If rodents or bugs can make a meal or a home of it, think twice before storing it in your garage. This includes clothing, bedding, books, papers, firewood, and food – including pet food and birdseed.

  • Old Computers
    Humidity and temperature ups and downs can cause computers and other electronics to short out. If at any point you want to reuse your old computer or pull an old file, keep the computer in the basement or attic.

Overall, there are lots of great uses for using your garage for storage, but consider elsewhere when it comes to storing your items like the above-mentioned ones. A great idea is also to search for ‘self storage near me’, there are certainly great providers in your area, if you find one of  BOXIE24 storage facilities near you, make sure to get in contact with us.

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Organize Your Garage Storage

If you’ve run out of room in your house, especially in your attic and basement and need additional storage in the garage, you should at least go in with a game plan to ensure you are making the most of the space in your garage. Utilizing garage wall storage, garage shelving units, and even overhead garage storage will make the most of the space in your garage that you otherwise might not have been able to utilize. Have a look at some of the helpful tips for the garage storage organization below and see what you can do with your existing garage space to make garage organization a cinch!

  • Store More on Walls
    If you mount hooks, brackets and other hardware only on studs, you’re wasting lots of opportunities for garage wall ideas. The best strategy is to add a layer of 3/4-in. plywood over the drywall or bare studs. That gives you a continuous fastening surface, so you can mount storage hardware easily, arrange the items in a space-efficient way and cram more stuff onto the wall. This tip is great for rakes, shovels, tennis rackets, etc. Hooks, garage shelving, and garage storage cabinets are number one!

  • Canvas Storage Bags Protect Decorations
    Protect bulky seasonal decorations like artificial trees and wreaths from garage dust and dirt by storing them in canvas storage bags. Tuck a dryer sheet in before zipping to deter insects and critters. Simply load these up and stick them in your overhead storage space.

  • Garage Storage Corner Shelves
    Who couldn’t use a few more shelves in the garage? You probably already have shelves in the obvious spots, but what about in the corners? This nifty corner shelf unit takes advantage of existing studs, and it’s fast, easy and cheap. This will take your garage shelving to the next level! Use scrap plywood or oriented strand board to make shelves that fit snugly between the corner studs and support them with 1×1 cleats. These corner garage storage shelves are perfect for storing smaller items such as glues, oils, waxes, and polishes, which get lost easily on larger shelves.

  • Plastic Bins
    Use stackable plastic bins that are airtight and durable. You can fill them with all sorts of items. Just make sure you store efficiently. Our moving boxes are great bins to use, they are tear-proof, stackable and water-resistant, you can buy our moving boxes at our online shop. Also, don’t forget to label the boxes.

  • Screw boxes
    Use toolboxes to store your screws and other small equipment. Also, consider keeping old glass baby food jars and mint tins to help keep these items sorted.

  • Tools
    You can use a classic toolbox but you can also hang up a magnetic strip to hold screwdrivers, wrenches, and scissors. This is especially great when you want to have easy access to the tools in your garage.

If space is still limited in your garage after your storage mission, consider using BOXIE24 for your storage needs. It’s so quick and convenient you don’t even need to think about it. Call us today and let one of our friendly experts assist you with whatever you may need! And whether you are looking for self storage in New York or storage units in NYC or self storage in Miami or storage units in Miami we’ll be there! Go ahead and search for ‘storage units near me’, we may be closer to you than you think.

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Garage Storage vs. Self Storage

There’s no doubt the garage is a convenient space but is it the ideal place to store your things?

In the following paragraphs, we compare garage storage with self storage, giving the pros and cons for both. Once you’ve read the information, you can decide for yourself which type of storage is better suited for your particular storage needs.

Garage Storage

Many people use their garages to store all kinds of things. From lawn equipment and sporting goods to household items and more, the garage seems to catch all those things that don’t have a home elsewhere. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of storing your things in the garage.

The Pros of Garage Storage

  • Convenience
    Garage storage is convenient. Depending on the layout of your property, the garage can be attached to the house itself or if not, just a short distance away. You don’t have to get in a car and drive to a storage facility to manage your stored items.

  • Cost-effective
    The obvious reason many people use their garages for storage is that it’s free. While it doesn’t get more cost-effective than that, renting a storage unit is probably more affordable than you think.

The Cons of Garage Storage

  • Too Convenient
    Yes, we listed the convenience of a garage as a pro, but it can also be a con as well. Because a garage is so convenient, it can become a “catch-all” for anything and everything that doesn’t have a home. Before long, the garage is a storage unit itself instead of what it’s supposed to be: a place to park your cars.

  • Not climate controlled
    Because garages aren’t designed for storage, they aren’t climate controlled. This means the space could be damp and depending on where you live, be too hot or too cold. Extreme conditions such as these can damage delicate possessions.

  • Less than secure
    Yes, your garage probably locks, but how secure is it? If it isn’t monitored by 24-hour camera surveillance, it isn’t as secure as you’d like to think.

  • Garage space is too valuable
    A big garage is something many homebuyers look favorably on, so if you’re thinking of selling soon, a clutter-free garage is a must. Furthermore, did you know you could save money on your car insurance if you keep your cars in the garage? It does pay to use your garage for its intended purpose.

Self Storage

For many homeowners, self storage is out of the question, mainly because they think it’s too expensive. They’d rather shove everything in the garage and “make do.” While self storage isn’t free, there are many good reasons for using it rather than your garage to store your things. Below are all the pros and cons of renting self storage.

The Pros of Self Storage

  • You hardly have to do anything
    Full-service self storage means you hardly lift a finger at all. You simply pack your things, and our professional storage representatives pick them up, haul them to your unit, and pack them inside. There is no need to rent moving companies. You can get your things back anytime you want – just let us know and we’ll deliver them.

  • Professional Storage
    Your items are handled by our experienced employees who know how to handle and store all kinds of goods. We are a licensed and insured company and we take your personal belongings very seriously.

  • Pest-free
    We go to great lengths to ensure our storage facilities are pest-free. With daily checks by our team and other measures put in place, we know that the only things in our facility are your items and our team! Thus you don’t have to worry about keeping your facility clean by yourself, our professional team does the job for you.

  • Flexible
    With BOXIE24, we are flexible and do not hold you to a contract. In addition to storage flexible storage terms, we offer flexible storage space and do not bill for any overages!

  • Security you can count on
    Your storage unit is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by state-of-the-art security equipment. Each unit also has its locking mechanism, so you can rest easy knowing your things are as secure as possible.

  • Cost-effective
    You never pay for space you don’t need. Our storage space calculator is designed to help you accurately estimate the size of the storage unit you need, while our storage professionals are always on hand to answer your questions. In most cases, you pay up to 20 percent less for storage with us than with any other storage providers.

The Cons of Self Storage

  • Not free
    While your garage storage is a free option, self storage is cheaper than you think. Find out how affordable it is – Just ask for a quote here!

  • Forced to declutter
    Not everyone feels cleaning house and decluttering are a good thing. If you rent a storage unit, that’s exactly what you’ll be forced to do.

  • Not as convenient as a garage storage
    Placing your things in a storage unit isn’t as convenient as putting them in your attached garage, but BOXIE24 makes it as easy as possible by offering free pickup and delivery.

After comparing garage storage with self storage, it’s easy to see that self storage is the clear winner. Whether you’re just looking to clear up some space at home or you need temporary storage for a move or renovation, renting a storage unit is a much better option than taking up your valuable garage space.

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