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Rent Storage Units Near You

Do all the old photos and keepsakes, holiday decorations, personal paperwork and more leave you with no space in your closets for your clothes and shoes?

Is your oven used for storage instead of baking and broiling?

Boxie24 offers storage units near you in all sizes – so you can store a few boxes or an entire apartment’s worth of furniture. Renting a storage unit near you is the easiest way to declutter your home without having to throw out any of your prized or important possessions

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Storage Unit Sizes

Renting storage with us affords you several options when it comes to size. We have storage units available in the following sizes:













In case you aren’t sure what size unit you need, use our storage space calculator or give us a call.

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What You Can Expect with Boxie24

Boxie24 is a full-service storage facility, meaning we do all the heavy lifting for you. When you rent storage units with Boxie24, you’ll get:

It's easy to get quality storage near you. Read more about our full service storage in New York and find out how you can benefit from it.

Renting Storage Units Near You? 10 Tips You’ll Want to Know

Packing and storing your things may seem like a no-brainer, but there are some tips you’ll want to know to ensure you have the best experience possible.

  1. Stay organized by sorting your boxes by category.

  2. Label each box and keep an inventory of what’s in each box.

  3. Clean off food particles or any items that might attract pests, and use dryer sheets to keep insects and spiders away

  4. Remove batteries from electronics.

  5. Disassemble furniture to maximize space in your storage unit.

  6. Don’t store anything perishable.

  7. Use mattress covers to keep mattresses and box springs dust-free.

  8. Drain all fuel from leaf blowers, lawn mowers and other gas-powered machines.

  9. Don’t store anything super valuable.

  10. Don’t leave items unprotected – make sure to properly pack and wrap anything fragile

If you’re moving, be sure to check out our free moving tips to make the task easier.Storage units near me - Man busy in his storage unit

Storage Unit Scams to Avoid

If you are in the process of finding a storage unit to rent, that’s terrific. But, before you sign a contract and trust a self-storage provider with your belongings, beware of the following popular storage unit scams:

  1. No pricing transparency. You sign up with a provider based on a given price. Then, you move your belongings in, and all of a sudden, the monthly rent is three times higher. Or you are nickel and dimed for things like lock rental or additional security.

  2. Filthy and unprotected facilities. Although most self-storage operators claim their facilities are clean and secure, it is not uncommon to hear reports about rodents, leaking roofs, broken surveillance systems, and more. 

  3. Stolen items. It is not unheard of for storage operators to steal from – or enable others to steal from – their renters. 

  4. Hiding fees in the small print. Read every word of your self-storage contract to ensure there is no shady content regarding your possessions or the rent you are on the hook for. 

  5. Selling your stuff. There have been reports about self-storage owners “forcing” renters into default so they can sell your stuff to auction buyers.

What to do Before Renting a Storage Unit

  1. Research, research, research. Google the name of any facility or service you are considering. If they are an unreliable company, you will likely see something to that effect in the results.

  2. Get a written contract. Read everything within it, including the fine print. Once you are satisfied that everything is above board, then go ahead and sign it. Pay attention to any sections regarding defaults, cancellation notice, and rent increase rights of the owner.

  3. Fully insure your belongings. You can purchase it through the facility itself or shop around for other coverage.

  4. Take pictures of all of your stuff. Also, keep a written inventory. 

Why Should You Rent Storage Space with Boxie24?

Have a look at our infographic below to see why you should rent storage with us.

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