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How Much Does a Storage Unit Cost in Miami?

It’s common for people to accumulate more belongings than they have room for. In Miami, this is especially common since plenty of sun and warm weather gives plenty of opportunity for lots of outdoor activities that require large pieces of equipment.

Also due to the spectacular weather is Miami’s popularity among young people and seniors. With beaches galore and warm weather to boot, these groups flock to Miami every year. It’s no wonder self storage is in such high demand in this thriving city.

But, how much does a storage unit cost in Miami? What is the going rate, and what factors drive the prices? Let’s find out below.

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The Average Price for a Storage Unit in Miami

Prices for storage units in Miami vary greatly from facility to facility, and many factors go into determining these prices. Below is a simple rundown of the average prices for the most popular sized storage units available with most facilities.


Avg. Price

Lowest Price
















Overall, the average price of a storage unit in Miami is about $107 a month.

Factors that Drive Miami Storage Unit Prices

As we mentioned earlier, certain factors play a role in the prices self storage providers charge for their storage units in Miami.

  • Climate-Controlled Units: Miami’s average summertime temperature is about 78 degrees with roughly 73 percent humidity. Since 1942, Miami has broken at least 10 weather records with temperatures of 98 degrees or more. At temperatures and humidity this high, mold and mildew thrive. While it costs more for amenities like climate control, if you’re planning to store anything that’s susceptible to mold or mildew, it’s best to choose this option.

  • Student Population: Schools in and around Miami include Florida International University, Barry University, and the University of Miami. Summer and winter breaks from school often drive students to seek self storage for their belongings, which can cause storage unit prices to climb due to higher demand.

  • Peak Season: Miami storage unit prices tend to change much more quickly than storage unit prices in other major cities. Prices can vary as much as $30 a month, depending on the time of year. You can expect the highest storage unit prices in August and the lowest in April.

Miami Storage Unit Prices with Boxie24 Storage

As a full-service storage provider in Miami, Boxie24 Storage’s storage unit prices fall somewhere in the middle of the road when compared to other storage providers in the area.

Offering many amenities our competitors do not, you often get more for your money when you rent storage space with us.

If you’re in Miami and are in need of extra space to store your things, order your storage unit in Miami.

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