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Organize your storage room

As 2020 begins to merge into 2021, the usual New Year’s resolutions to tidy, declutter and organize, have combined with the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic forcing us to spend more time at home with the effect that scores of Americans are choosing this time to try and get the most out of their space.

This is especially important in a city like New York, where the simple cost of space makes being something of a storage wizard a crucial component of everyday life. Like with many New Year’s resolutions, one often has no idea where to start. Luckily, BOXIE24 is willing to share years worth of storage expertise to help you get the most out of your space.

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Clean up space for your living room

Benefits of clearing up:

If a few months of being confined at home has not already convinced you of the need for a more organized space, you may be asking yourself if the pay-off is worth the effort of organizing in the first place. At BOXIE24 we firmly believe that an organized space is one of the best “quick fixes” you can use to dramatically improve your everyday life.

For a start, the old adage that a tidy space means a tidy mind does seem to ring true. In this era of working and learning from home, having space that feels as if it gives you the room to think is crucial to good concentration. In addition, making sure you are using your space as efficiently as possible will help you get the most out of your home’s potential.

This is important in a city like New York, where the world’s most expensive rent makes every last sq foot of space valuable. There are countless other benefits to organizing your items for everybody from students and families to working couples and senior citizens.

Tips for Organizing your Storage Room

Now that may all sound great in principle, but seem more difficult in practice. In many homes, “storage” is what we call haphazardly putting unused items into an extra room or space. The prospect of finding anything in this room, never mind attempting to organize it, is too much for most of us to bear. Luckily, BOXIE24 has a few top tips to make this process much easier.

  1. Create an inventory
    The first step when it comes to organizing your storage room is knowing exactly what is in there. Create an inventory, along with the location of each item, to make keeping stock easier. It will also help in locating items when you need them, as well as managing what you would like to keep or get rid of.

  2. Make items easy to find
    This will make your life far easier. A good rule of thumb is if you cannot find any item within 5 minutes you can organize yourself better. Label your bins, use clear or color coordinated containers and group items which are frequently used together. This will make finding the Christmas decorations, spare batteries or your old pasta machine much easier.

  3. Recycle
    Far from being a chore, organizing your storage room can be a fun project which you can use to creatively lessen your carbon footprint! Repurpose items like egg cartons to make special storage spaces for items like jewelry, keys, or ornaments. If you want a challenge, try making your own shelves from scrap wood or metal. Be creative and find other custom-built storage solutions!

  4. Make the most of your space
    Make sure you are getting the most out of every little bit of your space. We are all familiar with shelving, but there are so many other ways to store. Get the most out of your storage room’s walls with peg-board storage, hanging hooks or wall-mounted racks. Explore behind door storage for smaller items like keys. Even think about your ceiling, with many ceiling mounted racks intended to store bicycles, winter sports equipment and many other items.

External Storage Room Options

After organizing your storage room you may find having that extra space to be of such benefit to your life that you will never want to go back to claustrophobic living again. However, in New York, at some point, it will simply not be possible to be organized enough to hold onto all of your accumulated belongings. At this point, it may be intelligent to think about third-party storage options.

The major benefit of this option is the fact that it will generally buy you much more space than a simple reorganization will. Being able to store disused pieces of furniture, stores of documents or seasonal items, such as patio furniture or winter sports equipment could buy you entire rooms worth of space. While self-storages are an option, the fact that you are responsible for the moving and storing of your items means that in addition to the effort of transporting your items yourself, the chances of damage being done by improper storage are also increased.

There is another option in the form of a growing number of full-service storage companies within New York. Full-service storage means that a company will be responsible for the pick-up, transport, storage and return of your items for an all-inclusive cost. As a market leader in this field, BOXIE24 has assisted thousands of customers in 3 countries to realize their ideal, customized storage solution.

Our storage size experts will be with your case from the first quote to the last return delivery, meaning you will have someone who is familiar with your case on-call for the duration of your contract. In addition, our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled, 24hr guarded warehouse, as well as our years of specialist storage knowledge will make sure that your goods are safely kept in great condition during their time in our care. The price of this convenience and expertise is well worth the extra room it buys you to breathe. If you are interested in storage room in Miami or storage room in NYC, then please give us a call at 844-337-7739.

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