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Renting storage space with BOXIE24 is very simple: choose your location, select the required storage space and we will take care of the rest! Due to our unique storage concept our prices are guaranteed to be cheaper than other storage providers.

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The size can always be changed. With us you never pay for empty space!

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We will pick up your stuff from $0, so you don't have to carry it around yourself.

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Your valuables are safe in our storage facility with camera surveillance & climate control units.

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Whenever you want your items returned, we'll bring them back to you. Even if you only need a few items.

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BOXIE24 Storage Traditional Self Storage
"Because you want the best deal"
Only pay for the space you really need
Using less space? We adjust it for you for free, you don't have to do a thing.
Rent storage from $4 per week
"Because you don't want to carry around your stuff"
Transport service from $0
Return service within 24 hours
Partial return possible
Rent or buy environmentally friendly, sustainable moving boxes
"Because you want maximum flexibility"
Storage areas from 10 to 2,000 sq ft
No deposit
No notice period  Sometimes
Basic insurance included as standard
Personal customer service Sometimes
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We served more than 60,000 satisfied customers

Alice PottAlice Pott
03:35 01 Jun 24
I found Boxie to be very cost efficient and wonderful to deal with whenever there were any challenges or questions. In particular Adam was a life saver when trying to organize a drop off from one storage unit to another and very helpful and friendly when talking through all my questions. Highly recommend if you want a cheap and friendly / cheerful option!
Stephen HewellStephen Hewell
21:55 08 Apr 24
Adam was super helpful and answered all of my questions!
Tynan DalyTynan Daly
16:32 01 Mar 24
Absolutely fantastic service. Moving is always super stressful but everyone involved, from customer service calming my nerves over the phone to the incredibly careful and kind movers who came to pick up my stuff, was absolutely wonderful. I will def be using Boxie24 again 🙂
C J (Nae)C J (Nae)
15:06 31 Jan 24
From Adam in the office to Mike and his coworker (whose name escape me) so did my pickup everyone was excellent. Customer service was excellent and friendly. And the pickup was fast, efficient and stress free. They came prepared to help wrap and pack if necessary. Awesome app around service!!
Victoria PattonVictoria Patton
22:49 26 Jan 24
BOXIE24 made moving so easy!
Francis WongFrancis Wong
15:04 17 Nov 23
Responsive services
18:05 17 Oct 23
speedy response and top quality service, very quick to arrange the pick up onsite
A Google User
A Google User
14:23 20 Sep 23
Thanks for making this an easy experience for me. Boxie24 delivered all my stuff back to my new apt after 6 months in storage. Everything is fine and undamaged. This service was something I needed fast and cheap and the website clearly described what they do and dont offer. It was an easy financial transaction too, being able to use credit card.
Ricky TillmanRicky Tillman
16:09 19 Sep 23
Boxie24 picked up my stuff today. I had pre-ordered 30 green boxes and they carried them to their truck carefully. Larger items I stored with them were a lamp, golf set and book case. James was really friendly to deal with on the phone and he answered all my questions. If only other companies provided customer service like James does. This storage service did not disappoint.
shiv shivshiv shiv
06:37 18 Sep 23
Brought my stuff back and everything in similar condition to how I left it. They weent the same guys bringing it back vs those who picked it up, but they were carrying carefully and clearly thinking about being kind. They were the lower price online and it was good to see they delivered with quality service too.
We have our records stored with Boxie for five years now. Not once have we had the wrong box returned or any record misplaced. Has been a simple experience and we can depend on their team to help and deliver the right materials.
Karen BowmanKaren Bowman
08:44 16 Sep 23
fast service and handy guys, they took only 30 mins to empty our apartment in the East Village and take our stuff. Would do this again in a heartbeat.
Jerry RoyJerry Roy
12:44 09 Sep 23
Huge thanks to this helpful team. My all stuff became safe and now I m stress free. All because of you guys.
Maria JosephMaria Joseph
12:28 09 Sep 23
Best service. They came and managed everything in a good way. Really appreciate them.
Ralph CrawfordRalph Crawford
15:30 20 Aug 23
Can’t fault Boxie24 in anyway, everything was smooth sailing. I just received my items back after 6 months in storage, all my items were in the same condition that I left them in.
12:49 20 Aug 23
Great service,great team. Fair prices.
Jesse MckeeJesse Mckee
07:49 19 Aug 23
The team came all the way to my home in Staten Island to pick up a few boxes and drop some items off I had in storage, such an easy take on storage. I have been a Boxie24 customer since 2018 and store all my seasonal clothes and decorations. I have been telling all my friends about them!
Robert GonzalezRobert Gonzalez
07:15 19 Aug 23
A couple of friends and I live in the FIT dorms in Manhattan we decided to put our stuff in storage over the summer, takes a lot of hassle out of moving home for a few months. The two guys arrived on time, quickly transported the boxes to the truck, labeled all boxes as they picked them up, super organized and friendly.
Michael WeathersMichael Weathers
07:40 12 Aug 23
Great service provided by them. 100% satisfied.
Catherine ChapmanCatherine Chapman
16:51 09 Aug 23
Marvin and Alexandro, good team, works well together and helped me to wrap my items and provide a blanket for an extra charge .
Monica LeeMonica Lee
15:55 08 Aug 23
I called the company for a last min pickup after another storage/ moving company cancelled on me the day before. I was stuck. Boxie was super flexible and they waived the storing fee and didn't even charge me any fee for squeezing in a next day booking at short notice like all the other storage/ moving companies in NYC. I really appreciate the hard work by the team on the day and their friendly sales / customer service team.
Hunter StarkHunter Stark
15:47 08 Aug 23
Smooth move into storage - We had Michiel and Alexandros as our movers. Michiel was a friendly guy and happy he was on my team that picked up items. He definitely knows what he is doing! Thanks guys.
Brian SharpBrian Sharp
17:54 26 Jul 23
Super experienced team, they went the extra mile with the pick up and offered to help my elderly mom pack head her stuff into boxes that she couldn’t handle. This little gesture made a big impression and goes a long way. Appreciate the patience, empathy and overall care from the pick-up team towards my mom. Thanks guys!!
Julian HassleJulian Hassle
07:10 17 Jul 23
Erick and Jose picked up my items a year ago, they made a lasting impression as when Erick returned, I remembered him instantly and he also remembered me! Sad to see Jose was not there but his new colleague Juan was just as good. Really great team, hard workers and efficient! All my items returned in the same condition I sent them to storage, I made sure to use their sturdy green plastic boxes and pad/ wrap my items with moving blankets and plastic wrap before they arrived.
Kevin SpencerKevin Spencer
18:51 16 Jul 23
AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! The team dropped their green boxes for my son to pack his items in, super easy and left the boxes with front desk at his dorm. 1 week later they came to pick everything up. Was easy, streamlined and efficient. We will be requesting items back end of August and look forward to using them in the future.
Steve NelsonSteve Nelson
11:52 15 Jul 23
Just received my items back after being in storage for 2 years. Everything arrived in perfect condition, I pre wrapped and padded everything as per their instructions and sure glad I did. Thanks to the team that dropped my items off yesterday, Erick and Juan.
David VeldaDavid Velda
15:54 08 Jul 23
Asked for a Saturday appointment as I was working the whole week, the team were very accommodating, I had to pay an extra fee for the pickup but totally worth it and the pickup fee was in fact cheaper than the fee to reserve the elevator in my apartment block ($500 for 2 hours elevator reservation!!). Thanks Boxie24, will be using you in the future.
Monique RessieMonique Ressie
18:27 28 Jun 23
Really lost for words on my entire experience, which never happens! GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! Picked up all my items 6 months ago and now delivered everything back, there was one piece of furniture I knew I would have a hard time assembling, I asked the guys kindly and they helped me, its the little extra touches which go a long way.
Noble JacobNoble Jacob
17:44 22 Jun 23
Erick and Jose picked up my items a year ago, they made a lasting impression as when Erick returned, I remembered him instantly and he also remembered me! Sad to see Jose was not there but his new colleague Juan was just as good. Really great team, hard workers and efficient! All my items returned in the same condition I sent them to storage, I made sure to use their sturdy green plastic boxes and pad/ wrap my items with moving blankets and plastic wrap before they arrived.
Bell AdamsBell Adams
10:07 14 Jun 23
AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! The team dropped their green boxes for my son to pack his items in, super easy and left the boxes with front desk at his dorm. 1 week later they came to pick everything up. Was easy, streamlined and efficient. We will be requesting items back end of August and look forward to using them in the future.
Jordan GaelJordan Gael
07:14 10 Jun 23
The pick up team are amazing, they called one hour in advance and I had all my items ready on the curbside. As an international student staying in the dorms their service is great, I used them last year and actually got a better price this time around! Thanks for the great service and discount.
Zain MusoodZain Musood
07:34 09 Jun 23
I had a team of 3 during a pickup, Marvin. Alberto and their supervisor who was also helping. The team were pretty efficient in terms of moving items, I was on a 3rd floor walk up so it was not easy. I will recommend Boxie to all my friends and family.
George LindnerGeorge Lindner
16:00 31 May 23
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.Boxie24 broke my TV while storing it for me. I opened a support ticket on August 22nd and they never responded to it. I've called multiple times a week every week asking for an update and they are completely unresponsive. It has been 2 months since they broke my TV and I've had to waste hours on the phone checking in with them with absolutely nothing to show for it. Terrible company, terrible claims department and the biggest mistake I made in my move
Muzafar RasheedMuzafar Rasheed
09:59 05 Apr 23
I have had many friends use Boxie. What a breeze, all my items were on the 3rd floor but I didn't feel like schlepping everything downstairs, I paid a bit extra for the team to come up and do all the heavy lifting and running. I did help the team a bit but after a few times up and down the stairs, I had to take a break but the Boxie team just kept going! 10/10 would recommend them to anyone. I requested my items back on Friday last week, everything arrived on Monday in the same condition I sent it in and had the same great team that did the pickup, very appreciative of the entire team.
Marrow H.Marrow H.
14:27 31 Mar 23
The service is excellent and professional. I always get a quick reply and the rates are affordable. If you need an item picked you can usually get the pickup scheduled within 72 hours or less.The only issue is I don't have a key and can't access my items whenever I want.
Cade WalshCade Walsh
04:42 25 Mar 23
I really appreciate Wahid and Daan, great service from them during the pickup. As an expat, booking with Boxie24 was a breeze, they have an english website, their sales & customer service team speak fluent english and are extremely professional and polite, thanks Louis & Michael! I sent in pretty much a full apartment worth of items and boxes, I had to wrap and pad all the items before Boxie24 arrived as it is customers responsibility to do so, it was easy. They even helped me put my mattress in a mattress bag as I was struggling doing that alone. I plan on having my items in storage for at least another year or until I get back from working remotely. If you need a box or an item back all you have to do is call them. Great, friendly team all round!
Lê Minh NguyễnLê Minh Nguyễn
15:05 17 Mar 23
Excellent service is what sums up my experience with Boxie24. The company manages to combine no-frills communications (no silly bots, no complex apps with obscure pricing) with attentive service, reasonable prices and, most important of all, world-class storage. My returned items look like they are out of a time capsule - feels like I have just seen them yesterday! I’ll recommend Boxie24 to all my friends and acquaintances.
Colton EspinozaColton Espinoza
16:44 06 Mar 23
Thanks Erick and Jose, your team really helped me out when I was in a bit of a pickle as my other storage company canceled on me the day of my pickup last year. I had to quickly wrap everything in moving blankets and bubble wrap as per their guidelines. The same guys brought everything back on Friday, super friendly team, everything was in good order. Thanks guys!
Chenoa ElizabethChenoa Elizabeth
04:51 06 Mar 23
Boxie 24 storage is amazing. I am so impressed with their absolutely phenomenal service. The customer service staff & delivery drivers are so kind, accommodating, and handled everything with great care.Moving can be so stressful. It was such a happy relief to know that my storage needs were being taken care of by trustworthy professionals. Boxie 24 Storage offers convenient scheduling, reasonable pricing, and quick & easy communication. I highly recommend using Boxie 24 Storage, they offer great prices & the BEST service.Regrettably, I actually starting off with a storage unit with a competitor company. It was impossible to schedule their overpriced pick-up service to add items to my storage unit - thankfully Boxie 24 storage came to my rescue. Not only were they able to pick up my items that same day for an affordable price, but I had my pick-up appointment within hours. Absolutely incredible. Thank you for the amazing experience and for saving the day Boxie 24 Storage!!!
Han JangHan Jang
20:39 01 Feb 23
I've had my belongings in storage through Boxie24 for over 2 years (since the start of covid). For a situation where you don't need to go in and out to grab belongings, this was the easiest and least expensive option in the city. Their customer service is responsive and fast. I got a little worried about my belongings, as it's been such a long time since I've seen them, but Boxie24 sent me photos of my boxes and furniture securely wrapped up on their pallets. I will post an update once my belongings are finally returned to me.
Hasmik GrigorianHasmik Grigorian
21:14 30 Nov 22
Reserved yesterday and the guys just left our apartment. 8 o clock is 8 oclock with them, though they did mention bad traffick. It's great this was done so fast.
Alex VaracchiAlex Varacchi
18:22 25 Nov 22
I have been working with Boxie24 Storage for about one year now; there seems to be no problem they cannot solve. Staff is easy to reach by phone or email, scheduling is flexible, even on short notice, and for a small fee, their moving team will protect/wrap all of your items upon pick up.Thanks Boxie24!
21:48 05 Sep 22
We have our records stored with Boxie for five years now. Not once have we had the wrong box returned or any record misplaced. Has been a simple experience and we can depend on their team to help and deliver the right materials.
Elodie LevrelElodie Levrel
10:45 09 Jul 22
Very good communication in preparation of the moving/storage. Everything was easy. The guys who come for pick up were very nice and efficient.I also rented the boxes, very convenient!
Dominique SimonDominique Simon
14:58 30 Jun 22
Boxie24 crew was amazing!! They were respectful and careful of my belongings and were so fast to move my stuff out. Would highly recommend.
16:05 29 May 22
Such a great service. The guys that come to pick up my stuff really know how to do their job. They are super fast and really careful with all my belongings. Highly recommend if you need place to store something.
Linda FishbaughLinda Fishbaugh
03:27 27 May 22
Excellent experience! Customer Service was so responsive with any/all questions I had! (there were a lot!) They were flexible when I realized we needed to change the size of our storage - We ordered the boxes (I just wish you could get 10 instead of 20 minimum- that's why 4 stars) The price was great! The convenience (and cost savings in current Gas prices) of not having to shlep our daughters stuff back home and again to NYC in the Fall, when College restarts, was worth every penny! Highly recommend!!
Dianne V.Dianne V.
20:46 20 May 22
This company is outstanding! They were very helpful and informative when signing up for their service and always called back when I had questions. They called before coming out to pickup and were on time. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking a storage facility! We will definitely use again!
Rudie ObiasRudie Obias
19:19 20 May 22
Boxie24 is easy to set up and use. I use the service to store my air conditioner units when out of season during the fall and winter. Come summer time, I set up an item switch to drop off the AC units and a pick up for my space heaters when they are out of season. The guest services team is top notch and always respond quickly to emails. There's clear communication with Boxie24 and myself when it comes to items in storage. And getting a pick up and/or drop off is such a breeze. Even the movers are considerate, fast, and friendly! It's worth it when you live in NYC and you have limited space in your apartment.
Kris BulgerKris Bulger
14:28 17 May 22
They were very efficient and flexible. I have to store my belongings for the next month because I’m in between homes. They could not have been more accommodating and fastest move yet.Will have more to write after I get my belongings back
10:42 06 May 22
Received my goods back in good order today after 18 months storage. Price was good and service too. Appreciate you guys reach out to confirm time
emily kempemily kemp
13:18 01 May 22
Boxie24 has been my go to company for YEARS during the pandemic when I needed to store some things everything was taken care of in such a professional manner and all of my belongings were in tip top shape when I got them back. Fast forward to 2 years and they are still doing the best work , they're super fast and efficient and was careful with all my belongings nothing was broken! Thank you SO much!!
15:21 22 Apr 22
I want to thank all the wonderful and helpful at Boxie 24 New york.Tom and Alicia are always courteous and go the extra mile to be accommodating. The facility is spotless and the service is great. I have been a customer for many years and have never been disappointed. Thank you.
Rebecca FranklinRebecca Franklin
17:06 19 Apr 22
Great service! Wonderful and extremely helpful customer service! The person on the other end sounded reasonable and wasvery easy to communicate with on a people level. I really appreciated this! Also, the pickup and workers were veryefficient, and professional! Will certainly use their services again. Thank you!
Henry MiaHenry Mia
15:37 17 Apr 22
Very quick and uncomplicated, especially when a solution is urgently needed. The guys were helpful and very friendly! Ofcourse I tipped and gave me something to drink, the packers are always happy about that.
Federico PerriniFederico Perrini
17:26 04 Mar 22
We live in the Center of Amsterdam and they navigated our streets easily. Go for the Rotterdam team, they know how to haul, and better price than Amsterdam. Cant believe how they parked on the little Reguliersgracht Canal. Thanks for the comfort of keeping my stuff safe, Kevin.

About BOXIE24

BOXIE24 is an innovative storage provider with more than 100 locations in the United States, Australia, Germany and the Netherlands. With our unique storage concept, we make Self Storage affordable and easy. We pick up your stuff, store it safely in a secured BOXIE24 warehouse and deliver it back whenever you want. It's always possible to access your belongings or to request a partial return. And with our lowest price guarantee you are assured of the best deal!

Any questions? Just give us a call!

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FAQWhat everybody wants to know.

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General Questions
Storage facility
Pick-up & Return Service
Reservations & Booking
Preparation & Packing
Moving Boxes
Payment & Invoices
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Why BOXIE24 Storage?

BOXIE24 makes the traditional self storage experience affordable & carefree. We offer a full-service storage experience: We pick-up, store & deliver. And due to our innovative storage model, we can offer 5-10% better prices than other self storage companies.

What are the advantages of on-demand storage vs. traditional self storage?

On-demand storage is the clever way of renting storage: you pay less and you will receive more service:
1) Pick-up of your items
2) Professional storage
3) Return on demand
4) Cheaper than traditional self storage
5) Storage size completely flexible based on your needs

Where can I use BOXIE24 storage?

We currently serve the following areas in the United States: New York City (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, The Bronx), New Jersey and Miami.

What can I store?

At BOXIE24 you can store almost anything from furniture to bicycles and archives.However, there are a few exceptions:
1) Perishable items
2) Liquids
3) Hazardous materials
4) Illegal substances
5) For a complete list of prohibited items please see our Terms & Conditions [link]. If you are not sure, don't hesitate to contact us.

What is the minimum rental period at BOXIE24?

The minimum rental period for your storage space depends on the plan you have chosen. We typically work with a 3-month minimum, but also offer more flexible plans with a 2-month minimum. You can of course request the delivery of your items at any point before the end of your term, if all open invoices have been settled.

How much storage space do I need?

If you have difficulties figuring out your required storage space, our storage experts are happy to help you. Just give us a call. The following guidelines might help you estimate your storage space:
1) One-bedroom appartment: 5'x10' storage unit
2) Two-bedroom appartment: 5'x15' storage unit
3) Three-bedroom appartment: 10'x10' storage unit

Do I need to purchase additional insurance?

All of our customers are covered within our basic insurance. The basic insurance covers up to $0.65 per pound of stored goods. If you want to purchase additional insurance, you can choose one of our optional insurance packages.

Do I always have acces to the storage facility?

Yes, you can also make an appointment with us for self-delivery or self-pickup at our facility.

Can I visit the storage facility?

Since we haul everything for you, there is no need to visit a BOXIE24 facility. It is however possible to make an appointment with us for self-delivery or self-pickup.

Is the storage facility climate controlled?

Yes, all our storage facilities are climate controlled to ensure dry and safe storage - also for sensitive materials.

Is the storage facility secure?

Yes, our storage facilities are fully secured by the following means:
1) 24/7 camera surveillance
2) Alarm system
3) Smoke detectors
4) Access only for authorized personnel

Can I get my items back whenever I need them?

Yes, you can always get your items back. Usually, we can provide delivery within 24 hours. You can also make an appointment at our facility to come and pick up the items yourself.

Can I change the pickup or delivery date?

Yes. Just contact us and we will arrange a new date for your pickup or delivery free of charge. In case of late cancellations (48 hours before the appointment) we will have to charge a cancellation fee.

How can I request a (partial) return?

Contact us by phone or by using the contact form to request a full or partial return of your storage items. In case you only need some of your items, please provide us with a detailed description of the items.

Do I have to be present for a pick-up or delivery appointment?

Yes. You will receive a text message when our drivers are heading your way. In case you want another person to represent you, please provide us with their name and contact information before the appointment.

Can I deliver items to the storage facility myself?

Yes, that is possible. Please make an appointment with us for self-delivery.

Can I add items to my storage space?

Yes, you can add items to your storage space at any time. Just schedule an appointment with us and we will pick up and store the extra items for you. If it does not fit into your current storage plan, we will simply upgrade it for you. When you store less items again, your plan will be downgraded accordingly. You only pay for the storage space you actually use.

How will I know when the drivers arrive?

You will receive a text message from us, as soon as the drivers are on their way to you.

How much does storage cost at BOXIE24?

The rent depends on the city, the required storage space and the minimum storage period you have chosen. BOXIE24 handles a bestprice guarantee to make sure we can always offer you the best deal available for storage near you.

How can I make a reservation for a storage unit?

Select your city on our website, choose the (approximate) size of your storage unit and send us a non-binding reservation.

Do you charge for reservations?

No, a reservation is free of charge and non-binding. After you have made a reservation, a BOXIE24 representative will contact you and finalize the booking with you.

How do I change my reservation?

You can always edit the details of your reservation, for example the storage duration or the room size. Just contact us and we will sort it out for you.

How can I cancel my storage space?

Simply give us a call or send us a message and let us know your preferred delivery date. Your storage period will automatically end on the date of the delivery or at the end of the selected minimum storage period.

How do I need to prepare my items?

Please carefully read the packing guidelines that we have sent you with your booking confirmation and adhere to the following rules:
1) Use appropriate packing materials for your items
2) Pack everything in storage bins or cardboard boxes (no plastic bags!)
3) Pay attention to the weight of your boxes and items
4) Make sure mattresses and carpets are covered
5) No food and no hazardous goods
6) Prepare your goods ready for pick-up

How can I pack my items in a safe way?

Fragile items like glas, dishes, or similar should be packed piece by piece in bubble wrap or packing paper and put into secure boxes. If there is free space within these boxes, you can use newspaperr or towels to stuff it.

How can I store frequently used items in a clever way?

In order to easily find what you are looking for, mark all your boxes with numbers or names and and keep a detailed list of all items. That way you can simply tell us which box you need and we can quickly deliver it to you.

How can I save space?

Furniture takes up a lot of space and can be difficult to store. We advise you to take the furniture apart as much as possible. Connect single parts or pieces of furniture with tape to carryable units. Make sure you save screws and other small items in a bag and store the bag together with the furniture.

Why do mattresses and carpets need to be covered?

For hygienic reasons, we kindly request that all mattresses and carpets are stored in a sealed bag or wrapped in plastic. Our drivers are only allowed to pick up mattresses or carpets without a cover, if we package them for you in our warehouse.

What are the advantages of renting instead of buying moving boxes?

1) Cheap: Renting moving boxes is cheaper than buying them
2) Convenient: We deliver the boxes and pick them up again
3) Strong: Extremely durable boxes that won't rip, even when filled with heavy items
4) Protected: No more crushed or wet items
5) Secure: Easy to lock
6) Stackable: Stack empty boxes into each other and filled boxes on top of each other
7) Eco-Friendly: Life cycle of at least 500 moves

How can I rent moving boxes?

Renting moving boxes at BOXIE24 is very simple:
1) Order the desired amount of moving boxes online
2) We deliver the boxes free of charge
3) We will pick up the empty boxes after your move

What makes the BOXIE24 moving boxes eco-friendly?

Our green boxes are made from recycled plastic and can be used at least 500 times. Rather than throwing them away after using them once (like traditional cardboard moving boxes), we clean them and send them to the next customer.

What are the dimensions of the moving boxes?

Our boxes have a measurement of 14.57" x 23.62" x 15.75"' (w x l x h).

Can the moving boxes be moved and sealed?

Yes, our boxes have a plastic lid which can be locked with tie wraps or your own lock.

Do you deliver the moving boxes?

Yes, BOXIE24 delivers the moving boxes and picks them up at your new address after the move.

Can I extend the rental period of my moving boxes?

Yes, you can extend the rental period of your moving boxes on a weekly basis.

How is billing handled?

During the booking process you can select your preferred payment method. We will then charge you for your storage space on a 28-day basis. Your first payment is due the day you start storing with us. Additional products and services (e.g. pick-up fee or moving boxes) will be added to your first invoice.

Do you charge per month or per week?

We charge your payment method every 4 weeks (i.e. every 28 days) after your move-in date.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) and bank transfers.

Has my payment method been accepted?

Please log in to your online account and check the status of your payment method.

How can I change my payment method?

Please log in to your online account and edit the payment method on file.

How can I view and download my invoices?

Please log in to your online account. This is where you can view and download all your invoices.

I can't login with the One-time password

After you have entered your e-mail address in the login screen you will receive an e-mail with a One-time-password. In some cases this can take several minutes. Please do not close the window and do not request the password again. As soon as you have received the e-mail with the password, you can enter it and login.
Any questions? Call us!

Storage space near me

There’s no shortage of storage facilities these days, that’s for sure! This isn’t to say, however, that one is like the next. BOXIE24 stands out when it comes to your traditional storage.

The team at BOXIE24 takes all the stress away from you when you need storage space, no matter what situation you find yourself in requiring extra storage.

In all our lives we will each need storage space near to yourself at some point. This can be due to many reasons, life events, or just the need to rid yourself of all your extra things at home you do not need for the time being. There are so many different storage spaces available to us that you will feel overwhelmed with choice. Be sure to choose the right full-service storage facility for your needs!

Storage for consumers and businesses

Whether you’re moving from one house to another, or you’re looking for a commercial storage solution, it’s important you ask the right questions. This way you can be sure that your things are safe and secure while with the storage facility of your choosing.

Below are a few guidelines to base your storage space rental decision on.

Storage Space in Your Neighborhood

When looking at the different scenarios and whether you want a storage near you, or further out you need to assess what your needs are. Do you want to drive out every time to pick something up from a cheaper storage facility? You need to take into account renting a car or transport costs as well as traffic.

You could consider renting a storage space that is near you, but then if you are in New York City the rentals for storage space can set you back quite some dollars. With a full-service storage company such as BOXIE24 you could leave all the stress and worries of storing to us!

You wouldn’t even have to leave the comfort of your house and with unbeatable pricing, storing with BOXIE24 is a no-brainer!

Top 8 advantages when you store with BOXIE24:

  • First month free
  • We beat any price and or quote!
  • Amazing student discounts!
  • Discounts for long term and business storage
  • We pick up your items, then return them whenever you want, normally within 24 hours
  • Hassle & stress free storage, without even having to leave your home!
  • Storage in fully secure & modern climate-controlled warehouses

Storage Space Security

You may not know much about security systems yourself, but if the employees know the answer to this question, it lets you know they definitely do have them in place.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your things are in a secure self storage in New York and self storage in Miami!

When evaluating your decision on which storage units near you to store your beloved possessions in, you should take into account:

  • Is the facility patrolled?
  • Does each building have a smoke detector?
  • Does the building have a sprinkler system?
  • Does the facility have an alarm system & security cameras?
  • Is the area well lit?
  • Who has access to the storage facility?

You need to decide from here if you want to store with the company and ask more questions, any company you store with should be able to answer all your questions clearly and concisely.

Storage Space Access

Some storage facilities allow unrestricted access, and some don’t. There are pros and cons to both types of storage, so you’ll have to decide which works best for you.

Unrestricted access to your storage unit allows you to put things in and take things out of your unit anytime you want. While convenient, it’s not quite as secure with many unknown people coming and going at all times.

Restricted public access might be a little less convenient, but it’s more secure and you can have peace of mind knowing your items are extra secure. Furthermore, it’s also less work on your part because the facility usually picks up and delivers your things for free!

Some of these storage facilities allow month-to-month contracts; however, others offer significant discounts for paying upfront or paying annually. Some even have incentives for referring new customers to them. BOXIE24 is open to tailor-making storage packages to your needs.

How to Choose a Storage Space

You can check online and with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for customer reviews on the storage company. It’s also a good idea to ask if they’ve had any break-ins or vandalism and how it occurred. If the company corrected any security issues after an incident, you know they are serious about keeping your things safe.

When considering a storage unit in Brooklyn, it’s important to know as much information as possible before placing your things there. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and if the answers you get make you feel uneasy or something doesn’t feel right, move on to another facility. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when storing your things.

Also good to know: does the company offer additional services, such as moving boxes to buy or rent?

BOXIE24 offers a stress-free, affordable and comfortable self-storage in New York. Why stress-free? Because we pick up your items at your doorstep and re-deliver them whenever you need us to. Check out our various storage units in NYC.

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