Boxie24 Storage offers storage solutions for private and business customers. We even include free pickup.

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Last update: 11.05.2019

Boxie24 Storage offers storage solutions for individuals (residential customers) and business customers. We even include free pickup. Awesome, right?

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What is Self-Storage?

So, what exactly is self-storage? Well, if you just don’t have the space in your apartment, home or office, you can storage anything you don’t need on a daily basis in a self-storage location. Depending on the facility, your belongings might be stored in rooms, lockers, containers or outdoor space. Storage is usually rented on a short-term, month to month basis.

The use of self-storage is more common in the United States than anywhere else in the world. Consider this statistic: of the 58,000 storage facilities worldwide in 2009, 46,000 were located in the United States.

How Does Self-Storage Work?

As noted above, the majority of self-storage facilities rent space month-to-month. Several, like Boxie24, do offer options for longer term rentals as well. Typically, individuals rent the space to store furniture, clothing, seasonal items, etc. In most places, living in or working out of a storage unit is prohibited. Businesses commonly use self-storage to store excess inventory or documents and records.

Beyond storage, there are storage facilities that offer related items, like boxes, locks, and packing supplies. Some also offer truck rentals for renters to transport their items in either direction. Often times, storage facilities offer insurance for renters. Basic insurance can be free or offered for purchase. A homeowners’ policy will cover certain stored items – usually just a percentage of the total value.

A self-storage facility does not take possession or control of the contents of the storage unit unless a lien is imposed for non-payment of rent, and then the items are legally allowed to be auctioned off. 

Why Use Self-Storage?

You might choose to use self-storage if:

  • You’re moving to a smaller home or apartment and need to safely store your extra possessions.

  • You’re moving on a temporary basis and it doesn’t make sense to take all of your belonging with you for that time.

  • You own or operate a business that has excess inventory on-hand.

  • You have a child returning home from college, or an elderly parent moving in with you, and you need to move the contents of a spare bedroom, for example, to make room.

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It’s Easy to Rent Storage Near You with Boxie24. Here’s How:

Self-storage near me explained in 4 steps.

Why Rent Self-Storage with Boxie24?

When you store your belongings with Boxie24, you get affordable, secure self-storage solutions and top-notch customer service. 

  1. Flexibility – When you rent a storage unit with Boxie24 Storage, you have complete control over the amount of space you need, as well as the length of time you need it. That’s because we rent storage space by the square foot, so you get exactly the amount of space you need and you don’t have to pay extra for unused space.

Use our free storage space calculator for an accurate estimate of just how much space you need for your belongings.

  1. Convenience – We want to make moving and storing your things as hassle-free as possible. That’s why we offer free pickup and delivery in most areas. If you’ve been searching for “self-storage near me,” Boxie24 is the solution for you.

Order storage near me

  1. Full-service – All you have to do is pack your things and give us a call. We will pick them up, transport them to our facility and place them in storage for you. When you’re ready to have your things returned to you, again, let us know. We will deliver your belongings right to your front door, usually within 24 hours or less.

  1. Easy – We take both online (anytime) and phone reservations (Monday – Saturday). Our online reservations allow you to check availability in your area, and they hold your unit for 24 hours.

  2. One-stop-shop – You are always welcome to use your own cardboard boxes to store your things with us, but we recommend renting our sustainable moving boxes for best results.

Designed for both moving and storage, our moving boxes are reusable, which makes them eco-friendly; and they are stronger and more durable than traditional cardboard boxes are. Renting moving boxes from Boxie24 Storage is easy – just tell us when and where you want them, and we’ll deliver them to you.

Order self-storage near me

Make a Self-Storage Reservation

Boxie24 has multiple storage locations. Give us a call or fill in your zip code on the bottom of this page to find self-storage near you.

When you rent from us you’ll get front door pickup, careful loading, safe transport to a modern and secure facility, a private container, and prompt return delivery when you need it. Call today!

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