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Searching for self storage near me? - How you rent self storage 

If you ever need help with moving and public self storage needs, Boxie24 has made this whole process very easy and seamless for everyone, especially those living in and around New York City. Having to deal with moving and storage can be an extremely stressful situation for anyone, and if you’re living in a major city like New York City, it can be even more stressful having to deal with walk-ups, major traffic, congestion, too many people, nowhere to park and the list goes on. To help you stress less when dealing with moving and self storage around New York, here are a few guidelines when it comes to our renting process here at Boxie24:

  1. Get in contact with us via phone, email or through our website in order to get more information, pricing as well as decide how much space you need. If you’re not sure as to which self storage unit in NYC you need (whether large storage or mini storage), how much space you will end up occupying or even questions about the overall accessibility of our self storage facility and the security of your items - our service team is readily available and will help you answer all your questions and determine how much storage space you will ultimately need. In order to get in contact with us, you can give us a call at 844-337-7739 or email us at And as always, you can go to our website to get all your information on our homepage including a storage space calculator that will provide estimates on how much space you’ll need.

  2. After you contact us, you will need to arrange a pick-up day. We provide free pick-ups up to 75 square feet, if you live on the ground/first floor/elevator. Otherwise, you will need to pay a small pickup fee. We store their goods in our dry, clean and camera monitored facilities.

  3. We offer a return service which is a very easy process to complete - just give us a call whenever you’re ready, we will deliver your items back to you.

All in all, you no longer have to stress about dealing with the overall moving and self storage hassles around New York since Boxie24 can do all the work for you so you can focus your time and energy on things that matter to you most. We can service you in all boroughs of New York it does not matter if you are looking for storage units in Brooklyn or just for ‘self storage near me’ if you are in New York we will do the best for you.

Are you searching for ‘affordable self storage near me’? - Go with Boxie24

Without a doubt, Boxie24 is the cheapest storage solution when searching for ‘moving companies’ and ‘self storage near me’ if you live in and around New York City. We can offer the lowest prices, because unlike others, Boxie24 has a very unique storage system which enables us to provide the most affordable prices with the best quality service. On top of it all, we analyze the prices of our competition and we always strive to beat their prices to guarantee customer satisfaction. 

Here are the top 5 reasons as to why you pay less and get more at Boxie24 (examples):

  • We think it’s only fair that customers are charged for only the space they use, which is another reason why Boxie24 is able to provide the most affordable prices hands down. Because we store their items professionally they don't pay for space they don’t need, customers only pay for the space they use.

  • To guarantee fair service - you can be assured there are no hidden costs and we offer transparent pricing as well.

  • In regards to our pick-up and return service: The pick-up is, in many cases, for free and we are cheaper than renting a moving company + self storage from different companies. Also with our return service, you will be getting your items most of the time within 24 hours without having to visit self storage nearby.

  • We provide our eco-friendly moving boxes which are significantly more durable than cardboard boxes and are available for you to rent. Not only that, we offer moving boxes which are cheaper than buying cardboard boxes and they get the delivery for free as well.

  • If you are not sure as to how much space you need or for how long you will be occupying the spaces, there is no need to worry. We offer flexible sizes and time periods and you can decide how much space you ultimately want as well as determine how long you want the contract to last. All in all, we understand that dealing with moving and self storage can be quite stressful and overwhelming with multiple decisions to make, so we will make sure to be flexible and provide you with the best customer service to make sure your moving and storage day goes as smoothly as planned with minimal effort and stress on your part so you can spend time on things that matter most to you!

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Secured and safe self storage in your area

You can rest assured that all your personal belongings and all your items will be safely stored and secured since we have one of the most secure self storage facilities available. There are many reasons as to why our self storage facilities are so secure, but one of the reasons is because we offer limited access for people to go in and out of the facilities in order to make sure everything is secured as well as minimize any type of theft. We put a lot of thought and consideration into making our self storage facilities secured which is why we have put the following things in place to ensure that we uphold our promise to our customers so they never have to worry about their valuables and personal items. With limited access, you can bet that our storage facilities are safe and secure. Here is a list of reasons as to why we are so secure and how we are able to implement this for our customers:

  • Camera Monitored:

    • Our self storage facilities operate with up-to-date security systems and they are 24/7 camera monitored so you can make sure we have the proper tools in place to guarantee safety to all your personal belongings and valuables.

  • Limited Access:

    • In order to ensure the highest amount of security around our self storage facilities, we made it so that only our warehouse employees have access to our facilities. Compared to traditional self storage where everyone has access to the facility, we decided by limiting the access to our storage facilities, this will minimize any security threats and thefts and this also enables us to guarantee the safety of all of our customer’s personal belongings and items.

  • Smoke Detectors:

    • You can bet your ass our warehouses are equipped with smoke detectors as we understand how serious of a threat this can be, especially since we are storing a lot of our customer’s personal belongings and valuables that may be priceless and irreplaceable. In order to react as fast as possible to a fire, we have equipped our self storage facility with smoke detectors and fire alarms.

  • Air-Conditioned and Dry:

    • We have climate-controlled storage facilities, air-conditioned, and dry in order to prevent the spread of mold and any other harmful situations. We want to make sure that all of the items and personal belongings we have stored are kept in optimal conditions within appropriate temperature-controlled environments in order to ensure no items are damaged.  

In conclusion, we have never dealt with any vandalism, break-ins or theft since we have all our security measures in place so you can rest assured that all your personal belongings and items are fully secured and safe in our self storage facilities.

Multiple self storage solutions in New York

When looking for 'self storage near me', there are many different companies here in NYC that use Boxie24, especially when it comes to archiving important documents. Companies like Cellino and Barnes of 420 Lexington Avenue in New York City is a perfect example of a type of company that could benefit from using Boxie24’s archive storage. 

Our self storage solutions offers:

  • Archive Storage - With archive storage facilities near you, you can free up room in your office that is overcrowded with documents that are important but can’t be thrown away just yet. Your documents are secured and properly stored in our facilities, only our authorized employees have access, if you need your documents we bring them to your office. Boxie24 has developed a professional archive storage solution.

  • Moving Supplies - To make sure you have the right moving material for your next transport, we developed moving supply packages. You can choose between a Mini, Medium and Large package. Our packages include at least a moving blanket, packing material, and bubble wrap. You can book them together with your moving boxes.

  • Moving Boxes - We offer stable and cheap moving boxes for rent and with free delivery. Make your relocation preparations simple and stress-free and let us take care of the transportation for you. You will be saving time by not having to drive to the DIY store yourself, and also saving money because moving boxes are more expensive than our reusable boxes. After your move, we will certainly pick up the boxes again free of charge. You can also buy packaging materials and boxes with Boxie24 altogether and save some money. We will deliver everything to your doorstep.

So next time you’re searching for ‘self storage near me' if you’re ever in need of an all-in-one self storage for rent and moving service in the New York City area, don’t hesitate to contact Boxie24 to take care of all your moving and storage needs so you can spend time on things that matter most to you!

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How does ‘self-storage near me’ work?

As noted above, the majority of self-storage facilities rent space month-to-month. Several, like Boxie24, do offer options for longer-term rentals as well. Typically, individuals rent the space to store furniture, clothing, seasonal items, etc. In most places, living in or working out of a storage unit is prohibited. Businesses commonly use self-storage to store excess inventory or documents and records.

Beyond storage, there are storage facilities that offer related items, like boxes, locks, and packing supplies. Some also offer truck rentals for renters to transport their items in either direction. Often times, storage facilities offer insurance for renters. Basic insurance can be free or offered for purchase. A homeowners’ policy will cover certain stored items – usually just a percentage of the total value.

A self-storage facility does not take possession or control of the contents of the storage unit unless a lien is imposed for non-payment of rent, and then the items are legally allowed to be auctioned off.

Why you should self-storage near you

You might choose to use self-storage if:

  • You’re moving to a smaller home or apartment and need to safely store your extra possessions.

  • You’re moving on a temporary basis and it doesn’t make sense to take all of your belonging with you for that time.

  • You own or operate a business that has excess inventory on-hand.

  • You have a child returning home from college, or an elderly parent moving in with you, and you need to move the contents of a spare bedroom, for example, to make room.

Why rent ‘self-storage near me’ with Boxie24?

When you store your belongings with Boxie24, you get affordable, secure full-service-storage solutions and top-notch customer service. 

  1. Flexibility – When you rent a storage unit with Boxie24 Storage, you have complete control over the amount of space you need, as well as the length of time you need it. That’s because we rent storage space by the square foot, so you get exactly the amount of space you need and you don’t have to pay extra for unused space.

Use our free storage space calculator for an accurate estimate of just how much space you need for your belongings.

  1. Convenience – We want to make moving and storing your things as hassle-free as possible. That’s why we offer free pickup and delivery for our self storage in New York. If you’ve been searching for “self-storage near me,” Boxie24 is the solution for you.

  2. Full-service – All you have to do is pack your things and give us a call. We will pick them up, transport them to our facility and place them in storage for you. When you’re ready to have your things returned to you, again, let us know. We will deliver your belongings right to your front door, usually within 24 hours or less.

  3. Easy – We take both online (anytime) and phone reservations (Monday – Saturday). Our online reservations allow you to check availability in your area, and they hold your unit for 24 hours.

  4. One-stop-shop – You are always welcome to use your own cardboard boxes to store your things with us, but we recommend renting our sustainable moving boxes for the best results.

Designed for both moving and storage, our moving boxes are reusable, which makes them eco-friendly; and they are stronger and more durable than traditional cardboard boxes are. Renting moving boxes from Boxie24 Storage is easy – just tell us when and where you want them, and we’ll deliver them to you. Or just buy our moving boxes directly from us.


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You can easily order our moving boxes and moving supplies online. Please visit our Online Shop.

We currently serve the cities Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.

Every box has a volume of 67 liters and a size of 60 x 40 x 37 cm.

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How much is the pick-up?

The pick-up is free of charge up to a storage size of 5' x 10' from the ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor and from buildings with elevators. For all other jobs we charge a small pick-up fee.

Do you also pick-up outside of the city area?

We do pick up outside of the city. Please reach out to us for an individual offer.

Would you like to change your pick-up appointment?

You can always cancel a pick-up appointment free of charge up to 48 hours in advance. Please note that we have to charge a cancellation fee for appointments that are being cancelled on short notice. Less than 48 hours in advance: 50% of one month’s rent. Less than 24 hours in advance: 100% of one month’s rent.

Please provide us with all relevant information on your return, e.g. detailed description of items for partial return, parking situation, name on the doorbell etc).

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