What is important for a kid’s room?

Whether you’re preparing for a newborn baby or planning to add new members to your family, it’s important to make the proper adjustments to create the right type of environment they can call home. Moreover, having the task of converting a room from a kid’s bedroom to a teenager room from scratch is no easy task, but luckily there is Boxie24.

At Boxie24, we offer cheap space in our storage facilities, with convenient pickup and return service, and a secure, climate-controlled facility. So now, when you’re renovating or remodeling, let us store your extra stuff so your living room doesn’t become a storage facility!

The right layout for a kids room

Children spend a lot of time in their kid's bedroom. It is their private domain where they sleep, study, and play. A well-arranged environment will keep the kids happy from kid to teen, and all ages in between. If their room is bright and cheerful, they will be more energized to get their schoolwork done.

  • A kid’s room should be bright and comfortable, which enables them to grow happily.

  • As your child grows, since they are physically bigger, they might need a bigger space or a larger room in order to feel comfortable.

  • Their room should also be within close hearing and proximity of the parents’ bedroom or living room in case there is a need for immediate action. 

  • Avoid using too much furniture as it is not necessary to pack a kid’s room with too much furniture. It is better to have enough room for kids to play games and for them to enjoy the space. 

Safety issues when decorating a kid’s room

Safety is an important issue to consider when decorating your child’s room. A beautiful and comfortable bedroom for your kids would be nice! Who wouldn’t agree with that? However, before using aesthetics as the most important characteristic when it comes to choosing furniture and an overall room layout, don’t forget that safety should also be your priority as a parent setting up your kid’s room. See below for some helpful tips when decorating a kid’s bedroom! 

  • Buying the appropriately sized beds is important. Make sure the top bunk has a guard rail on each side.

  • A changing table is a must for babies and kids. Choose a table with a low guardrail and a safety strap.

  • All furniture should be sturdy and rounded.

  • Shelves must not tilt; electrical sockets and windows must be secured.

  • Make sure to install safety railings at the top and bottoms of stairs and in the bedroom.

  • Make sure any heat sources have guards around them to keep your child from touching them and getting burnt.

  • Do not place attractive toys on high shelves, otherwise, your kid will try their best to climb up there to get the toy, which you don’t want it to happen as they might fall.

  • Toy chests must have a closing mechanism that keeps children from having the lids slamming down on their fingers. 

  • Position storage hooks -- and anything else with the potential to poke -- at a level that's either below or above your child's eyes.

  • Install one smoke alarm.

  • Choose low-VOC latex paints rather than oil-based paints for kids' rooms; they emit fewer fumes and are less toxic.

As a parent, making sure your child’s safety is the most important thing as their safety is your responsibility. Don’t wait until something happens, be proactive! Otherwise, you will then realize that you should have followed the tips above. Take safety into consideration when choosing furniture and room layout for your children!

Choosing furniture for the kid's room

In order to make kid’s bedrooms enjoyable & comfortable, you need to design your kid's bedroom furniture accordingly. The furniture needs to be the right size for the kids. They have to be able to reach and utilize it comfortably. Here are some things to consider regarding specific kid’s room furniture and design:

  1. A sturdy bed and a good quality mattress and box spring will give a growing body the support it needs to rest comfortably. Therefore, children’s bedroom furniture should be functional and long-lasting.

  2. Picking the perfect light for your kid’s room is important. Choosing gentle lighting can help create a cozy atmosphere. Low Watt or LED bulbs are ideal for night lights, and from a safety point of view, are cooler to the touch and energy efficient, saving you money on your electric bill.

  3. Toy storage boxes should not be missing in any kid’s room as kids need lots of storage for all their toys. This will help the kids learn how to be organized and put things back where they belong. The moving boxes from Boxie24 are made out of plastic and great to use as a toy storage box. 

  4. Add a painting or two. Ensure that any art added is securely fixated against the wall but in any case, this will help add some flavor to your kid’s room. 

  5. Nightstands - Rounded corners are preferable, and an extra shelf or drawer is useful, too
    The nightstand is no place for a table lamp choose a wall-mounted lamp instead

  6. Desks - For a space-saving desk that's at home in the most traditional settings, computer armoires are attractive and popular solutions for bedroom or family room use. The easiest desk solution may be a sturdy, generously sized tabletop secured atop a pair of low two-drawer file cabinets.

As your child grows, their bedroom furniture must grow with them! They need bigger beds, bigger desks, and even a bigger chair!!  Wait a minute, if that’s the case, where would the old furniture go? You need a space to store their old furniture for future use and instead of just throwing it away (what a waste of money)Store it in on of our storage units in nyc and let us hold it until you need it again. 

At Boxie24, we have many features that you could take advantage of. Have a look below and see for yourself!

  • Cheap self-storage, with convenient pickup and return services.

  • You only pay for the space you need, which means you would never pay for unused storage space.

  • Your belongings are safe and secured with high-end video surveillance and alarm systems at all locations.

Give us a call at 844-337-7739 to learn more about us and let us assist you and your business with your storage and logistical needs. Our team is standing by ready to assist you in any way we can! We also offer self storage in New York. Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to doing business with you soon!

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October 08, 2019

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