Everything you need to know about renting self-storage.

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Everything you need to know when renting Self Storage

If you’re like most people, you have more things than space to store them. It’s a common problem that has an easy and convenient solution: self storage.

1.     What is Self Storage?

2.     Traditional vs. Full Service Self Storage

3.     Self Storage is not New

4.     Who Uses Self Storage?

5.     An Estimate of Storage Unit Sizes

6.     Residential Self Storage

7.     Business Self Storage

8.     Moving Boxes and Moving Supplies

9.     Self Storage Insurance

What is Self-Storage?

Wikipedia defines self storage as "an industry in which storage space (such as rooms, lockers, containers, and/or outdoor space), also known as "storage units", is rented to tenants, usually on a short-term basis (month-to-month). Self storage tenants include businesses and individuals.

While this seems self-explanatory, it is more than just rented space to store your things.

There are two types – self service storage (traditional self storage) and full service storage. Boxie24 Storage is the latter.

Empty bed room closet due to self storage unit

Traditional vs. Full Service Self Storage

Traditional self storage allows tenants free access to their storage unit. As long as rent is paid monthly, renters may add or remove items as they see fit.

Unfortunately, this type of storage is usually little more than a metal building with several locking units located in the middle of a deserted lot.

There’s typically no security, and sometimes little lighting around the building.

Renting self storage can be costly in some cases. Renters are responsible for every aspect of the storage process. From packing, transporting, and paying the monthly rent to even providing the locking mechanism for the overhead door, renting traditional storage takes a lot of time and money.

This is especially true if a renter doesn’t already have a truck to haul their things to and from the storage unit. Renting a truck or movers is another added expense.

Full service storage, however, makes it easy and inexpensive to store your extra things.

When you rent space with a full service storage facility, you get security you can count on, as well as free pickup and delivery of your items anytime you want it.

There are also options for additional services such as insurance and moving boxes to make it even more convenient.

Furthermore, restricted public access makes it very difficult for would-be vandals and thieves to do their worst.

As a full service storage facility, we also offer free pickup and delivery in most cities. This means all you have to do is pack and let us know when you’re done.

We’ll come pick everything up, transport it all to our facility, and pack it neatly into your storage unit. When/if you want your things back, just let us know when and where to drop it off and we’ll get it there – usually within 24 hours or less.

To make it easy on you, we provide a free online inventory management tool for you to use. You never do any of the hard work when storing your things with Boxie24 Storage.

Family carries moving boxes for self storage

Self Storage is not New

While full service self storage is somewhat new in the United States, traditional self storage is not.

The first storage facility opened its doors in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1958. In the late 1960s, storage chains began opening all over Texas.

By the 1990s, self storage was hot. As demand surpassed supply, a surge of self storage facilities popped up all over the United States.

From 2000 to 2005, over 3,000 new facilities were built each year.

Today, there is more than 2.35 billion square feet of storage space available for rent in the United States.

Who Uses Self Storage?

Experts in the storage industry often refer to the 4 D’s when discussing why people need self storage. The 4 D’s are:

Death – When someone dies, they usually leave behind a great deal of stuff. It’s up to the family to go through it all and do something with it. During this time, those in charge of this task often acquire a storage unit to house all the extra things their departed loved one left behind.

Divorce – As with death, a divorce often leaves one spouse or the other with extra belongings they don’t have room for. Renting storage affords them the space they need.

Density – People living in large, over-populated cities typically have little space to spare for storage. Renting a storage unit simply expands their household so they can still have the things they love and cherish without taking up valuable space in the home.

Dislocation – Life events such as marriage, job advancement and graduation from college often lead to a move. Moving can be particularly chaotic, but with a self storage unit, it’s easy to organize and relocate your things.

If downsizing is the name of the game, putting the things you can’t bear to part with but have no room for in storage is a great option.

People put their things in storage for any number of reasons. Regardless of your need for storage, Boxie24 Storage has plenty of space to house all your things.

Spacious apartment thanks to self storage

An Estimate of Storage Unit Sizes

Storage unit sizes vary from facility to facility. Having said that, the list below gives you an idea of some of the most common size units available for rent.

Storage unit prices depend heavily on the size of the unit you rent.

It’s important to estimate closely how much space you’ll need in order to keep your monthly cost as low as possible.

For more information on self storage and preparing your things for a stay in a storage unit, check out these storage tips.

self storage makes the living room looks nice again

Residential Self Storage

Many residential customers rent storage units nearby, especially if they have to do all the work themselves.

Boxie24 Storage customers, however, never have to do any of the heavy lifting because we do it all for you. With a residential storage unit rental, you get a host of great benefits.

Moving is stressful. Don’t forget all that needs to be done by using this handy moving checklist.

Business Self Storage

Besides offering residential or personal storage, many facilities also offer business storage.

Business owners and office managers can use this type of storage to house almost anything business related including office furniture, office equipment, archives and more.

Boxie24 Storage provides several business storage solutions to help businesses use their space more efficiently. Customers can take advantage of such services as:

Couple unpacking moving boxes for self storage

Moving Boxes and Moving Supplies

When you rent self storage, you’re going to need boxes and packing supplies to pack your things.

Renting traditional storage means having to find your own boxes – usually used, broken-down cardboard boxes from the local grocery store – and hoping they survived long enough to protect your things throughout the moving process.

You have to waste a lot of time and money scouring the city for enough decent boxes.

Renting with a full service self storage facility such as Boxie24 Storage, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to rent moving boxes or buy storage boxes quickly and easily without ever leaving your home.

Our moving boxes are made of 100 percent recyclable materials. They are bigger and stronger than traditional cardboard boxes, which means they protect your things better.

They also include a closing, interlocking lid to protect your things even further. These boxes are designed to stack atop one another safely when full and nestle inside one another to save space when empty. We deliver our moving boxes free of charge and pick them up again when you’re done with them for your convenience.

As an added benefit for our customers, we also offer moving supplies for sale. We carry everything you need to pack your things properly for transport and storage. Our inventory includes:

It’s important you pack your things properly so they survive transportation to and from the storage facility, as well as their stay in the storage unit. Using these moving tips will help you do just that.

Self storage insurance to keep the house safe

Self Storage Insurance

Anytime you place your things in a storage unit, they should be insured.

Many tenants mistakenly think their homeowner’s insurance policy covers their things in storage, only to find out in the vent of something unfortunate, that it doesn’t.

It’s important to check with your insurance company if your homeowner’s policy covers your stored items or not. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to purchase separate self storage insurance.

Here at Boxie24 Storage, we go out of our way to ensure your things stay safe and damage-free while they are in our facility.

However, things happen that are beyond our control, and in circumstances like that, a storage insurance policy helps you recoup any losses you suffer if your things are damaged.

Our insurance policies are highly affordable and. For just a few dollars a month, you can protect your things and gain peace of mind.

It’s well worth the price knowing your important and sentimental things are covered in the event of fire, flood or Mother Nature’s fury.

We’ve given you a lot of information here, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you’re ready to get started, simply enter your zip code in the box provided, and make your reservation today. We can’t wait to help you free up space and get organized!

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