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Hosting a housewarming party: All you need to know

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The move into the new dream house is completed? What should not be left out is to throw a housewarming party with friends and family as well as all the hard working moving helpers! Here we show you how your house warming party will be a complete success and which preparations you will need to make.

When is the perfect time for your housewarming party?

When you have just moved into a new apartment, you want to proudly present your new realm to your guests and celebrate with them. A housewarming party offers the perfect setting for this. It is also a good opportunity to get to know your new neighbors. Are you wondering when it is the right time for the housewarming party? There is no ‘right’ time when a housewarming party should be held. In general, it is only important that the celebration does not take place too late, since it is mainly about thanking the hard-working helpers who helped with the move. On the other hand, one should not rush the event either. You should allow yourself enough time to get everything ready and settle in a little bit. You can say that about 2 to 3 weeks after moving in is the optimal time to toast the new home.

The top tips for your housewarming party

At a moving party there is a lot to think about and plan. From the form of the invitation to the housewarming party to the food that is served. Here you find our 5 most important tips for a housewarming party summarized: 

Tip 1: Announce the party to your neighbors in advance
When you move into a new office or apartment, you usually get new neighbors. A housewarming party is a great opportunity to get to know your new neighbors. That is why you should not miss out on inviting them. It is therefore advisable to post a notice about one week in advance announcing your party. This way, the neighbors can prepare themselves for it and you can save yourself the trouble later. After that, the party planning can begin!

Tip 2: Making a guest list
Everyone can decide by themselves who they want to invite to their party. At the inauguration ceremony of a new business building all colleagues are invited. In a private setting, however, there can be quite a large number of people coming together if all helpers and family are invited. In order to keep this clearly arranged and to make sure not to forget anybody, it is recommended to create a guest list. This should be done about four weeks before the planned celebration, as it is the basis for the invitations following. You can design these as you wish. Nowadays, many people choose to send out the house party invitation through WhatsApp. It’s simply the fastest way to do it. However, if you want to keep it more traditional, feel free to choose the original way of sending paper invitation cards for the housewarming party. 

Tip 3: Food and drinks
First of all it can be said that nobody expects a huge buffet for the dinner party. Often the kitchen is not yet fully connected or there is none at all in the office building. That is no problem. Cold drinks and a small selection of finger food are perfectly sufficient. You can also just order pizza for everyone. The most important thing is to enjoy the party together and to have a lot of fun! 

Tip 4: Delimit the party room
It is advisable to separate the rooms in which the celebration takes place from those that should not be entered. This way it is clear to the guests where the party area is and where it is not. The rooms in which the guests usually stay are the living room, kitchen and balcony. The bedroom is usually forbidden to enter. Also in office buildings it is recommended to lock the rooms that should not be entered. In addition, valuables should generally not be left in the ‘party area’. You can store your valuable items in our plastic boxes. They can be perfectly stacked on top of each other and locked up in your bedroom. This way you can create enough room for your guests even if you have little living space. If you notice that you have hardly any room for the party in your office due to the many documents and files, we at Boxie24 also offer archive storage. In our dry and secure warehouses, the sensitive data of our business customers is perfectly stored. The storage areas are secured by CCTV and our security personnel. Furthermore, only our authorized personnel have access to the warehouse. Thus we ensure that your files are stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Tip 5: Stylish decoration
Every housewarming party includes some beautiful decoration, which should ensure that all guests feel comfortable and the party mood arises. 

With the perfect decoration you can make every party stylish. The bigger the party is, the more decoration is needed. But what happens after the party with the decorative items, if you have no room left in the apartment? Or you do not want to store them in the office? Reserve storage space with us today and we will pick up your items directly from you. We will completely take care of the collection. So you don’t have to worry about it and can fully concentrate on planning the housewarming party. As soon as you need your decoration back, we will deliver it directly to your home. If you only need parts of the decoration back, partial returns can be arranged at any time.

Party ideas

  • The obligatory tour of the new premises
  • Put out a guestbook for an unforgettable memory
  • If the walls are unfinished, guests can immortalize themselves on them 
  • Funny Polaroid pictures with fancy accessories
  • Classical party games
  • Select a memorable housewarming party theme

Guests are eating around a big table

You have planned a move and are therefore looking for a place for your furniture? You want to get your move done quickly and are already looking forward to the housewarming party? Quite often guests bring gifts as part of the housewarming party etiquette. Do you need extra space to store all your housewarming gifts?

We at Boxie24 will make sure that your move goes fast and easy as well as that the housewarming party can be celebrated as soon as possible. We differentiate ourselves through our special self-storage alternative. You can rent storage space from us at a reasonable price to temporarily store your belongings for a move. We even pick up your stored goods directly at your door. Often you are under stress and wonder how you can get moving boxes so quickly. We are there for you with our convenient service. You can rent our stable moving boxes in a relaxed manner. The moving boxes are delivered to your home within 24 hours. From there our team will transport your items to the warehouse and store them safely until you need them again. The return delivery will also be made directly to any place of your choice. 

Rent storage space at Boxie24 in 5 easy steps:

  1. Select your city
  2. Enter your desired storage area
  3. Tell us the expected rental period
  4. Let us send you an offer
  5. The storage room rental can begin!

Sometimes it is not so easy to estimate how much storage space you need. We are happy to help you with this and any other questions you may have. Our friendly colleagues can be reached free of charge at 844-337-7739.

If, for example, you would like to store furniture beyond a housewarming party, you are in good hands with us. We are represented in various cities – Boxie24 offers you to rent storage space Manhattan, rent storage space Brooklyn, rent storage space Bronx, rent storage space Williamsburg, rent storage space Long Island, rent storage space Queens and rent storage space Staten Island

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