How does The Coronavirus influence my move?

The Coronavirus may influence your move in a various amount of ways. Due to the increasing severity of The COVID-19 situation traditional moving companies may decide to stop operating, landlords are canceling upcoming leases, people have to leave the city and some are left with nowhere to store their items at short notice due to Corona.

We at BOXIE24 can assist without you having to even leave your apartment! Therefore, decreasing your exposure risk to Corona and taking away all the stress of storing your items you need during this difficult time. We will provide answers to the most important questions around moving, flexible storage units and your rights as a renter in times of corona.

Do I need to postpone my move due to The Coronavirus?

Not necessarily, if you are planning to move privately without involving a moving company, your move is most probably still on. We recommend to keep checking updates and take note of curfews that may or may not be implemented in New York. Please make sure to exercise precautionary hygiene measures to lessen your chance of contracting Corona.

If you are planning on moving with a moving company, get in contact as soon as possible with them to see if they are still operating at the moment. If it’s not absolutely necessary, and you are able to, think about postponing your move. Meanwhile, you can store your items in a self storage facility near you.

Good to know: If you want to avoid going to a store during the corona pandemic to purchase moving boxes and are uncertain about leaving your home, you can also rent your moving boxes from BOXIE24. Our signature green boxes are extremely durable resulting in better protection for your cherished items and we will pick them up once packed! When you are done unpacking them at your return address, you give us a call and we pick them up, leaving you stress-free and without having to find a way to dispose of your used boxes.

Do I need to pay the moving company if my move gets cancelled due to COVID-19?

Not necessarily, talk to your moving company. If the moving company cancels your appointment, you won’t be charged and will not have to bear the cost of the move. Many companies are trying to keep customers happy while also juggling their everyday operations in increased restrictions due to Corona.

Try and find an agreeable solution that works for both of you. Check their terms and conditions, as most moving companies have updated them since the Coronavirus pandemic. Many companies will be understanding of your situation, as many people are currently going through the same issue you are.

Where can I store my items if my move gets postponed?

No worries, you can still store at BOXIE24. As a company, we continue to offer our pick-up and return service during the Corona pandemic.

We even offer 

  • flexible contracts
  • no cancellation period
  • shorter minimum storage periods

Just contact us and we can tailor-make you a storage solution. We even pick your items up and return them!

This service is currently being offered in our Self Storage in New York.

Can I still rent storage space at BOXIE24 – even in times of COVID-19?

Yes, you can! We implemented strict hygiene measures as our drivers are instructed to wear gloves and change them after and before each and every pick-up and return, keep their distance, wash their hands more often and use sanitizers during the Coronavirus pandemic.

In some cases, we might only deliver or pick up from the first floor. We are continuing to monitor the Corona situation in New York and conduct business accordingly.

What are my rights as a renter during The Coronavirus?

As a renter, you might be concerned with your rights during the Coronavirus pandemic. With many businesses closing and employees being told to either go home without pay until the situation improves or being unfortunately let go, this creates many problems and dilemmas for renters.

As seen on the state courts systems website, the officials in New York have suspended all eviction orders proceedings and pending eviction orders statewide as of Monday the 16th March 2020 at 5pm. They have noted that the court may allow essential applications for situations such as

  • landlord lockouts
  • serious house code violations and
  • repair orders.

In addition to this, NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority) has banned all public housing evictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. While extending its rent hardship program to affected households.

Rent hardship applies if your income before taxes has gone down 5 percent and your rent is normally more than 30 percent of your take-home salary. The NYCHA’s hearing office has adjourned all their relevant cases for at least two weeks due to the Coronavirus.

What happens if I lose my job due to the Corona pandemic ?

As this is a harsh reality many of the public are facing right now, especially in various sectors as many restrictions are being constantly put in place to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s announcement that the State of New York is now waiving the seven-day waiting period for unemployment insurance for workers laid off by the efforts to contain the virus.

In addition to this there has been a declaration of state of an emergency in New York, Con Edision has suspended its service shutoffs temporarily for customers that have difficulty paying for their gas or electricity bills during the time of Corona.

While there has been many systems put in place to help employees that are affected by COVID-19, we recommend talking to your employer and trying to come to an agreeable solution that can work for both of you as many employers are trying to make plans to take care of their employees during this hard time.

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