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  • Modern alarm system
  • 24/7 Video surveillance
  • Anti-burglary-system
  • Smoke detectors
  • Climate-controlled
  • Insurance
  • First month for free (up to 5’x10’)
  • Free pick-up on 1st floor, 2nd floor and in buildings with elevators (up to 5’x10’)
  • (Partial) returns within 24h
  • Basic insurance included
  • Minimum storage period 3 months (contact us for shorter storage periods)
  • 5% discount for 6 months minimum storage period, 10% discount for 12 months
  • No cancellation fee
  • Deposit: $0

5' × 15'

Great fit if you want to store content of a small sized bedroom plus washer and dryer
Size visualization of a 5x15 square feet storage

$ 189

$ 179 / month

($ 41.31 / Week)

Booked 12 times in last 24 hours

9' × 9'

Great fit if you want to store a small sized bedroom plus washer dryer and several other items
Size visualization of a 9x9 square feet storage

$ 219

$ 195 / month

($ 45 / Week)

Booked 4 times in last 24 hours

10' × 10'

Great fit if you want to store content of a medium sized apartment, including 2 bedrooms and some boxes.
Size visualization of a 10x10 square feet storage

$ 239

$ 205 / month

($ 47.31 / Week)

Booked 2 times in last 24 hours

10' × 15'

Great fit if you want to store content of a medium sized apartment and larger items such as sofas, tables, TVs and some boxes.
Size visualization of a 10x15 square feet storage

$ 299

$ 279 / month

($ 64.38 / Week)

Booked 4 times in last 24 hours

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Boxie24. The King of Self Storage in Queens.

Queens is one of the most diverse places on earth. Pretty cool, huh? So that means people gravitate here from all over the world. You can imagine with so many cultures in so little land mass, space gets tight…meaning you don’t always have room in your apartment or home for all of your belongings.

Thankfully, Boxie24 comes to the rescue, with short and long-term storage units for individuals and businesses. Just tell us when and where you want your items picked up, and we’ll come and get them. Same thing goes for when you want your items back. Convenience is our middle name. 

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What Storage Unit Size is Right for You?

Think about what type of stuff you’re storing – A piece of furniture? A few boxes? A whole apartment?

Plug it into our storage space calculator to get a good idea of the storage unit size you’ll need to rent. Don’t worry – if you need a smaller or larger space than you think, you can always change the size later. 

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Affordable storage units in Queens

We’ve Got Everything You Need for a Successful Storage Story

If you’re storing your stuff, you need boxes, right? Instead of collecting bug-ridden boxes from the supermarket or purchasing them from u-Haul, let us drop off our moving boxes for your packing and storing convenience.

When you rent our reusable moving boxes – which are plastic, not cardboard, you know that your possessions will survive transport and storage without damage.

Our plastic boxes are superior because they are:

  • Budget-friendly: Compare the price of renting moving boxes to the cost of purchasing them

  • Handy: For the low price of $24.95, we deliver and return the boxes to you.

  • Durable: These boxes will hold up under the weight of heavy items

  • Strong and airtight: Your items won’t get crushed or wet

  • Lockable: So no one can mess with your stuff

  • Stackable: Which means you save space and can rent a smaller storage unit

  • Tough: They will survive at least 400 uses, which makes them good for the environment

Jumping into the Melting Pot that is Queens? Here’s What You Need to Know.

  • Queens streets are not on a grid. They can be confusing, so keep this link handy: Queens street map.

  • New to Queens? Explore part of the borough with a nice long walk.

  • And read through the borough’s lengthy history here.

  • Here’s a list to keep you busy. 31 things to do in Queens before you die. Yes, 31, so get moving.

  • We have 150 different cultures living, breathing…and cooking in Queens. So build up your appetite and EAT.

  • If you’d rather a more organized eating excursion, check out these Queens food tours.

Other Links to Help You Get Acclimated to Queens

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