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Renting extra storage space is a bit of an institution in New York. In a city with the highest rents and property prices in the world, it is fairly universal to need more room to keep your items. However, many people still do not fully grasp the wide range of situations in which renting storage can be a massive help. At BOXIE24, we are able to help customers with diverse needs in diverse situations. In doing so we have been able to see the sheer range of people and problems a bit of extra storage goes a long way to solving. So without further ado, let’s have a look at a few of the reasons people have for storing.

Why Storage?

The first and most basic question for many people, is why do I need storage? The joy of the answer to that question is that it can be as varied as the situations in which people find themselves. In its most basic sense, people need storage when they need more space to utilize. The great thing about space is that it is extremely flexible about what you can do with it. In New York, where space is at a premium, having that flexibility which extra storage offers means that you are at liberty to decide what to do. Having the option of extra space, for a much lower price than if you were to add extra home or business storage, makes it a far easier decision to try and go about the great decluttering or quick business expansion you have always wanted to do. In short, having a storage option makes you more flexible in the long term.

When to store?

There are a wide range of commercial and domestic situations in which people choose to make use of a full-service storage company like BOXIE24. However, in our years of experience across three different countries, we have begun to see the most popular problems for which storage provides an elegant solution. Perhaps you will see your own situation mirrored in these.

  1. Decluttering: This is an extremely popular option for storage, especially following a year where everybody was spending more time at home. New York is a claustrophobic city at the best of times, so being able to have the option to buy yourself space to breathe in your own home is certainly invaluable. This is why decluttering, the process of ridding your house of superfluous items, has proven to be extremely popular. While most people do not simply want to throw their items out, or go through the hassle of attempting to sell them, storing your items can be a happy middle ground to earn some space.

  2. Seasonal Storage: This is another popular way to free up some temporary space in your home. During hot summer months it can feel frustrating to be cramped in our homes, bumping into bulky winter clothes or sports equipment at every turn. Skis, skates, coats and hockey sticks can find a safe, temporary home with BOXIE24 during warmer periods, ready to be redelivered as soon as the first snows of winter begin to fall.

  3. Moving or remodeling: Moving or remodeling your home often entails getting excess furniture out of the way. Often this is a preferable situation, rather than risking your couch being damaged in the room that is being repainted! In this situation, people often entrust their valuable items to our experienced and expert care until such time that they require them back.

  4. Inheritance: Quickly coming into an inheritance can mean taking ownership of an entire lifetime of possessions. Well some will undoubtedly be of sentimental or financial value, chances are most will just be possessions for which you have no space. If you can’t yet face the task of sorting through these items, or indeed if you simply can’t bring yourself to sell a loved one’s possessions, BOXIE24 is here to help!

  5. Business storage: Amongst our clients, BOXIE24 counts businesses of all types, from small restaurants wanting to store extra furniture to the likes of Spotify and Starbucks. This is because no space in New York is as expensive as retail space, making offsite storage a real necessity for any business. We find a lot of business-owners who are able to significantly expand their business by storing extra stock orders with us, rather than being forced to take on more retail space.

How to store?

These are just a brief overview of some of the many reasons people choose to make use of storage space to solve many issues. The only questions remaining is, how do you go about storing your items? There are a lot of potential answers to this question in New York’s competitive storage market. While self-storage is an option for some, it often carries with it a number of drawbacks. For a start, you are expected to manage the transport of your goods, which is a logistical nightmare in itself. Moreover, a lot of people encounter problems when items are improperly stored, thus causing serious damage. Luckily, BOXIE24 has solutions to these all too common problems. As a full-service storage company, BOXIE24 provides an experience customized to your specific needs. Our storage experts will be at your side from your first, obligation-free quote, to your final return delivery! We handle the pick-up, transport, storage and return of your items and with years of experience and expertise storing in three countries, you can rest assured that your items are being treated with the utmost care.

So if you’re a business, real estate mogul or just looking to declutter a crowded New York home, BOXIE24 has an option for you to begin getting the most out of your storage experience. Our state-of-the-art storage facility is only a simple phone call away. If you’re interested, reach us at 844-337-7739.

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