Renting storage space: A small step for a big change

The idea of storing your items at a third-party location can seem odd to many people at first. Not having the security of having items close to hand often clouds people’s perceptions about the relative benefits of having a decluttered home. For those who see the possible benefits of storing, the actual process of renting a self-storage, packing their items and transporting them often means that storage is at the bottom of their list of priorities. However, in increasingly cramped and claustrophobic cities like New York, where extra space in homes comes at a prohibitive cost, more and more Americans are beginning to understand that when it comes to storage, a small investment can go a long way.

When to store:

How and when do people decide that there would be a relative benefit to storing their items? Storage, despite being a simple solution, is quite elegant in that it matches the needs of a broad range of customers. Yes, ultimately they all need more space, but in a city like New York, everyone does!

  1. Decluttering: The most obvious time when storing is for you is when people finally decide it’s time to make more room in their homes. Big cities often mean small houses, and when you’re already feeling squeezed for space on the Subway or walking down the street, coming back to a home that feels as if it is suffocating you is more than just unsightly, it can be damaging to your health. For this reason, we see many people taking the step to buy themselves more room to breath and get rid of some of the clutter. It is simplistic to assume that you just want to throw out or donate everything that’s in the way, so storage can be an elegant solution to this problem.

  1. Seasonal Storage: This is another popular option when it comes to storing amongst our customers. We all know how frustrating it is when items that we don’t seem to use get in the way. Think of big winter coats taking up 80% of your wardrobe space in the middle of July! This is why many people choose to do away with bulky winter clothing or seasonal sporting equipment like surfboards or skis when the weather is too hot or too cold to need them.

  2. Remodeling: Often when people are remodeling their homes, either just painting or a full rebuild, they simply cover their items with plastic wrap and hope for the best. This, in addition to causing untold stress, is also a recipe for causing permanent damage to furniture and other items. It is for this reason that many of our customers have opted for the relative peace of mind of moving their items out of harm’s way and into our state of the art, camera monitored warehouse. This way, when all the work is done, and you have the house of your dreams, you can move the furniture back in knowing that there won’t be any paint splatter or plaster damage done.

  3. Inheriting: Inheritance often comes with an entire life’s worth of a loved one’s possessions. While many of these may hold financial, sentimental or aesthetic value, many more will be simply too large to store in already cramped homes. Often people can’t or won’t donate, throw out or sell inherited items, leaving a slight conundrum. One which storage can solve. Many of our customers store inherited items with us, safe in the knowledge that their loved one’s possessions are being treated and stored with the utmost care, without having to work out what to do with two extra couches!

  4. Travel or temporary moving away: Another popular option is storing while travelling or while away from the city. In New York, where rent is the most expensive of anywhere worldwide, students or people embarking on long trips away from the city often cannot afford the cost of renting an empty apartment to store their stuff. Renting storage space makes for a cheaper, and often safer, solution for people who wish to store belongings in the medium term.

  5. Business storage: The benefits of storage are not only limited to the domestic, but to the commercial as well. Many businesses of all sizes find it extremely beneficial to rent storage space. From restaurants wanting to store their patio furniture in winter to retail outlets storing extra stock, BOXIE24 has a storage solution for every type of business. The benefits of having more offsite storage is considerable, as it means that, for much cheaper than the extra retail rent, businesses can store more stock intended for online audiences. These are the benefits that have driven scores of businesses, from Starbucks and Spotify, to one-person online operations to choose BOXIE24 as their storage partner.

Know your options:

Now that you have decided there is some benefit to be had to storing, the only decision is who to store with. There are plenty of options in New York’s storage market. One with which we are all familiar is self-storage. In this model, you rent a garage for a fixed price and can move items in and out yourself. This can often lead to problems. Firstly, the effort of transporting items to and from self storage is considerable. Next, people who often don’t know any better, store their items incorrectly, leading to damage being done to valuable items. The other option, for which BOXIE24 is a market leader, is full-service storage. In this model, with a simple email or phone call, you can request the full service. With subscriptions customized to meet your needs, BOXIE24 will pick up, transport, store and return your items, all the while using our considerable experience and expertise to ensure that your items are transported and stored in a way that keeps them safe. Moreover, with storage experts with you from quote to return, we make sure our team knows your specific needs inside out so that you always get the best service for the best price. If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of full-service storage first hand, give us a call at 844-337-7739.

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