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Do You Have Plants to Move? Here Are Tips To Make It Easy & Safe!

Moving your flowers and plants to a new location can be tricky. People love and nurture their plants. If they want to keep them healthy, uprooting them, storing them on a hot, dark truck, and transporting them to a new home can be enough to destroy all the hard work they’ve put into raising them.

In this article, we look at ways to move your plants while ensuring they arrive safely at their new destination.


Most experts recommend you prepare your plants for the move about three weeks out for best results.

If your plants are in clay pots, transfer them to plastic, which will reduce the possibility of a pot breaking during the move. When you’re about two weeks from the day of the move, prune and trim so they will sprout new growth when they get to where they’re going.

When you’re a week away, check for and remove parasites or other infestations.

Last, make sure you contact your moving company and ask them if they move plants. Some companies have restrictions on what they move and plants are often among them.

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The Big Day

So, you’ve done all of your prep work and now is the day when you have to pack up everything and move. Since plants are tricky, try placing the small ones in boxes and make sure they’re packed well with material to keep them upright and stable during the trip.

Taller plants should get packed with sphagnum moss in the pots and then wrap plastic around the pot to keep the contents from spilling. If you’re taking the plants with you in the car, keep the temperature constant according to what the plant needs to thrive. Taking them with you for this reason is preferred to putting them onto the moving truck where temperatures aren’t guaranteed.

If you’re moving across the country and will be on the road for several days, treat your plants like you would if you were traveling with pets. Give them plenty of water and crack a window. If you leave them in the car, make sure to give them enough air.

Be Mindful of the Law

Before you move with your plants, you need to inquire as to the regulations regarding moving plants from state to state. Many states have restrictions on certain types of plants from coming in because of the chance they’ll introduce harmful parasites into the ecosystem.

Cut What You Can’t Take

If you have too many plants, or the plants are too large to uproot and move, consider taking cuttings and pack them in floral tubes with water to keep them safe during the move.

Move According to Season

Some plants don’t respond well to being uprooted during specific seasons. For example, perennials don’t do well when moved during hot weather. Moving plants out of season causes them stress, so check with an expert and see when is the right time for you.

Follow all these tips to successfully move your plants to your new home. Whenever its across the state or country, you want to make sure they arrive safely to add color to your new home! Moving is stressful enough, so make it a breeze with these instructions.

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