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A Checklist for Couples Before Moving-In Together

Is it time to take your relationship to the next level and move in with your boyfriend or girlfriend? This is a question which should first be discussed openly and in detail between both of you. Establishing mutual expectations is important, so be aware of what the other person expects. Who moves in with who? Or do you find a new apartment all together? Whose sofa will match the new décor and whose will get placed in self-storage?

Couples experience much of their lives together and are often faced with different tests to their relationship. Moving-in with a boyfriend or moving in with a girlfriend before marriage is certainly one of them. To make this process easier, Boxie24 has compiled a moving-in together checklist of issues to consider before taking the plunge. Hold this checklist to heart and nothing can stand in the way of your shared happiness!

  1.  Moving-In Together-  Choose the Right Time:

Often, the decision to move in together is a financial one. The transition from paying rent to sharing it, plus the money saved on transportation, is considerable and certainly tempting. However, too many couples opt to share an apartment without truly knowing one another. Take your time first and approach the decision rationally. Make sure you get to know your partner thoroughly before fusing your lives together between the same four walls. It’s an arrangement that changes your lifestyle and your relationship. In other words, everything!

  1.  Moving-In Together-  Try Living Together Tentatively at First:

Interacting with your partner face-to-face every morning, day, and night, will undoubtedly become the hardest challenge. Never assume because you deeply love someone and the two of you have already gone on plenty of weekends and holidays together that actually living together will be a smooth transition. Try it out for a couple of months before committing to the long haul. Until a decision is made you can always store your furniture in a self-storage unit for the trial period. This way you don ́t won’t be forced to start from scratch if the arrangement doesn’t work out.

Some might find a “trial run” as planning for failure, but the alternative could be even worse. No one wants to find themselves in the awkward, miserable situation of living together after divorce.

  1. Moving-In Together- Discuss Responsibilities:

Ideally, you and your partner’s sharing of responsibilities will happen organically. You will do the chores which you don’t mind doing while they gladly take on the chores which annoy you, and vice-versa. Maybe one person prefers to clean the bathroom, the other prefers tackling the kitchen. One half of the couple wants to wash the clothes, the other finds ironing easier. And so on.

However, if an imbalance sets in, where one person finds themselves doing more chores than the other, establishing rules might become necessary. It’s always important to keep things fair—to have a middle ground. Love is compromise.

  1.  Moving-In Together – Furniture:

As mentioned before, if you move-in together after having lived in separate apartments, you will naturally own many of the same items of furniture. Who brings what?

Before sorting this out, keep in mind that furniture says a lot about your psyche–your sense of comfort and well-being. Before moving-in together, couples should discuss what items they simply, positively, absolutely cannot let go of. Both partners must agree as to their choice of furniture, compromising when the overall décor calls for it. If your boyfriend can’t live without that bamboo nightstand, perhaps he could suffer not having that stuffed, mounted boar’s head. If your girlfriend can’t imagine not looking at that avante garde painting every day, perhaps she could do without the blinking stop sign. Work it out.

Hopefully, this process isn’t as difficult as it sounds. In fact, moving into a new apartment is the perfect opportunity to wipe the slate clean and go buy completely new furniture together. You can then keep your old furniture in a self-storage unit until you’ve both agreed to definitely stay together.

  1.  Moving-In Together –  Designate Private Areas:

Everybody needs privacy sometimes, even couples who live together and love each other very much. This doesn’t mean that each person needs their own private room. They can even potentially share the living room. One evening, she gets the room for yoga. On another, he gets the same room to practice guitar (a realistic expectation when living with your boyfriend.).

  1.  Moving-In Together – Don’t Neglect Your Hobby:

You should never rely on another person to provide you with every sense of enjoyment and satisfaction you experience. Nothing burns a relationship out faster than too much neediness and non-stop attention. Find a hobby. Or keep the one you already have. If your hobby includes a lot of equipment, such as fishing gear, snow skies, or surfboards, rest assured they can be stored comfortably at Boxie24. Renting storage space with us is incredibly easy, providing you with the perfect amount of space you’ll need for your new apartment. Check out our self storage in New York with storage units in NYC, self storage in Brooklyn and self storage in all boroughs of New York.

Two people look on a smartphone with cardboard boxes in their living room

  1. Moving-In Together – Recognize When Things Are Not Working Out:

It normally takes six months for most couples to determine if co-habitation was a good idea or not. After passing the probation period, learning to live with each other’s rules, agreeing on furniture, and providing the occasional private space and hobby, then congratulations! You have officially learned how to live together. Have fun in your shared apartment!

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. You might begin to feel stuck–trapped with a person you thought you knew but don’t. If you’re arguing more and finding yourself nostalgic for the days before moving in together, it’s likely time to face the reality that moving-in together wasn’t the best idea. Maybe you both just weren’t ready.

However, denying that living together isn’t working out will only make matters worse. You could further damage your relationship to the point that even a friendship becomes impossible.

It’s also a huge mistake to believe that moving in together will help solve issues you’re already having as a couple. If anything, living together will magnify these problems. Only the most compatible will survive sharing a home together. The worst thing you could do with some who’s beginning to annoy you is see them every day when you wake up. Every day when you come home. Every night when you go to sleep.

  1. Moving-In Together – Throw a Party:

If it becomes evident that living together has actually made your relationship stronger, this is an excellent occasion to celebrate! Friends and neighbors will jump at the chance to preview your new home, assessing how you’ve “done up the place” while comparing it to their own. It’s human nature. Enjoy it.

  1. Use Self-Storage to Help You Move – In with The One You Love:

Before moving in with a significant other, always consider Boxie24 for your storage needs. We can offer affordable rates and free pick-up. This removes much of the stress of moving-in for both of you! Moving-in together can be tricky, but Boxie24 improves this process by offering rentable self-storage units. We can also offer:

Return and Pick-Up Service: We frequently offer free pickup if you are on the ground floor or your building has an elevator. This service is included with all self-storage in New York and self-storage units in NYC, including Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Long Island, Westchester, and Northern New Jersey. When available, we provide return service with no contract and no storage minimums.

Perfect Storage Conditions: Our storage facilities are clean and temperature-controlled, ensuring your items are returned to you in the same condition as when we picked them up.

Air-Tight Security: Know that your belongings are safe and secure with only the highest-end video surveillance and alarm systems at each location.

Unbeatable Customer Service: We work hard to help our clients through the moving and storage process. It is our mission to make sure that every client receives the assistance they need. If you ever have any questions or concerns, our team is 100% there for you!

Boxie24 understands the complications that arise with moving-in together. We aim to make it easier by providing self-storage during and after moving. Using self-storage frequently solves the problems which occur during a move.
Contact us today at 844-337-7739, visit our website for more information or just search for ‘self storage near me’!

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