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Inheriting a House – The Basics

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There may be a time in your life where you, your spouse or your family will inherit a house. This either can be an exciting time in your life if the house is handed down to you or it could be filled with emotion and sadness if a family member has passed away. When inheriting a house, you normally inherit all the personal belongings that go with it.

Normally this can create quite a conundrum when it comes to finding a place for all the belongings. You could plan to renovate, sell or even rent out the house leaving you with not many options when it comes to leaving items in the house. While you can do everything yourself, lift all the heavy boxes and furniture, then drive across town to a storage space company that you know that you’ll just have to go back to in a few months or even weeks. Why not forget about all the hassle, stress and heavy lifting and let Boxie24 Storage take the lead and make sure your storage needs are taken care of with minimal effort from your side!

At Boxie24 we pick-up whatever you may need stored, take it back to our fully climate controlled, camera and alarm monitored warehouse, where it will safely be stored in your space, wrapped and put on a pallet for protection. When you want your items, give us a call and we can normally deliver within 24 hours.

Below are some of your advantages when you store with Boxie24:

  • First month free (When storing longer than 3 months)
  • We beat any price and or quote
  • Amazing discounts
  • Discounts for long term and business customers
  • We pick-up your items, then return them whenever you want, normally within 24 hours
  • Free basic insurance
  • Hassle & stress free, without even having to leave your home
  • Fully secure & modern climate controlled warehouses.

Inheriting a house – The Nitty and Gritty!

When inheriting a house there can be many concerns that we do not expect such as problems with the structure of the house or even tax implications which can be a headache if not researched and carried out correctly. You most probably will require a storage facility. Once you inherit a house depending on what your intended use of it will be, you should carry out a full inspection, ranging from foundation to plumbing as you don’t want to run into any problems down the line. If you find any issues you should rectify them straight away and do any preventative maintenance to save costs in the future. Below are some of the most common issues with houses recently inherited or bought:

  1. Foundation issues
  2. Electrical issues
  3. Plumbing issues
  4. Mold issues
  5. Dry Rot 
  6. Ant infestation

If you encounter any issues when inheriting a house you will need to start renovations as soon as possible, this is where you should be looking for full service storage as you might not have the time to do it on your own as well as having to do this on top of your daily duties. Boxie24  takes all the stress and worry away, you do not even have to be at the house while we pick up your items! Give us a call or send us a call me back request on our website and we will be able to assist you with any needs when inheriting a house.  

What to Do With the House?

When inheriting a house there many questions as to what will you do with the house? First you have to assess if there are other parties/friends or family members that inherited a share of the house with you ? If this is the case you might not be able to use the house or go through with your plans especially if there other people disagree. During the whole process you will probably need to tackle cleaning out the garage storage. You will need to come to a common understanding and go through the most important below questions and gather answers to asses the best way forward with other parties involved:

  1. What is the intended outcome wanted by each party with regards to the house?
  2. What should you do with all the belongings in the house?
  3. Do you want to sell, rent or keep the house for personal use?
  4. Do you want to add the house to your current real estate portfolio?

When looking at these questions and depending on what you exactly decide to do with the inherited house, it will most probably cost you some money, either in rent to the other parties, taxes and moving costs. With Boxie 24 we can offer you on demand storage at the most cost effective price, therefore reducing your stress about the whole financial burden if you are currently struggling to keep your head above water. You will probably need garage storage in addition as most garages are where people dump all their old items and forget about them. Cleaning out the garage is probably one of the worst jobs in a house, why do it when you can leave all the hard work to the professional team at Boxie24 when you inherit a house.

If you are the sole heir to the property it makes deciding things so much easier! This in-turn opens up many opportunities with the property and its ability to make you some extra money!

You could choose to do the following with your house:

  1. Rent it out long term 
  2. Rent it out as an AirBnb 
  3. Move to the house and then rent out your other property, or if you are renting, you don’t need to worry about rent and have that as savings.
  4. If the house is big, you could divide it into different apartments and even make more revenue by having a couple of rental properties.

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