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Contracts: checklist, tips and common mistakes – from Boxie24

Couples experience a lot together and are subjected to the most diverse tests. Boxie24 has put together a checklist of tips and tricks and the biggest mistakes that can happen when couples start living together.

If you take our advice to heart, nothing will get in the way of a happy family.

Contracts – the checklist

Contraction: the biggest mistakes

Tips and Tricks for Contraction – That’s How It Works!

Contracts – the checklist

  1. The right time to move in together: each couple must determine this themselves, because there are no fixed guidelines. Couples who have just fallen in love often want to move into a shared apartment without actually knowing each other. This is definitely the wrong time to move in. Take your time and take it easy. Get to know your partner well before you take the big step.

  2. What are your expectations? You should clarify this question openly and in detail with your partner. Create mutual expectations and both become aware of what the other expects from this decision. Only in this way can you really live happily together in one apartment.

  3. Furniture: Making one from two households is not that easy. Renting storage space can help with this and provides extra space. Moreover, you can store your furniture here, for which there is initially no space in the shared apartment, but which also should not be thrown away.

  4. Order and tidiness: This is where the fun ends in many relationships when one partner first experiences how untidy the other actually is. Empty pizza boxes, dirty socks, and anything else you find on the floor. Make it clear among each other who is responsible for what and draw up clear rules that both partners must adhere to. Under no circumstances should housework be automatically assigned to the female partner.

  5. Rental Agreement: Legal issues should also be cleared up before moving in. So you agree on who signs the lease and who pays what costs.

  6. Possibilities for withdrawal: In couples, there can always be situations where one of them feels under pressure and is looking for a place to withdraw. Having a separate room for everyone can help a lot. If you’re looking for a place to store furniture, Self Storage from Boxie24 can help.

  7. Authorities & insurance: with a new-build apartment, there are still some tasks to be done in addition to the actual move: it is of course important to comply with the notification requirement, because you have to register again within a short time. Setting up a forwarding order at Swiss Post for the old address is also not a bad idea. Consider with your partner whether you want to combine some insurance policies to save money.

  8. Housewarming party after living together: When you’ve finally done everything and living together works, you should celebrate that too. Friends, neighbors and hard-working movers are happy and can immediately be amazed about your new home.

Contraction: the biggest mistakes

When embarking on the adventure of “living together”, you should definitely avoid the following mistakes.

  • Partner ≠ roommate

You live with strangers in a shared apartment and sometimes friendships arise from this. But when you move in with your partner, things change: In the first few months of a relationship, most partners avoid showing their worst side. Once you live in a shared apartment, it should be clear to you that not everything stays as it has always been at previous meetings.

  • Disagreement

There is one in every relationship, but if you live in an apartment with your partner, there is also more time to argue. Whether it concerns spoiled food in the refrigerator or other things: talking helps!

  • Misunderstandigs

When they first share a flat, a lot of misunderstandings often arise: in everyday life suddenly more sentences appear with the words ‘always’ and ‘never’ that you should definitely avoid. Because no one really continues with nasty accusations.

  • Privacy

Nobody was interested in your one-room apartment if you wanted peace and quiet. But in the shared apartment it is increasingly “we” and “us”. Ultimately, everyone needs some time for themselves and you both have to respect that.

Tips and Tricks for Contraction – That’s How It Works!

Withdraw on trial: If you live together for a week on a trial basis, you can find out whether this is for you or not. If not, you can save effort, time and money.

Looking for an apartment: at some point there will come a time when you have to look for the right apartment together. In any case, do this together, so that both get an idea of what the other likes. It should also be fair that both are about the same distance from their workplace.

Divide the costs: In order to keep an eye on the costs, it makes sense to subdivide them in a joint move. An expense account, a fun account, an unpredictable event account, and an investment account make it much easier to arrange everything. With the four accounts, everything important to you and your future together is covered. For example, you can pay the parking rent for your storage box from the expense account. And don’t worry: the costs for self storage are often much lower than you might think.

Time for hobbies: You shouldn’t be together all the time, but you should also devote yourself to your hobbies. Otherwise, a degree of dissatisfaction will quickly develop – for both partners. Your hobby gear – whether it’s fishing gear, ski gear or surfboards – can be easily stored at Boxie24 while you don’t need it. Renting storage space is very simple, creates space in your new apartment and replaces renting a garage.

Find Rituals: New rituals bring new harmony. Find your rituals and stick with them! For example, you can go for a walk in the evening, watch the crime scene together on Sunday or enjoy a wellness day in a thermal bath every weekend. These regular rituals allow you to grow even closer together and also trigger anticipation – known as the most beautiful joy.

Coordination times: You do not have to establish a common timetable, but a certain coordination makes life easier for both and saves time. Because if you figure out when to do laundry or cook dinner together, there will be agreement and you can complete the tasks together a lot faster.

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