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Basement Storage Ideas - Need Extra Space?

Life throws us many curveballs throughout our time, some bad, but many of them good and unexpected. This normally leaves us scrambling for extra storage space in your area, space for an extra family member or even a new home office. With all the changes we are seeing during this uncertain time in the world, there has been an increase in people storing items from their basements as families move back home and most people transition to working remotely, requiring that extra space for an office. At Boxie24 we take all the stress and hassle out of moving and storing. Without you even having to leave the comfort of your own home, we pick up your items, then return them when the need arises! 

When the time comes one of the first places many of us consider to clear out is, our basement. When looking at the different options it becomes clear that many will require basement storage ideas & options to remove all the excess items. When researching different ways to clear out your basement, there are many different services and storage options for your picking, from self storage to full service storage companies. You might also want to make use of your basement as an organized storage area for smaller items while still storing your more bulky items in a storage facility.

When storing with us at Boxie24 you receive the following advantages:

  • First month free (When storing longer than 3 months).

  • We beat any price and or quote!

  • Amazing student discounts.

  • Discounts for long term and business storage.

  • We pick-up your items, then return them whenever you want, normally within 24 hours.

  • Free basic insurance.

  • Hassle & stress free storage, without even having to leave your home!

  • Storage in fully secure & modern climate controlled warehouses.

Important facts to remember when deciding on basement storage ideas

When considering basement storage ideas and what you want to get out of your new space, one has to remember that a basement living and storage space needs to be set up considering the position of a basement. Due to the humidity a basement has to be treated a bit differently to any other normal room, you might want to consider full service storage. These are some important facts to remember:

  1. In an unfinished basement, store all your items in sealed storage bins to prevent moisture and unwanted pests from destroying your belongings.

  2. Make sure your basement is not damp. If it is, use a dehumidifier to remove the moisture from the air.

  3. Don’t use exposed metal or leave metal tools exposed to the air as the moisture in basements can cause the metal to rust. If you must, store your metal items or tools in a sealed container to prevent this from happening.

  4. If your basement is finished, you might still need to use a dehumidifier but as your items are less exposed to the elements of an unfinished basement, you can store your belongings in open shelving, boxes or drawers to protect them from dust.

If you are worried about your belongings in your basement being damaged, store with us at Boxie24! Our modern, climate controlled warehouses with 24/7 alarm and security camera monitoring is the ideal place to store your items safely at storage in New York and put your mind at ease.

What different types of basement storage ideas are there?

When looking at all the different types of storage ideas for your basement, you can consider:

  1. Built in storage where no one can see the contents as an end result, giving your space more of a clean, clutter free feel and look especially if your storage is unorganized. 

  2. There is also the option of exposed and built-in shelving, many people use this type of basement storage if they want to showcase items rather than hide what they want to store. On exposed shelving you can store collectable, precious and sentimental items that you enjoy being around and admiring. Then decide to store the rest of your items in on demand storage

  3. Depending on what type of basement storage you need, you can also look into adding drawers in the space for the less bulky items and maybe a safe, in an inconspicuous area for your valuables. 

  4. If you want to keep your basement storage costs low, but still want to store more items in your basement, you can either make yourself basic wooden shelving as a DIY project or get them made by a company. Once the shelving is up, you can buy plastic boxes, label them and store your small items and then place the boxes on the shelves, creating a whole new storage space for your smaller items. 

  5. If you would rather store your smaller items in reusable plastic boxes and not have the extra items stored in your home, Boxie24 offers a convenient and cost effective moving box service.

A trio of custom built-in closets are installed under a sleep loft. Photograph by Devon Banks, courtesy of Denise Lee Architect, from Before & After: A Gramercy Park Apartment Transformed.Exposed brick + vintage + glass = kitchen envy – Modern Maggie

Finding a Storage Company for my excess items stored in my Basement.

You should look at your belongings in your basement and decide what exactly you want to store and what your intended use for the space is. Whether you have a basement storage idea to turn the area into an office, extra bedroom or even just an entertainment area, you will probably need to use self storage

Once you have decided what you are going to use your basement for, you can start to plan the layout of the space, or hire an architect if you are planning a complete remodel.  When building and planning the new space you will most definitely go over the storage space you require. This can be a very strategic time in planning your future surroundings, you might want to consider including some hidden and exposed basement storage

While incorporating storage into your new living space would be ideal and very helpful when it comes to keeping your most cherished items at home, you will most definitely need to store bulky items, clutter as well as old and unnecessary items that you cannot fathom getting rid of. At Boxie24 we can help you with all your storage unit needs and even give you some basement storage ideas!

April 09, 2020

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