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Renting affordable furniture storage

Are you looking for a storage unit for storing the furniture out of your home or office? Are you going to travel abroad and going to rent your home in the meantime?     

There are many different reasons to store furniture. Whatever your reason might be, renting a storage box through BOXIE24 can save you a lot of headaches. Our pick-up and return services makes storing furniture really easy.    

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Storing furniture temporary for a fixed low price

When thinking about storing your furniture, you will most definitely worry about the costs immediately.   

We understand you would like to keep the monthly costs for storing your furniture as low as possible. That is why we like to offer a lowest-price-guarantee. This way, you will keep the costs for furniture storage as low as possible. 

Book your furniture storage unit for the lowest price, without obligations. At BOXIE24 you will not pay any costs for deposit, administration or termination, and you can cancel within 24 hours notice, free of charge.

More importantly, at BOXIE24, you will only pay for the square meters you actually use. In case you have booked too many or to little square meters, we will adjust your storage space for you without any additional charges. This way, you will never pay for storage space you don’t need.   

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Reasons to rent temporary furniture storage space

One of the most occurring reasons for storing furniture is a relocation or a large renovation. In those cases, the furniture is often put aside for a while. Storing your furniture temporary is a smart alternative. 

Storing your furniture temporary through BOXIE24 is a smart choice, because you want to make sure that your furniture is being taken care of in a well-ventilated storage space. This way, you are certain that your belongings are safe and sound. 

We listed a few cases in which furniture storage units offer a great solution:

  • Relocation or renovation 
  • Divorce
  • A long stay abroad
  • Study
  • Increased family size
  • Materials for promotions and fairs
  • Creating space in your office or home 

The motives for renting furniture storage varies per situation and region. In the Amsterdam area, housing rentals through AirBnB plays an important role for furniture storage units. Renting out your house in Amsterdam and temporary store your furniture is getting more and more popular.  

You will find the various motives for renting furniture storage units listed below.   

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Furniture storage when divorcing

When you are involved in a divorce, you probably have enough to worry about already. Besides that, you are looking for a new place to live and also for a place to store your belongings temporarily, until you have found a new residence and can move in. 

A furniture storage unit can help you out in the meantime. This way, you are at least assured that your belongings are safe and sound in the coming period, which offers you some time to organise other matters.  

Whenever you have found a new place to live, you can come and recollect your belongings out of your storage unit and terminate your storage unit free of charge.

Furniture storage when travelling abroad 

Maybe you are planning to travel for a while and willing to rent out your home temporarily in the meantime. What are you going to do with valuable furniture and precious belongings?  

Choosing to store them in your own storage box at BOXIE24 is for sure a much better option than leaving them in your home. This way, you are assured that your belongings are safe and sound.  

Storing furniture in a container or garage is often not such a great idea, because of the humidity. That is why you should choose a well ventilated furniture storage unit, to be sure that your belongings maintain in a good condition.

Temporary furniture storage for students  

Another common reason to store furniture, is studying. Definitely so, if you have a hobby which takes in a lot of space, like water or winter sports. If you are going to move into a dorm room, you will probably not have enough space to store all your belongings, because your dorm room is much smaller than what you are used to.    

Rent a storage box and make sure that your surfboard isn’t standing in your student room all winter. Temporary furniture storage, especially off-season, offers a great solution. And as soon as the sun starts to shine again, you can take out your sports gear and go have fun.    

Furniture storage space due to change of family composition

Another reason to store furniture or personal belongings, is a shift of the family composition. This could be having children, family members who temporarily live at your place or cohabitation. On the other side, also sad events like the passing of a family member or a pet could be a reason to be in need of storage space. 

You need more space in your home, you have certain items left over, or you don’t want to be reminded of a sad event every single day by all the items your loved one left behind. But maybe you are not ready yet to get rid of these items.    

Furniture storage offers a great (temporary) solution. Definitely so, together with our free pick-up service. You can store your furniture at our facilities in the following cities:    

Book your furniture storage unit easily and quickly in one of our warehouses! 

Why renting a professional furniture storage space?  

Of course, we all have a friend with some extra space left on the attic or a family member with a half empty shed.  

But storing furniture in a shed is really not a very smart move, because sheds are often cold and moist. Those are some bad conditions for your furniture.

Renting a warm and ventilated box through BOXIE24 is a better option, because these boxes are free of moisture and dust, as well as vermin.

On top of that, your storage will be monitored 24 hours a day. Only you have access to your storage box (that is, between 06:00 and 23:00). The benefits of renting storage professionally do definitely outweigh the free storage spaces of your acquaintances.  

Storing furniture through BOXIE24

Our furniture facilities are 7 days a week available between 06.00 and 23.00. We like to make sure that our furniture storage units are clean, safe, free of moisture and free of frost.  The ideal conditions for storing furniture or inventory!

Storing furniture through BOXIE24 is affordable, quick and safe and already available for prices as low as €8,- a week. In case you would like to store your items long term, the first month will be for free. This, combined with our free pick-up service, makes storing your furniture through Boxie24 even more affordable. That’s why you should book your storage unit today. 

Our conventional furniture storage units vary in size between 1 and 30 m². Larger storage units up till 200 m² are available on request. Listed below are a few of the many storage benefits we can offer you:

  • Free of dust and moist 
  • 7 days a week available between 06.00 and 23.00
  • Free pick-up and affordable return services  
  • 24/7 security
  • No additional costs for deposit or administration

Affordable furniture storage in the Amsterdam area 

In the Amsterdam region, it is particularly hard to find an affordable storage space, because of the high rents. Rent a storage box at BOXIE24 for storing your furniture and take advantage of our lowest price guarantee. With several facilities in the Amsterdam area, there for sure is always one available in your neighbourhood.   

Arrange your furniture storage in Amsterdam and store your inventory or furniture in a professional furniture storage box in Amsterdam. 

Do you need moving boxes or do you want u to pick up your belongings? With our transport service this is also among the possibilities. At BOXIE24 we understand that moving or packing items to store alone is stressful enough.  

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or if you want to book furniture storage space. You can reach us by the contact form on our homepage, by calling us on +31 85 001 2853.

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