How does
renting storage space with BOXIE24 work?

Renting storage space with BOXIE24 is very simple: choose your location, select the required storage space and we will take care of the rest! Due to our unique storage concept our prices are guaranteed to be cheaper than other storage providers.

icon storage size Select your storage space

The size can always be changed. With us you never pay for empty space!

icon pickup We pick up

We will pick up your stuff from €0, so you don't have to carry it around yourself.

icon storage We store it safely

Your valuables are safe in our storage facility with camera surveillance & climate control units.

icon delivery We deliver

Whenever you want your items returned, we'll bring them back to you. Even if you only need a few items.

Rent self storage near you

We provide storage space in 100+ cities worldwide

Free Pick up Service!

Why you should choose BOXIE24

BOXIE24 Storage Traditional Self Storage
"Because you want the best deal"
Only pay for the space you really need
Using less space? We adjust it for you for free, you don't have to do a thing.
Rent storage from €4 per week
"Because you don't want to carry around your stuff"
Transport service from €0
Return service within 24 hours
Partial return possible
Rent or buy environmentally friendly, sustainable moving boxes
"Because you want maximum flexibility"
Storage areas from 1 m² to 200 m²
No deposit
No notice period  Sometimes
Basic insurance included as standard
Personal customer service Sometimes
I want to store my items with BOXIE24

We are there for you!

We served more than 60,000 satisfied customers

Ashiq NazeerAshiq Nazeer
17:00 12 Apr 24
Kieun BaeKieun Bae
15:25 16 Feb 24
Everything was easy going, fast and without trouble. The price range was also satisfying. The company seems proactive in taking feedback and improving their services. Overall a good experience.
Penny .XatziPenny .Xatzi
18:24 31 Jan 24
Very helpful on the phone and able to answer all the questions I had. Quick arrangements and very friendly people who came to pick up my boxes. Overall very efficient and friendly!
Natalie HaarlanderNatalie Haarlander
11:55 26 Jan 24
Fantastic experience! The entire staff is a pleasure to work with- friendly, fast and efficient. I am so happy we chose them and would recommend to anyone in need of storage services!
Kim BrolsmaKim Brolsma
15:03 19 Dec 23
Great service, Ali is great!
Roos DessingRoos Dessing
13:03 18 Dec 23
Ali was super friendly and caring for the items. It was a very nice experience to be helped by him. Everything went very smoothly.
Patrik RozgonyiPatrik Rozgonyi
16:27 15 Dec 23
The boxes arrived quickly and smoothly. Special thanks to Ali for flexibly handling the situation when we got stuck in traffic on the way home and resolving it!
Sunil DixitSunil Dixit
15:33 15 Dec 23
Painless experience. I'll never use my own boxes to move again - even my movers were happy to see I used these boxes. Ali was really helpful and picked up the boxes in a way that made it easy for me. Highly recommended.
09:05 11 Dec 23
Same as in trustpilot, they should offer shipping options. Hopefully it becomes available soon, maybe ups is the cheapest and best option..
17:27 05 Dec 23
Boxie24 has extremely efficient, flexible and great customer service. The service for both the pick up and the return of my items was extremely professional, all my moving boxes were packed together safely and returned in perfect condition. The people handling the pick up and delivery were super helpful and kind, and the customer service was always available for any help needed. Would definitely use Boxie24 again and would recommend for anyone needing storage space in the Amsterdam area!
Maud PijnenburgMaud Pijnenburg
16:17 02 Dec 23
Very good service from Ali. They arrived in the morning and packed and loaded everything within half an hour. Very quickly and easily arranged!
Firstly, their customer support is exceptional. The staff demonstrated a high level of professionalism, offering clear and patient assistance throughout the entire process. They addressed all my concerns.What truly sets BOXIE24 apart is their comprehensive service. They not only provided storage but also picked up my belongings from my location, making the entire process remarkably convenient. The team was efficient and handled my items with care during both pickup and delivery (only for the delivery they were 20 minutes late, but that can happen).Upon receiving my belongings back, I was pleased to find them in excellent condition, without any damage or dust.
Bailey VerschoorBailey Verschoor
18:44 06 Dec 22
La BearLa Bear
14:28 26 Aug 22
As an international student in Amsterdam it is not easy to find a place to live and because of that I move around a lot. Last April I had to move on short notice and while panicking I decided to rent a storage room from Boxie24. They were extremely professional and it took no time at all to set up, it was a great weight off my mind. It was as simple as coming to the place, picking up the keys and I had a storage room which I could access practically whenever I wanted. Cancelling the subscription was also super easy. The people are very friendly and are extremely helpful. Overall great experience would definitely store my belongings here again if I need to.
Hans KorbijnHans Korbijn
16:39 08 Jan 22
Polite and smooth service - so far so good! (Boxes filled in storage)
c dc d
13:09 28 Dec 21
Good service and a top box. Always available by phone and they think along with you! In short, top service
Lauren HenshawLauren Henshaw
20:07 09 Dec 21
Sylvie LouvetSylvie Louvet
17:19 09 Dec 21
Thank you!! The all team worked perfectly and they certainly made my day!!
Lorraine T. MillerLorraine T. Miller
08:42 03 Dec 21
Extremely helpful. Very friendly and efficient pick-up people. Makes you feel good about sending your things off to make them temporarily disappear from your life. Thanks Michael!

About BOXIE24

BOXIE24 is an innovative storage provider with more than 100 locations in the United States, Australia, Germany and the Netherlands. With our unique storage concept, we make Self Storage affordable and easy. We pick up your stuff, store it safely in a secured BOXIE24 warehouse and deliver it back whenever you want. It's always possible to access your belongings or to request a partial return. And with our lowest price guarantee you are assured of the best deal!

Any questions? Just give us a call!

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Your storage space at BOXIE24

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General Questions
Storage facility
Pick-up & Return Service
Reservations & Booking
Preparation & Packing
Moving Boxes
Payment & Invoices
My BOXIE24 Account

Why BOXIE24 Storage?

BOXIE24 makes the traditional self storage experience affordable & carefree. We offer a full-service storage experience: We pick-up, store & deliver. And due to our innovative storage model, we can offer 5-10% better prices than other self storage companies.

What are the advantages of on-demand storage vs. traditional self storage?

On-demand storage is the clever way of renting storage: you pay less and you will receive more service:
1) Pick-up of your items
2) Professional storage
3) Return on demand
4) Cheaper than traditional self storage
5) Storage size completely flexible based on your needs

Where can I use BOXIE24 storage?

We offer our concept in the following provinces: Overijssel, Gelderland, Utrecht, Flevoland, South Holland and North Holland.

What can I store?

At BOXIE24 you can store almost anything from furniture to bicycles and archives. However, there are a few exceptions:
1) Perishable items
2) Liquids
3) Hazardous materials
4) Illegal substances
5) For a complete list of prohibited items please see our Terms & Conditions [link]. If you are not sure, don't hesitate to contact us.

What is the minimum rental period at BOXIE24?

The minimum rental period for your storage space depends on the plan you have chosen. We typically work with a 3-month minimum, but also offer more flexible plans with a 2-month minimum. You can of course request the delivery of your items at any point before the end of your term, if all open invoices have been settled.

How much storage space do I need?

If you have difficulties figuring out your required storage space, our storage experts are happy to help you. Just give us a call. The following guidelines might help you estimate your storage space:
1) One-bedroom appartment (40 m²): 5 m² storage unit
2) Two-bedroom appartment (60 m²): 7 m² storage unit
3) Three-bedroom appartment (100 m²): 12 m² storage unit

Do I need to purchase additional insurance?

All of our customers are covered within our basic insurance. The basic insurance covers up to € 0,65 per kilogram of stored goods. If you want to purchase additional insurance, you can choose one of our optional insurance packages.

Do I always have acces to the storage facility?

Yes, you can also make an appointment with us for self-delivery or self-pickup at our facility.

Can I visit the storage facility?

Since we haul everything for you, there is no need to visit a BOXIE24 facility. It is however possible to make an appointment with us for self-delivery or self-pickup.

Is the storage facility climate controlled?

Yes, all our storage facilities are climate controlled to ensure dry and safe storage - also for sensitive materials.

Is the storage facility secure?

Yes, our storage facilities are fully secured by the following means:
1) 24/7 camera surveillance
2) Alarm system
3) Smoke detectors
4) Access only for authorized personnel

Can I get my items back whenever I need them?

Yes, you can always get your items back. Usually, we can provide delivery within 24 hours. You can also make an appointment at our facility to come and pick up the items yourself.

Can I change the pickup or delivery date?

Yes. Just contact us and we will arrange a new date for your pickup or delivery free of charge. In case of late cancellations (48 hours before the appointment) we will have to charge a cancellation fee.

How can I request a (partial) return?

Contact us by phone or by using the contact form to request a full or partial return of your storage items. In case you only need some of your items, please provide us with a detailed description of the items.

Do I have to be present for a pick-up or delivery appointment?

Yes. You will receive a text message when our drivers are heading your way. In case you want another person to represent you, please provide us with their name and contact information before the appointment.

Can I deliver items to the storage facility myself?

Yes, that is possible. Please make an appointment with us for self-delivery.

Can I add items to my storage space?

Yes, you can add items to your storage space at any time. Just schedule an appointment with us and we will pick up and store the extra items for you. If it does not fit into your current storage plan, we will simply upgrade it for you. When you store less items again, your plan will be downgraded accordingly. You only pay for the storage space you actually use.

How will I know when the drivers arrive?

You will receive a text message from us, as soon as the drivers are on their way to you.

How much does storage cost at BOXIE24?

The rent depends on the city, the required storage space and the minimum storage period you have chosen. BOXIE24 handles a bestprice guarantee to make sure we can always offer you the best deal available for storage near you.

How can I make a reservation for a storage unit?

Select your city on our website, choose the (approximate) size of your storage unit and send us a non-binding reservation.

Do you charge for reservations?

No, a reservation is free of charge and non-binding. After you have made a reservation, a BOXIE24 representative will contact you and finalize the booking with you.

How do I change my reservation?

You can always edit the details of your reservation, for example the storage duration or the room size. Just contact us and we will sort it out for you.

How can I cancel my storage space?

Simply give us a call or send us a message and let us know your preferred delivery date. Your storage period will automatically end on the date of the delivery or at the end of the selected minimum storage period.

How do I need to prepare my items?

Please carefully read the packing guidelines that we have sent you with your booking confirmation and adhere to the following rules:
1) Use appropriate packing materials for your items
2) Pack everything in storage bins or cardboard boxes (no plastic bags!)
3) Pay attention to the weight of your boxes and items
4) Make sure mattresses and carpets are covered
5) No food and no hazardous goods
6) Prepare your goods ready for pick-up

How can I pack my items in a safe way?

Fragile items like glas, dishes, or similar should be packed piece by piece in bubble wrap or packing paper and put into secure boxes. If there is free space within these boxes, you can use newspaperr or towels to stuff it.

How can I store frequently used items in a clever way?

In order to easily find what you are looking for, mark all your boxes with numbers or names and and keep a detailed list of all items. That way you can simply tell us which box you need and we can quickly deliver it to you.

How can I save space?

Furniture takes up a lot of space and can be difficult to store. We advise you to take the furniture apart as much as possible. Connect single parts or pieces of furniture with tape to carryable units. Make sure you save screws and other small items in a bag and store the bag together with the furniture.

Why do mattresses and carpets need to be covered?

For hygienic reasons, we kindly request that all mattresses and carpets are stored in a sealed bag or wrapped in plastic. Our drivers are only allowed to pick up mattresses or carpets without a cover, if we package them for you in our warehouse.

What are the advantages of renting instead of buying moving boxes?

1) Cheap: Renting moving boxes is cheaper than buying them
2) Convenient: We deliver the boxes and pick them up again
3) Strong: Extremely durable boxes that won't rip, even when filled with heavy items
4) Protected: No more crushed or wet items
5) Secure: Easy to lock
6) Stackable: Stack empty boxes into each other and filled boxes on top of each other
7) Eco-Friendly: Life cycle of at least 500 moves

How can I rent moving boxes?

Renting moving boxes at BOXIE24 is very simple:
1) Order the desired amount of moving boxes online
2) We deliver the boxes free of charge
3) We will pick up the empty boxes after your move

What makes the BOXIE24 moving boxes eco-friendly?

Our green boxes are made from recycled plastic and can be used at least 500 times. Rather than throwing them away after using them once (like traditional cardboard moving boxes), we clean them and send them to the next customer.

What are the dimensions of the moving boxes?

Our boxes have a measurement of 60 x 40 x 37 cm (l x w x h) with a volume of 67 litres.

Can the moving boxes be moved and sealed?

Yes, our boxes have a plastic lid which can be locked with tie wraps or your own lock.

Do you deliver the moving boxes?

Yes, BOXIE24 delivers the moving boxes and picks them up at your new address after the move.

Can I extend the rental period of my moving boxes?

Yes, you can extend the rental period of your moving boxes on a weekly basis.

How is billing handled?

During the booking process you can select your preferred payment method. We will then charge you for your storage space on a 28-day basis. Your first payment is due the day you start storing with us. Additional products and services (e.g. pick-up fee or moving boxes) will be added to your first invoice.

Do you charge per month or per week?

We charge your payment method every 4 weeks (i.e. every 28 days) after your move-in date.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) and bank transfers.

Has my payment method been accepted?

Please log in to your online account and check the status of your payment method.

How can I change my payment method?

Please log in to your online account and edit the payment method on file.

How can I view and download my invoices?

Please log in to your online account. This is where you can view and download all your invoices.

I can't login with the One-time password

After you have entered your e-mail address in the login screen you will receive an e-mail with a One-time-password. In some cases this can take several minutes. Please do not close the window and do not request the password again. As soon as you have received the e-mail with the password, you can enter it and login.
Nog vragen? Bel ons!

Self Storage Near Me

BOXIE24 offers carefree self-storage: We do all the heavy lifting for you, and you can simply enjoy our free pickup & delivery service. It’s affordable, secure, and convenient.

When you need help with your self-storage needs, BOXIE24 makes the whole process easy and seamless for everyone, with full-service storage throughout the Netherlands. If you’re living in a major city like Amsterdam or Rotterdam it can be stressful having to deal with walk-ups, major traffic congestion, too many people, nowhere to park and the list goes on.

How Self Storage works with BOXIE24

  1. Get in contact
    You can reach us via phone, email, or our website. Our friendly storage experts will be at the other end to provide you with all of the information and assistance you need. For questions regarding self-storage units around Amsterdam or Rotterdam, please reach out to our service team on 085-001-2853.
  2. Pick-up
    Contact us to arrange a date for pick-up at a time convenient for you. Our team of experienced movers will ensure your items are picked up, transported, and stored safely.
  3. Return
    If you’ve decided that the time is right to have your items delivered back to you, then you can engage in the simple process of booking a return! Just give us a call or email and we will be able to schedule a return of all of your items straight back into your apartment! Ordinarily, this can be done within as little as 24 hours.

BOXIE24 gives you an overall stress-free self-storage experience. We can do all the work for you so you can focus your time and energy on things that matter to you most. We provide our service in most regions in the Netherlands. It does not matter if you are looking for self-storage units in and near Enschede or just for self-storage nearby wherever you live.

BOXIE24: More than just Self Storage

A majority of self-storage facilities rent space month-to-month and you need to drop by to store your belongings safely.

BOXIE24 offers more than just self-storage:

  • Pick-up & Delivery
  • Rent a storage unit from 1 m² – 200 m²
  • Longer-term rentals with attractive discounts
  • Moving Boxes and Packing supplies
  • Free Basic Insurance

Never visit a self-storage company again, like Allsafe, Shurgard or Mini Opslag. Let us come by and pick up your stuff: 085-001-2853.

Why rent ‘Self Storage near me’ with BOXIE24?

When you store your belongings with BOXIE24, you get affordable, secure, full-service storage solutions and top-notch customer service.

  1. Flexibility
    When you rent self-storage with BOXIE24, you have complete control over the size of the storage unit. Whether it is a small 1 m², a 5 m² or a big 20 m² storage. That’s because we rent storage space by square meter, so you get exactly the amount of space you need and you don’t have to pay extra for unused space.
  2. Full-service
    We want to make self-storage as hassle-free as possible. That’s why we offer free pickup and delivery (on-demand storage). If you’ve been searching for self-storage near me, BOXIE24 is the solution for you. Therefore, it doesn’t have to be conveniently located, because we pick up your belongings for free.
  3. Affordable
    We offer you the best price guarantee to make sure you get the best deal in town.
  4. Easy
    We take both online (anytime) and phone reservations (Monday – Saturday). Our online reservations allow you to check availability in your area, and they hold your unit for 24 hours.
  5. One-stop-shop
    You are always welcome to use your own cardboard boxes to store your things with us, but we recommend renting our moving boxes for the best results. They are reusable, strong, and durable.

Looking for Cheap Self Storage Units?

Without a doubt, BOXIE24 offers the most competitive self-storage solutions. BOXIE24 offers the lowest prices due to our unique storage system, which enables us to provide the most affordable prices. And if you are quoted a lower price by one of our competitors, we will match or beat that quote!

Here are the top 5 reasons as to why you pay less and get more at BOXIE24:

  • Best Self Storage Prices
    It’s only fair that customers pay only for the space they use. At BOXIE24, we maximize storage spaces and thereby ensuring we are able to provide you the most affordable self-storage hands down!
  • Free pick-up
    Our teams of experienced and professional movers are there to provide the best self-storage experience. Their expertise means that your items will be safely transported, stored, and delivered.
  • The first month free
    In many cases, we can offer you the first month of rent self-storage free of charge
  • Free Basic Insurance
    We offer you free basic insurance for your items.
  • Discounts
    We make your already affordable storage units even more attractive by offering up to a 10% discount for longer-term rental periods.
  • Transparent Self Storage Cost
    To guarantee fair service we are always upfront. Your free, no-obligation quote will include everything from your pick-up, monthly rent, and return fee, so you know exactly what you pay! If you incur costs for extras, such as packing or insurance, our service team will communicate this in advance to avoid any unexpected charges

If you are mainly looking for cheap self-storage, BOXIE24 is your most affordable option.

Secure Self Storage

You can rest assured knowing that all your personal belongings and all your items will be safely stored in our brand new, top-of-the-range storage facility.

We understand that a storage company is entrusted with items of great personal, sentimental or financial value. We have very strict and effective safety and security protocols designed to keep your items safe from theft, damage, and loss:

  • Camera Monitored
    Our self-storage locations operate with up-to-date security features and they are 24/7 camera monitored so you can make sure we have the proper tools in place to guarantee safety to all your personal belongings and valuables.
  • Limited Access
    In order to ensure the highest amount of security around our self-storage, we made it so that only our warehouse employees have 24-hour access to our facilities. Compared to traditional self-storage that is easily accessible by anyone, we decided to limit the access to our self-storage to maximize the security of your items.
  • Fire Suppression
    In addition to our stringent security protocols, our warehouse is equipped with best-in-class Fire Suppression systems. While we have never had to respond to such an incident, regular maintenance and testing mean that you can rest assured that your items are safe from any possible fire hazards.
  • Air-Conditioned and Dry
    We have climate-controlled self-storage. Our storage location is air-conditioned and dry in order to prevent the spread of mould and any other harmful situations. We want to make sure that all of the items and personal belongings we have stored are kept in optimal conditions within an appropriate temperature-controlled storage location.

We have never dealt with any vandalism, break-ins or theft. If you book with BOXIE24, you book a secure self-storage unit.

Storage Companies for Businesses

Companies can have very specific self-storage needs.

  • Archive Storage
    Your documents are secured and properly stored in our climate-controlled storage units, only our authorized personnel have access. If you need your documents we will bring them to your office. BOXIE24 has developed a professional archive storage option.
  • Moving Supplies
    To make sure you have the right moving material for your next transport, we developed some moving supply packages. You can choose between a Mini, Medium, and Large package. Our packages include at least a moving blanket, packing material, and bubble wrap. You can book them together with your moving boxes.
  • Moving Boxes
    We offer stable and cheap moving boxes for rent and with free delivery and pick up. Make your office relocation preparations simple and stress-free and let us take care of the transportation for you.

So next time you’re looking for a storage company for business needs, don’t hesitate to contact BOXIE24.

Do you really need a Self Storage Unit?

You might choose to use self-storage in the following situations:

  • Permanent Move
    You’re moving to a smaller home or apartment and need to store your belongings safely.
  • Temporary Move
    You’re moving on a temporary basis and it doesn’t make sense to take all of your belongings with you for that time.
  • Space Requirement
    You need extra space because your child is returning home from college, or an elderly parent is moving in with you.
  • Excess Inventory
    You need business storage options due to excess inventory on hand.
  • College students storage
    You need a storage unit because you are leaving your student accommodation during your vacation, or going abroad for a period.

Frequently asked questions on Self Storage

What is Self Storage?

Self Storage is the renting of storage space at a commercial storage facility. At BOXIE24 you can rent flexible self-storage space and cancel anytime.

How much does Self Storage cost?

At BOXIE24 self-storage costs as little as €4 a week for a small unit. Additional discounts can apply based on the rental period. Pick-ups are free of charge for all small units.

How does Self Storage work?

Self Storage at BOXIE24 is completely carefree because we do all the heavy lifting for you: We pick up your items, store them, and re-deliver them upon your request.

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