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Boxie24 offers affordable furniture storage with free pick-up service. We pick up your items and transport them safely to our storage facility. 

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Affordable Furniture Storage Space - Boxie24 Storage

Boxie24 Storage has a suitable offer for everyone, who wants to store furniture. Because with us, furniture storage is flexible, comfortable and easy: You can book your storage room online and we pick-up your furniture for free.

We also tell you, how to safe money when storing furniture and how to safely set up your furniture for the storage.

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This is how Renting Furniture Storage at Boxie24 works

You can store your furniture in 3 easy steps:

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Furniture storage explained in just 3 easy steps

3 Tips to safe Money while storing Furniture

Storgae space is scarse and whoever wants to store a lot of furniture, is often worried about high costs. That is not necessary! We have three tips on how to safe money while storing furniture.

  1. Disassemble your furniture:
    If you want to store furniture for a longer period of time, it should be disassembled. That safes a lot of space.

  2. Find the right offerer:
    Big storage providers like Boxie24 Storage often offer better prices for storing furniture, because they benefit from the economies of scale. Furthermore, you benefit from our free pick-up service.

  3. The more, the cheaper:
    If you store furniture at a bigger range, you often get lower prices per squaremeter.

You can safe the most money while storing furniture, if you disassemble your items. That makes most sense, when you can do this really easily, like for example with IKEA products.

Also bed frames are often easily disassembled, independent of the manufacturer. These separate parts need a lot less space. So you can reduce costs when storing furniture easily and the furniture is more secured.

The ideal Furniture Storage

We compiled the most important criteria for the selection of a furniture storage provider:

Easy Storage: Store Furniture at Boxie24

We want to offer our customers a particular easy service for the storage of furniture. No other self-storage provider offers this combination of advantages:

Short Term Storage of Furniture

Especially if you think about storing your furniture for a short period of time, for instance during a move, it really depends on the right storage provider.

At Boxie24 we know that next to a good price, also quality and service play an important role when storing furniture.

We show you 5 reasons, why Boxie24 is the best choice for a short term furniture storage:

  1. Service-oriented
    We always think of the customer first. So if it is required, it is also possible to store furniture for a short period of time.

  2. Free Pick-up
    If you want to store furniture and boxes, we pick them up for free.

  3. Reachability
    Boxie24 offers a phone hotline free of charge and our customer service agents are always there for you.

  4. Quality
    We constantly monitor the quality of our storage units. That means: Our rooms are always: safe, clean and dry.

  5. Simplicity
    No other way of storing is more comfortable. You can book online with just a few clicks and Boxie24 Storage organizes the rest.

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