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1. Select storage space:

You can rent any square feet that fits your exact needs in our modern warehouse

2. Get your items picked up:

We pick up your items and professionally store them for you. In case you prefer to deliver the items yourself, that is no problem.

3. Return at any time:

Partial returns are also possible.

Boxie24 picks up your items for free all over Aalsmeer and safely stores them at the following Location:

Tel: 085-001-2853

  • Modern alarm system
  • 24/7 Video surveillance
  • Anti-burglary-system
  • Smoke detectors
  • Climate-controlled
  • Insurance
  • First month free (minimum storage period of 6 months)
  • Free pick-up service up to 4m2 from the ground floor
  • (Partial) returns within 24h or pick-up at the warehouse
  • Basic insurance included
  • Minimum storage period 3 months (contact us for shorter storage periods)
  • 5% discount for 6 months minimum storage period, 10% discount for 12 months
  • No cancellation fee
  • Deposit: 0 Dollar


up to 10m² living space

up to 20 boxes

ca. 2 cubic meter

Size visualization of a 1 square meter storage

€ 29,95 / month

(€ 8,07 / Week)

Booked 6 times in last 24 hours


up to 20m² living space

up to 40 boxes

ca. 4 cubic meter

Size visualization of a 2 square meter storage

€ 42,95 / month

(€ 11,53 / Week)

Booked 7 times in last 24 hours


up to 30m² living space

up to 60 boxes

ca. 6 cubic meter

Size visualization of a 3 square meter storage

€ 52,95 / month

(€ 13,83 / Week)

Booked 5 times in last 24 hours


up to 40m² living space

up to 80 boxes

ca. 8 cubic meter

Size visualization of a 4 square meter storage

€ 69,95 / month

(€ 18,45 / Week)

Booked 10 times in last 24 hours

More than 20m²? Not a problem! Please contact us for a quote:

Phone number


happy customers


modern warehouses

100,000+ m²

available space

Rent affordable Self-Storage in Aalsmeer

Are you looking for affordable storage room in Aalsmeer? Coming to Boxie24, you’ve come to the right address. Renting our self-storage in Aalsmeer with the best price guarantee is a safe and secure option.  

Do you find self-storage elsewhere for a better price? Let us know and we will refund you the difference. This way, you are always ensured of both the best quality and the lowest price.

Our storage in Aalsmeer is already available from € 8,- per week.

Besides affordable storage rooms in Aalsmeer, we also offer several affordable storage locations in Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Duivendrecht for both private and business storage. This way you will always have a storage box available in your neighbourhood.  


Storage Rental in Aalsmeer, how does it work

Why you should choose to rent storage space at Boxie24

Different kind of storage rooms in Aalsmeer

Fixed transparent prices for storage in Aalsmeer

Rent long term storage space for sharp prices

Renting small storage space in Aalsmeer

Profitable boxes in Aalsmeer

Always a storage room closeby

Important information about Storage rental in Aalsmeer

Frequently asked questions about storage space in Aalsmeer

Storage Rental in Aalsmeer, how does it work?

Rent a storage box in Aalsmeer in only 3 steps:

  1. Make a reservation for the requested storage box.  

  2. We will contact you to make your reservation final.

  3. You can get your access code at the front desk as early as 09.00. 

In case you eventually don’t need the storage space, you can cancel your storage box within 24 hours before the start date.

In conclusion: you can easily and quickly reserve storage room in Aalsmeer, without any further obligations. Even if you would like to use the storage only for a short period of time. You could terminate your storage box after a period as short as one month.

Why you should choose to rent storage space at Boxie24

Boxie24 offers a wide range of storage spaces for both private as business customers. Besides that, we offer moving boxes as well as other removal material to make it all as easy as possible for you.

Why do customers choose Boxie24 Storage:

  • Lowest price guarantee 

  • No intermediate price increases

  • Great deals

  • No costs for deposit or administration 

  • Ability to cancel monthly

  • Covered loading and unloading 

  • Units till 200m2 on request

We could create storage space till 200m2 for customers in need of large storage space, so far we have the capacity. That way you could store your store’s stockpile or goods if you yourself don’t have enough space at the moment.

Are you interested in a tailor-made storage space? Please contact us.   

Are you temporarily in need of a bigger or smaller storage box? At Boxie24 you can easily switch up the size of your storage box after the first month, without extra costs.

This is why our storage rooms in Aalsmeer are really well suited for the storage of all your goods and belongings. Rent a box in Aalsmeer en profit of the best quality for the lowest price possible.

Different kind of storage rooms in Aalsmeer:

Our storage rooms are suited for private as well as business storage. Our storage spaces in Aalsmeer are among other things suited for the following:

  • Inventory storage

  • Furniture storage

  • Temporary storage

  • Stock-pile storage

  • Archive storage or archive destruction

  • Tire storage

  • Seasonal storage

  • Long term storage by a longer stay abroad

Whether you would like to store temporary or long term, Boxie 24 does always have a suited storage box for you. Rent a box in Aalsmeer for a fixed low price for a long a you like.    


Fixed transparent prices for storage in Aalsmeer

Would you like to see the storage prices in Aalsmeer? Go straight to the bookingspage and select the requested size and you will immediately see the corresponding price for that certain box in Aalsmeer. The prices shown are monthly and there will be no other costs in advance.    

We have a fixed low price for storage rooms in Aalsmeer, without hidden costs afterwards. We also don’t raise our storage prices in Aalsmeer intermediary, as some other storage providers may do.

If you want to rent a storage room at Boxie24, a credit card or insurance is not requested. 

You will also not pay costs for deposit, administration or termination. This way, you will know exactly what you can expect, without any further hidden costs. 

Besides that, you can also profit from one of our other current promotions. This way storing at Boxie24 in Aalsmeer gets even more profitable. 

Rent long term storage space for sharp prices

If you would like to store at our warehouse for a longer period of time, we can offer you some great deals:

  1.   3 months > 1th month for free 

  2.   6 months > 5% discount

  3. 12 months > 10% discount

Do you only need the storage space for a short amount of time? You can terminate the storage after one month at any given point of time.  

Are you not sure yet how much storage space you will need? Please use our useful storage space calculator or reach out to us on the number shown above. 

​Please read our useful tips. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

Renting small storage space in Aalsmeer

Are you on the hunt for a small storage space in Aalsmeer without having to pay too much? Renting a small storage box for a fixed low price of €8,- a week, can be the ultimate solution. 

The smaller storage rooms are particularly suited for seasonable items, like christmas decorations, sport equipment or some boxes for the administration.

Our small storage rooms are also really in demand for housing rentals. If you for example are travelling for a longer period of time and you would like to rent your home, then you are likely to store your personal belongings safe and sound in a storage box nearby your home in Aalsmeer.  

This way, you can leave your home behind with peace of mind, without needing to be in fear of your personal goods getting damaged or lost. 

Profitable boxes in Aalsmeer

Besides profitable storage in Aalsmeer, Boxie24 also offers storage in profitable moving boxes in Aalsmeer, as well as other moving materials, like bubble wrap, moving blankets and tape. 

You can buy or rent general moving boxes for prices as low as €2,50 or our green sustainable moving boxes for €2,09.

Our leasable moving boxes can be closed completely, to make sure that your goods are indeed safely stored. Besides that, you could seal your moving boxes with a label with your signature on it. This way you are assured that no one but you has access to your belongings.  

The rentable moving boxes are made out of a sustainable plastic material, so that you don’t need to worry about the boxes cracking or collapsing and your stuff getting damaged. 

Are you interested in our moving boxes rental service?

Always a storage room closeby

Boxie24 Storage has more than 50 storage locations in The Netherlands, Germany and The United States.

Because of this there will always be a suitable storage room in your area.  

Friendly customer service agent

Important information about Storage rental in Aalsmeer

  • Location: Aalsmeerderweg 497, 1432ED, Aalsmeer

  • Easy accessible by car or public transport 

  • Covered loading and unloading 

  • 7 days a week access to your box

  • Customerfriendly

  • Fixed low price without intermediate price increase

  • Moving items available

  • Contact: +31 85 001 2853 or e-mail to

Frequently asked questions about storage space in Aalsmeer

🏪 How much storage space do I need?

You can roughly take into account that you need 10-12% of your current living space. Don't worry if you don't know exactly how much space you need. We can always make the size of your box smaller or larger. Of course you only pay for what you use. Call now 085-048-2996.

👍 Do I always have access to my storage space in Aalsmeer?

Yes, you have access to your belongings 7 days a week between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. We can also return your belongings to a desired location within 24 hours. You do not have to tow anything yourself, we will bring it to your home.

❓ What does a Self Storage box in Aalsmeer cost?

A Self Storage box in Aalsmeer starts at 7 euros per week. We have all shapes and sizes for you. Starting at 1m2 but also as big as 200m2. We can also combine boxes for you if this is possible in extreme emergency.

Contact Us

We want to help you in the best possible way.

You can easily order our moving boxes and moving supplies online. Please visit our Online Shop.

We currently serve the cities Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.

Every box has a volume of 67 liters and a size of 60 x 40 x 37 cm.

You do not want to wait for an answer? Take a look at our FAQs.

In case of short-term changes of your reservation, concerning today or tomorrow, please give us a call.

How much is the pick-up?

The pick-up is free of charge up to 4m2 from the ground floor, 1st floor and buildings with elevators. For all other jobs we charge a small pick-up fee.

Do you also pick-up outside of the city area?

We do pick up outside of the cities, if the distance to the warehouse does not exceed 50km. A km-charge applies.

Would you like to change your pick-up appointment?

You can always cancel a pick-up appointment free of charge up to 48 hours in advance. Please note that we have to charge a cancellation fee for appointments that are being cancelled on short notice. Less than 48 hours in advance: 50% of one month’s rent. Less than 24 hours in advance: 100% of one month’s rent.

Please provide us with all relevant information on your return, e.g. detailed description of items for partial return, parking situation, name on the doorbell etc).

Log in to your account in order to view and download your invoices. Click here to login.

You can also change your payment method and billing details in your account.

You would like an immediate answer? Take a look at our FAQ.

Phone number

Opening hours

Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 18:00



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