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Staten Island

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Self Storage Staten Island with Boxie24 Storage

Self storage Staten Island - Happy couple sitting on couch in front of moving boxesIf you need more space to keep your things, or your storage area has expanded to other areas of your home or office, Boxie24 Storage in Staten Island has a self storage solution to meet your needs.

Boxie24 Storage is a full service storage facility in Staten Island.

We cater to both residential and business customers with several self storage solutions to meet your needs.

We believe everyone should have access to the space they need at an affordable price, and that’s why we go out of our way to ensure you get quality storage at cheap storage unit prices.

Find out our prices for self storage in Staten Island!

4 Steps to rent your storage unit in Staten Island

Self storage is definitely not a new concept. The idea of full service self storage however, is relatively new. Gone are the days of doing all the hard work yourself.

With Boxie24 Storage, all you have to do is pack. We’ll do everything else so you can get on with more important things. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Contact us to rent a storage unit.

Step 2: Schedule delivery of your moving boxes.

Step 3: Pack.

Step 4: Schedule a pickup of your things.

Self storage Staten Island - stuff inside storage unit staten islandThat’s it! We do the rest.

We’ll pick up the items you wish to store, transport them to our storage facility in Staten Island and place them neatly in your rented storage unit.

When you want your things back, just give us a call. We’ll bring them back to you within 24 hours.

Business Self Storage Staten Island

Boxie24 Storage also has business self storage in Staten Island.

With our storage facility just around the corner, keeping all of your business-related items organized and handy is easier than it’s ever been.

We offer several business self storage solutions including office move services and archive storage to help you use your office space more efficiently.

Rent a Storage Unit in Staten Island with Boxie24 Storage

When you rent a storage unit in Staten Island with us, it is always clean, dry and secure.

Each unit has its own locking mechanism, and we have round-the-clock camera surveillance to protect your things from crimes like theft and vandalism.

We offer a few different sized storage units in Staten Island so you’re never forced to pay for more space than you need.

Self Storage Staten Island Available Unit Sizes

  • 2x5 storage unit

  • 5x5 storage unit

  • 5x10 storage unit

  • 10x10 storage unit

  • 10x15 storage unit

  • 10x20 storage unit

  • 10x30 storage unit

Self storage Staten Island - Pile of books waiting for storage in Staten IslandReliable and Cheap Self Storage Staten Island 

We know obtaining quality storage can be expensive, but we believe everyone should have the space they need to keep their things.

As such, we strive to provide cheap self storage in Staten Island that fits everyone’s budget.

To do this, we take into consideration our biggest competitors’ prices in the area when we set our own pricing.

Monitoring the competition this way allows us to adjust our prices accordingly.

In most cases, we beat their prices while continuing to offer the best self storage in Staten Island. We even give discounts for such things as long-term contracts and upfront payment!

When you are in need of additional space to store your things, look no further than Boxie24 Storage in Staten Island.

Our full service facility provides all the space you need at a price you can afford.

Give us a call to speak with a storage specialist who can help you rent a storage unit today.