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~9' × 9'

Great fit if you want to store a small sized bedroom plus washer dryer and several other items
Size visualization of a 9x9 square feet storage

$ 239

$ 219 / month

In high demand!

Booked 4 times in last 24 hours

~10' × 10'

Great fit if you want to store content of a medium sized apartment, including 2 bedrooms and some boxes.
Size visualization of a 10x10 square feet storage

$ 259

$ 239 / month

In high demand!

Booked 12 times in last 24 hours

~10' × 15'

Great fit if you want to store content of a medium sized apartment and larger items such as sofas, tables, TVs and some boxes.
Size visualization of a 10x15 square feet storage

$ 379

$ 349 / month

In high demand!

Booked 2 times in last 24 hours

~9' × 18'

Great fit if you want to store content of a medium sized apartment and other larger items including 2 bedrooms, couch, refrigerator, dining room set and some boxes.
Size visualization of a 9x18 square feet storage

$ 469

$ 429 / month

In high demand!

Booked 10 times in last 24 hours

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Affordable Self-Storage in Chelsea with Boxie24 Storage

Finding the self storage yStorage units Chelsea - moving box with green cardboard house and key in itou need that fits your budget is somewhat of a challenge.

Fortunately, Boxie24 Storage has affordable self storage in Chelsea to suit most any need.

Whether you live in a house or apartment, or you own a business, we have a budget-friendly self storage solution to help you use your valuable space more efficiently.

Prices Storage Units Chelsea

Our goal is to provide quality storage units in Chelsea at cheap self storage prices.

We understand how frustrating it is to need additional space but be unable to get it because it simply costs too much. As such, we spend a great deal of time keeping a close eye on our competition.

We want to bring you the cheapest self storage prices in the area, so we adjust our prices from time to time to come in at or below those of our biggest competitors. This ensures you never pay too much, and you always get the storage space you need.

Save Even More when you rent a Storage Unit in Chelsea with Boxie24 Storage

Storage units Chelsea - happy couple unpacking moving boxesWhen you rent a storage unit in Chelsea, you have the opportunity to save even more by qualifying for one of our several discounts and incentives. Check them out!

Are you moving? Read these Best Moving Tips to ensure you’ve got everything covered!

Free Pickup and Delivery with Boxie24 Storage

Your self storage in Chelsea comes with free pickup and delivery services so all you have to do is pack. Boxie24 Storage is a full service storage facility designed to make self storage easy. Here’s how it works.

Step 1 – Rent a storage unit. Use our storage space calculator to determine the size unit you need.

Step 2 – Schedule delivery of your moving boxes. We also have moving supplies available for added convenience.

Step 3 – Pack!

Step 4 – Call us to come pick up your filled boxes. We’ll transport them to our facility and place them in your storage unit for you.

Now, we know at some point you’re going to want your things back. Don’t worry. Getting them back is as easy as picking up the phone and calling us again. We’ll return your belongings to you quickly – usually within 24 hours or less!

Business Self Storage in Chelsea

Storage units ChelseaIn addition to providing residential self storage, we also provide several business storage solutions to help our local business owners make the most of their office space.

Whether you just need short-term storage during an office renovation, or you need archive storage for all those important documents your company generates on a daily basis, we have a storage unit in Chelsea to meet your needs.

Boxie24 Storage provides affordable self storage in Chelsea. We cater to both residential and business customers, offering prices to fit nearly every budget. Contact us to learn more about our services and to get the self storage you need today

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