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~9' × 9'

Great fit if you want to store a small sized bedroom plus washer dryer and several other items
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$ 239

$ 219 / month

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~10' × 10'

Great fit if you want to store content of a medium sized apartment, including 2 bedrooms and some boxes.
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$ 259

$ 239 / month

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Booked 12 times in last 24 hours

~10' × 15'

Great fit if you want to store content of a medium sized apartment and larger items such as sofas, tables, TVs and some boxes.
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$ 379

$ 349 / month

In high demand!

Booked 2 times in last 24 hours

~9' × 18'

Great fit if you want to store content of a medium sized apartment and other larger items including 2 bedrooms, couch, refrigerator, dining room set and some boxes.
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$ 469

$ 429 / month

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Affordable Self-Storage Bronx, NY - Boxie24 Storage

Last update: 10.24.2018

Whether your Self storage bronx - stuff inside storage unit in The Bronxneed for self storage in the Bronx is due to a major life event or you simply wish to free up some space in your home or business, Boxie24 Storage has a storage unit in the Bronx that’s just right for you.

According to the Self Storage Association (SSA), people need self storage service most when major life events happen.

Events such as death, divorce, dislocation and disaster often force people to place their things in storage, both temporarily and long-term.

Self storage Bronx with Boxie24 includes free pick up and no deposit is required.

Check out our self storage Bronx pricing list!

Why Rent Self-Storage Bronx, NY with Boxie24 Storage?

Boxie24 Storage offers several options for renting self storage in the Bronx, NY.

Our Bronx storage units are always clean and dry; and they come in a variety of sizes so you never have to pay for more space than you need.

Not sure what size unit you need? Our free storage space calculator can give you a better idea.

Self storage unit sizes at our Bronx self storage facility are:

2x5 storage unit                        9x18 storage unit

5x5 storage unit                        10x20 storage unit

5x10 storage unit                      9x27 storage unit

10x10 storage unit                   10x25 storage unit

10x15 storage unit                   10x30 storage unit

Every unit has its own locking mechanism and climate controlled units are available. Other benefits of Boxie24 self storage Bronx include:

Ready to order self storage Bronx with us? Give us a call to reserve your storage unit in the Bronx, and then follow these best storage tips to ensure you pack your things correctly for transport and storage.

Self storage Bronx - packed moving boxes inside storage unit the BronxBusiness Self-Storage the Bronx with Boxie24 Storage New York

Boxie24 Storage has business self-storage in the Bronx, too!

Our business storage solutions include the same great features as our residential self storage with the addition of climate controlled archive storage and confidential shredding service.

We also offer office move services as well to help you manage your office possessions during times of renovation or relocation.

Self-Storage Bronx - Neighborhoods we serve

We enjoy helping our Bronx residents make the most of their valuable space, and that’s why we provide storage services in the following neighborhoods.

Storage Units Bronx

Storage Units Riverhead

Storage Units Bronxville

When you rent storage space with us, we strongly recommend you protect your belongings with adequate self storage insurance.

Be sure to ask your storage specialist for more information.

Our Full-Service Storage in the Bronx

Boxie24 Storage is a full service self storage facility in the Bronx. This means we do all the hard work for you. Here’s how it works.

  1. Rent a storage unit.

  2. Schedule a time to have your moving boxes delivered.

  3. Pack your things.

  4. Call to schedule a time for us to pick up your things.

Self storage Bronx - Happy couple carrying moving boxesThat’s all it takes! All you have to do is pack your things, and we do the rest.

We load your filled boxes, transport them to our facility and place them neatly into your storage unit.

You can even keep track of your things with our online inventory management app!

When you need your things back, just call us again to schedule a delivery time and place and we’ll bring them back to you – usually within 24 hours.

If you need self storage in the Bronx, contact us to get the space you need.

We have trained storage specialists on hand Monday-Saturday to take your call.

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