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Moving and storing

Moving house is always a time of both great excitement, but also a time of great trepidation. There is at once the joy that comes with what moving into a new home symbolises. New beginnings, perhaps progression that comes with a new job, new partner or even a new addition to the family. But also the stress that a large shift in your life entails. Mountains of paperwork, often large costs , and of course the simple practical question of moving your life from one place to another. These are just some of the emotions that we at Boxie24 see in our clients, who are often in the process of moving house. We often find that the easiest way to maximize the benefits of the positive aspects of moving, while mitigating stress, is to make sure that you are prepared well in advance.

The Ultimate moving checklist:

  1. Paperwork: When you think of moving house, often the image that comes to mind is packing boxes, thinking of storage or renting a truck. All of these will come later, but often the best place to start is with the mountains of paperwork that moving in New York entails. Having this out of the way will be a huge stress off your mind. What paperwork there is to do will depend on your specific circumstances, but you can be sure that there will be insurance waivers, address changes and registration with the city at the very least. There may also be utility contracts to cancel or find, school transfer requests to fill in and bank documents to sign-off on. 

  2. Sell as soon as possible: If you are selling your old home, make sure that it is finalized well in advance of your move. This will minimize stress, as well as provide you far more financial security at this time. An important part of selling your home is staging it. This helps to make a good impression. The easiest staging tip is to make sure you are showing off the space in your old home. This can mean taking the decision to put some items into temporary storage in order to make the best impression possible.

  1. Declutter: Moving is an excellent opportunity to declutter and reorganize your belongings. Especially if you are downsizing, in which case decluttering is absolutely essential. Old or disused items can be thrown out, donated or even sold at a yard sale. Not ready to take these steps? Or perhaps certain items, such as personal documents, are worth keeping. Consider storage as an option to get these items out of your hands but still in responsible hands.

  2. Consider your new space: While you have probably seen the apartment or house you are moving into, one cannot get a full grasp of the space without first spending some significant time in it. This is extremely worthwhile, especially if your new space is larger or smaller than your old one. In order to get a true impression or “feel” for your new home, avoid immediately cluttering your new place. You can do this by only moving absolutely essential furniture items into your new home, while reserving other items in storage until you know exactly how you want them to fit in your new home.

  3. Move in installments: Trying to move an entire life’s worth of items across New York in one afternoon is just asking for a stressful experience. For one, there will simply be far too much for you to keep track of. That is why we advise many of our clients to move in installments. Create a detailed inventory list of your items, decide which are not essential and move them into storage well before the date of your actual move. This way, you will only have to be concerned with one load of absolutely essential items on the day of your move, safe in the knowledge that your outdoor furniture, winter sport equipment, tools, bbq grill and all of the bits that people collect over the years, are a mere phone call away.

Storage Solutions when moving:

What this article shows, is that moving and storing are two sides of the same coin. Storage can help to alleviate some of the stress of moving by acting as an intermediate step, allowing you to plan a flexible move in stages. However, it does mean that you will have another element of your moving experience to consider. This fact, plus the spectre of hauling your items all the way to a self-storage is not a draw to most people already under the considerable stress of moving. Luckily, there are companies like Boxie24 around! As New York’s premier full-service storage company, with experience of storing for thousands of customers across 3 countries, Boxie24 has the expertise to take some of the burden of moving from your shoulders. Full-service storage means that Boxie24 will handle the pick-up, transport, and storing of your items. In addition, we are able to redeliver your items anywhere in New York, meaning that you can kill two birds with one stone! Storing and moving in one, all inclusive service. One of our storage experts will be with your case from your first quote to your final return, meaning that there will be someone as familiar with your move as you are! This all adds up to a service which will ultimately significantly mitigate the stress of your moving experience.

If you are moving house and the prospect of making the process slightly easier is an appealing one to you, give Boxie24 a call today for an obligation free quote at: 844-337-7739

January 12, 2021

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