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Back to college: 9 dorm room organization tips every student needs to know

As the new school year approaches, parents and college students prepare for the transition from home to dorm.

The massive packing and unpacking effort becomes an Olympic event as students attempt to stuff as many of their belongings in a tiny hotel-sized space. If there’s a roommate, that space shrinks even smaller.

So, what’s a college student to do with all their extra things when the school year starts?

By clicking on the image below you will see our dorm room organization tips to help you get rid of the things you don’t need anymore and how to organize the things you keep and how to store it all in a convenient storage unit throughout the school year.

Decide What Stays and What Goes

In the weeks before move-in, take some time to evaluate your belongings and begin getting rid of the stuff you don’t want or need anymore. Whether you throw it out or donate it to charity, shoot for getting rid of a third of your possessions.

If this is the beginning of your college career, you’ll soon realize that getting rid of unnecessary stuff is very helpful in the long run.

You’ll likely be making many moves in the coming years, so the less you have to move, the better. Also, your parents will be thankful that your stuff isn’t cluttering up their house while you’re away.

Organize Your Dorm for Maximum Efficiency

Whether you live in a dorm or rent an apartment during your time at college, the better organized your space is, the more successful and focused you will be.

Try to wait a few weeks before buying a lot of storage and organizational items to get settled into your routine. Once you established a set schedule, you’ll be better prepared to organize your things to suit your needs.

There are several things you can do to organize your things. Buy crates, shelving units, and racks to utilize empty wall space and make use of closet and entry doors by purchasing over-the-door hooks and racks.

You can also use bed risers to raise your bed a few inches, which allows you to place at least six storage bins underneath. Use your imagination to maximize the limited space you have.

girl has retired to a cardboard box

Rent a Storage Unit Nearby

Anything you don’t have room for but want to hold onto should go into storage. You can rent an affordable storage unit near campus to keep your things for as little as $20-$50 a month.

If the cost is too much, consider sharing the space with your roommate who can pay half of the monthly fee.

Many parents and college students know of the benefits of utilizing storage units during summer break, but few realize how beneficial they can be during the school year as well.

With the new school year nearly upon us, it’s a great time to get rid of, organize, and store your things so you have a great year ahead.

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