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Rent your storage space the easy way: Let us pick up your storage items for free and transport them to our modern facility.

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The Ultimate Self-Storage Solution

You would like to rent a self storage unit close to your home town? Then we offer a simple and secure solution - because we pick up your items for free from your home!

How does it work?

And you are ready!

Now you can just relax and we organize the pick-up and the safe storage of your items. Start directly by typing your hometown in the search bar!

Self Storage in 3 easy steps

Renting a storage unit is simple with Boxie24 Storage:

  1. We pick up your items for free from your home
  2. We store them for you for as long as you want
  3. We deliver your items back to you

Clear Advantage: You do not have to pay a deposit and you can organize everything online.

Providing an excellent service is most important for us, this why we offer an all-inclusive package:

Contact us if you have further questions!

How many m2 do I need for my Selfstorage Unit?

You want to store at Boxie24 but do not know for sure how much space you need?

Just use our space calculator and we tell you the exact amount of m2 in 3 easy steps:

The sizes of individual items can always differ, then please just call our customer service agents who have a lot of experience and can help you with choosing the right size.

If you prefer to estimate yourself which size fits your needs, the following examples serve as a reference:

These are just examples, of course individual features can always differ.

The 7 big Advantages of storing with Boxie24

Renting a storage unit has never been as easy as with Boxie24. We are the only self-storage provider in Germany that offers the pick-up and return of your storage items. Furthermore, Boxie24 offers other unbeatable advantages:

  1. Cheap
    You only pay for the amount of storage room you actually use
  2. Safe
    All our storage units are 24/7 under video surveillance and secured against deprivation. We also offer an additional insurance
  3. Clean
    Our storage rooms are equipped with a hard and consistent ground, which makes the cleaning easy and the storage more secure
  4. Dry
    Our storage units are climatised, which ensures a dry and protective storage of sensitive items
  5. Practical
    We pick up your items from wherever you want and deliver them back to you
  6. Flexible
    Boxie24 offers flexible storage periods and short minimum terms
  7. Individual
    We send you a costumized offer

High quality standards are of most importance for us, that is why we try to meet all the requirements for professional selfstorage. Renting a storage unit is fast and simple.

I am looking for a Storage Room: 5 Things to consider when renting Self Storage

  1. Security:
    Storage units should always be secured. Ask if the storage rooms are 24/7 alarmed and under video surveillance or if authorized guard personel is present.
  2. Accessability:
    A selfstorage provider should always have a hotline free of charge for questions about the storage .
  3. Handover Protocoll:
    Make sure that the storage provider offers a handover protocoll, otherwise you do not have any proof of what the provider actually stores for you.
  4. Privacy:
    Storage providers are obliged to watch out for their customers' privacy. Big units where different customers store, must never be accessible for third parties.
  5. Personal Tip:
    If you only want to store for a short period of time, call the provider directly. Sometimes they have free capacities on the same day.

Renting a storage unit with Boxie24 is easy and fast. Follow our booking procedure, lean back an relax. We organise the rest for you.

Also check out our tips and information on the storage of furniture!

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