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You can rent any m² space that fits your exact needs in our modern warehouse

2. Get your items picked up:

We pick up your items for free and professionally store them for you.
If you prefer to deliver the items yourself to our warehouse - not a problem.

3. Request access at any time:

You can access your items at anytime: either by using our transport service for delivery within 24 hours or by picking the items up yourself at the warehouse.
Partial returns are also possible starting at 19,95€.

Boxie24 picks up your items for free all over Krefeld and safely stores them at the following Location:

Tel: 0800-4030-180

The Boxie24 warehouse in Krefeld has the following security features:
Modern alarm and camera system
Video surveillance in the warehouse, the hallways and the entrance hall
Building secured by alarm system
Smoke detectors
Climate-controlled warehouse

  • First month for free
  • Free pick-up on ground floor, 1st floor and in buildings with elevators (up to 12m²)
  • (Partial) returns within 24h or pick-up at the warehouse (charged service)
  • Basic insurance included
  • Minimum storage period 3 months (contact us for shorter storage periods)
  • 5% discount for 6 months minimum storage period, 10% discount for 12 months
  • Monthly invoicing
  • No cancellation fee
  • Deposit: 0 Euros


up to 50m² living space

up to 100 boxes

ca. 10 cubic meter

Size visualization of a 5 square meter storage


85,46€ / month

(19,72€ / Week)

First month free

Booked 2 times in last 24 hours


up to 60m² living space

up to 120 boxes

ca. 12 cubic meter

Size visualization of a 6 square meter storage


94,01€ / month

(21,69€ / Week)

First month free

Booked 11 times in last 24 hours


up to 70m² living space

up to 140 boxes

ca. 14 cubic meter

Size visualization of a 7 square meter storage


107,69€ / month

(24,85€ / Week)

First month free


Booked 12 times in last 24 hours


up to 80m² living space

up to 160 boxes

ca. 16 cubic meter

Size visualization of a 8 square meter storage


119,66€ / month

(27,61€ / Week)

First month free


Booked 12 times in last 24 hours


up to 90m² living space

up to 180 boxes

ca. 18 cubic meter

Size visualization of a 9 square meter storage


132,49€ / month

(30,57€ / Week)

First month free

Booked 1 times in last 24 hours

More than 20m²? Not a problem! Please contact us for a quote:

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happy customers


modern warehouses

100,000+ m²

available space

Boxie24 offers Affordable Self Storage in Krefeld

If you are in search of cheap self storage in Krefeld, look no further. Boxie24 has multiple self storage solutions to meet your needs at prices you can afford.

While traditional self storage options tend to be pricey and offer little in return, our self storage solutions in Krefeld provide you with a wide array of solutions that won’t break the bank.

Rent self storage in Krefeld - in 4 easy steps

  1. How much storage space do you need?

Before you can rent your self storage in Krefeld you need to know how much space you need. Otherwise, you are going to pay for space you don't even need and who likes spending money on things they can't use. Thus determine your required storage space beforehand, you can use our storage space calculator to do so. Or give our storage experts a call they are happy to assist you. 

  1. Determine your storage duration

You can rent your self storage in Krefeld without knowing for how long you will need your storage space. But knowing your storage duration will help you to receive discounts. The longer you store the less you pay. And if you don't want to tie yourself to long-lasting contracts. Then don't worry most of our contracts come around with short notice periods.

  1. Fill out the quote form or give us a call

So know that you know how much space you need, you can start the renting process. Just fill out the quote form on the homepage of Boxie24 and we will send you a non-binding quote for free. Or even easier just give us a call and get your personal assistant, our team is happy to go with you through the renting process. 

  1. Store your belongings 

Great! You just rented your self storage unit in Krefeld. Now you just have to bring your belongings to the unit. You can do this on your own or hire a moving company to help you with the transport and storing of your belongings. We will make sure that your unit is secured, clean and dry.

You still have questions? No problem! Get to know our customer service and sales team. Give us a call: 0800 4030 180.

Why Boxie24 is the best choice for self storage in Krefeld

We know what is important when you rent self storage in Krefeld. We at Boxie24 try to get better each day, with the improvements we made sure to be above our competition. Here you can see some of the many advantages you have with us:

  • Versatile: Whether small or large objects, whether files or furniture - with us you can store almost everything! A great way to store your belongings in a storage unit is by moving boxes. Expect for illegal objects, vehicles, food, and beverages. 

  • Flexible: Adapt your storage space and storage duration to your needs. We believe in flexibility so you can determine your contract every month!

  • Cost-effective: We offer fair prices with high service quality, we make sure to offer you a competitive price.

  • Experts: Our staff and service team are friendly and competent. Our service team is available 6 days a week and to satisfy all our customers we speak several languages.

This complete package makes us an unbeatable provider for your self storage in Krefeld. Make sure to get in contact with us, so you can experience our service quality by yourself. 

A woman with a laptop

Our self storage in Krefeld: as versatile as yourself

There are many reasons why you need more space. We at Boxie24 made sure that our self storage units in Krefeld offer you numerous possibilities for storing items. You can use our self storage in Krefeld for numerous situations.

for moving out - if your leases don't overlap you use self storage to overcome this period.

for furniture - that is not needed at the moment.

for machines and equipment - that otherwise stand in the way.

for your treasuries - our facilities are 24/7 camera-monitored and only authorized employees have access to our facilities. Make sure your treasuries are safe. 

So if you need self storage in Krefeld make sure to give us a call: 0800 4030 180. Also, make sure to check out our self storage in Berlin, self storage in Hamburg and our self storage in Münich

Rent self storage in Krefeld and enjoy the Krefelder Zoo

We at Boxie24 make sure that the renting and maintaining of a self storage unit in Krefeld is fast and uncomplicated. So, with the free time and money you save, from an organized home or office you can have a wonderful evening in Krefeld ́s Zoos. The Zoo opened its gates in 1938, and since then became a landmark in Krefeld. The Zoo is home to over 1200 animals, with over 200 unique animal species. Every year thousands of tourists and local people are visiting the Krefelder Zoo which is located near the Grotenburg-Stadion (Tiergartenstraße 165, 47800 Krefeld). One of the highlights is the tropical monkey house, it opened its doors in 1975 and it came with an interesting it was one of the first monkey houses without cut-off wheels or grids, nowadays most monkey houses work without grids. Three ape species have the freedom to live and walk on over 2000 square meters fairly free and without any obstructions. It was a sensation in the late 70s and still is. And according to the ‘NRZ’ a new generation of Gorillas have arrived, the young offspring was born in 2019. The young baby gorilla is living at the ‘Gorilla garden’, a 1200 square meter big landscape with hills, creek, artificial termite construction, and herb meadow. Thus, if you are interested in visiting the Krefelder Zoo, it is located at the Uerdinger Str. 377, 47800 in Krefeld. 

Also just as the Krefelder Zoo makes sure their animals have enough space to live a comfortable life. And you should make sure that you have enough space to live comfortably. 

Use self storage in Krefeld to free up space and to use your space only for things you need and make you happy. Because if free space increases the joy of life for your far distant cousin it may increase it for you as well. Get in contact with us to receive a free quote!

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We currently serve the cities Berlin and Hamburg.

Every box has a volume of 67 liters and a size of 60 x 40 x 37 cm.

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How much is the pick-up?

The pick-up is free of charge up to 4m2 from the ground floor, 1st floor and buildings with elevators. For all other jobs we charge a small pick-up fee.

Do you also pick-up outside of the city area?

We do pick up outside of the cities, if the distance to the warehouse does not exceed 50km. A km-charge applies.

Would you like to change your pick-up appointment?

You can always cancel a pick-up appointment free of charge up to 48 hours in advance. Please note that we have to charge a cancellation fee for appointments that are being cancelled on short notice. Less than 48 hours in advance: 50% of one month’s rent. Less than 24 hours in advance: 100% of one month’s rent.

Please provide us with all relevant information on your return, e.g. detailed description of items for partial return, parking situation, name on the doorbell etc).

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