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up to 10m² living space

up to 20 boxes

ca. 2 cubic meter

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35,74€ / month

(8,25€ / Week)

First month free

Booked 12 times in last 24 hours


up to 20m² living space

up to 40 boxes

ca. 4 cubic meter

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55,24€ / month

(12,75€ / Week)

First month free

Booked 8 times in last 24 hours


up to 30m² living space

up to 60 boxes

ca. 6 cubic meter

Size visualization of a 3 square meter storage


74,74€ / month

(17,25€ / Week)

First month free

Booked 3 times in last 24 hours


up to 40m² living space

up to 80 boxes

ca. 8 cubic meter

Size visualization of a 4 square meter storage


94,24€ / month

(21,75€ / Week)

First month free

Booked 11 times in last 24 hours

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modern warehouses

100,000+ m²

available space

Get self storage in Gelsenkirchen with Boxie24 

Everyone needs a little extra storage space now and then. Whether a divorce, downsizing or a death in the family leaves you with excess possessions and nowhere to put them, Boxie24 has a self storage solution to meet your needs.


It is easy to rent self storage in Gelsenkirchen

Self storage in Gelsenkirchen from Boxie24

Declutter your home with self storage in Gelsenkirchen

Affordable self storage in Gelsenkirchen

Boxie24 has business self storage in Gelsenkirchen

It is easy to rent self storage in Gelsenkirchen

Renting self storage in Gelsenkirchen with Boxie24 is really a cinch:

  1. Get a quote on our website - or give us a call

  2. Choose the desired storage space in Gelsenkirchen - we are happy to assist you to find the right space or use our storage space calculator

  3. Specify your estimated rental period - we offer discounts for longer rental periods

If you have any further questions about renting self storage in Gelsenkirchen, simply ask our competent team.

Self storage in Gelsenkirchen from Boxie24

Boxie24 is your storage expert, together with our partners, we developed a storage solution with great benefits, that disguise us from our competitors.

What we can offer you:

  • Reserve your self storage unit for free on our website - just feel out the quote form

  • Rent self storage on short notice - just reserve your unit online or get in contact with us

  • Terminate your contract on a short notice - most of our contracts are flexible and can be terminated right away

  • Clean, dry and air-conditioned facilities - we make sure your items are stored in better conditions than the “Le Grand Siècle” from René Magritte which is currently exhibited at the “Kunstmuseum Gelsenkirchen” (Horster Str. 5/5-7, 45897 Gelsenkirchen).

  • Our facilities are 24/7 camera monitored - we make sure that the unit is only accessible with authorization

  • Exceptional customer service - we are happy when we can assist you our team is available 6 days a week.

Still not convinced? No problem, If you have any questions, our professional team is always here to help you. You can reach us at this number: 0800 4030 180.

Declutter your home with self storage in Gelsenkirchen

Renting storage space can be the right decision in many cases. Even if you plan to tidy up a room, an apartment or the whole house, and at the same time to clean out everything you no longer need. There are several ways of how you can declutter your home, to make sure you declutter your home with success make sure to check-out our declutter guide. 

Put these tips into practice and get rid of the things you no longer need. If you organize your things, you can store equipment or items you only need on very few occasions a year, at one of our self storage units in Gelsenkirchen from Boxie24.
Your items are stored in one of our secure, clean and dry facilities and you are not only decluttering your home you are also saving money. Renting self storage space at Boxie24 is cheaper than storing your items at your apartment where you pay way more per square meter.

To find out how much storage space you need for your items, we can also recommend our Storage Calculator, which you can use to calculate your square meters’ needs. 

Affordable self storage in Gelsenkirchen

Many people think that renting self storage is costly. But with Boxie24 that is not the case. We do everything we can to provide you in Gelsenkirchen with affordable self storage solutions for almost every budget. 

In addition, we also compare the prices with our four biggest competitors in the region. If necessary, we adapt our prices in such a way that you always receive the lowest prices.

If you qualify, we also offer some great discounts and incentives. Our aim is to help you find the storage space you need.

The price is always composed of the following information:

  • The amount of square meters you want to rent

    The more you rent the higher the total amount of rent you are going to pay. But the more you rent the cheaper the price per square meter will be.

  • The duration for which you store

You will pay less if you store for a longer duration. Ask our sales manager for discounts.

Thus, if you go with Boxie24 you can be sure you get the best price in your region. We make sure that all our customers receive the offer that is the most suitable for their situation. Get in contact with our team, by phone 0800 4030 180 or just fill out our quote form. And if you are looking for self storage in one of the big cities of Germany. We also offer self storage in Berlin, self storage in Hamburg and self storage in Munich.

Boxie24 has business self storage in Gelsenkirchen

In addition to our individual storage options, we also provide business self storage in Gelsenkirchen.Boxie24 is the first choice for your business storage needs. No matter whether you want to store your files, furniture or a showroom for a certain period of time - we are your contact person whom you can trust when it comes to storage!

Many of our business customers are using our archive storage for their documents. Companies like the St. Augustinus Gelsenkirchen GmbH (Virchowstraße 122, 45886 Gelsenkirchen), Gelsenwasser AG and the Landesbetrieb Straßenbau Nordrhein-Westfalen, are creating daily new paper documents that need to be stored somewhere. With the archive storage from Boxie24 companies save space, time and money.

Businesses also use self storage as an interim storage between events. Hundreds of events are taking place in and around Gelsenkirchen each year. According to ‘Radio emscher lippe’ the Veltins Arena (Arenaring 1, 45891 Gelsenkirchen) just announced that they are hosting one of the biggest Esports events in Germany. The ‘Global Masters – The eSports Celebration’ alone will host over 60.000 people, therefore, businesses are looking forward to storing their event and fair objects in a self storage unit.

We have special offers for our business customers, so if you are looking for self storage in Gelsenkirchen get in contact with our storage experts, to receive an individual offer. You can reach us at this number: 0800 4030 180.

A couple is moving with the help of Self storage in Gelsenkirchen

Contact us anytime

We want to help you in the best possible way.

You can easily order our moving boxes and moving supplies online. Please visit our Online Shop.

We currently serve the cities Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.

Every box has a volume of 67 liters and a size of 60 x 40 x 37 cm.

You do not want to wait for an answer? Take a look at our FAQs.

In case of short-term changes of your reservation, concerning today or tomorrow, please give us a call.

How much is the pick-up?

The pick-up is free of charge up to 4m2 from the ground floor, 1st floor and buildings with elevators. For all other jobs we charge a small pick-up fee.

Do you also pick-up outside of the city area?

We do pick up outside of the cities, if the distance to the warehouse does not exceed 50km. A km-charge applies.

Would you like to change your pick-up appointment?

You can always cancel a pick-up appointment free of charge up to 48 hours in advance. Please note that we have to charge a cancellation fee for appointments that are being cancelled on short notice. Less than 48 hours in advance: 50% of one month’s rent. Less than 24 hours in advance: 100% of one month’s rent.

Please provide us with all relevant information on your return, e.g. detailed description of items for partial return, parking situation, name on the doorbell etc).

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You can also change your payment method and billing details in your account.

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