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Boxie24 picks up your items for free all over Berlin and safely stores them at the following Location:

Wolfenerstraße 36, 12681 Berlin

Tel: 030-229-57890

The Boxie24 warehouse in Berlin has the following security features:
Modern alarm and camera system
Video surveillance in the warehouse, the hallways and the entrance hall
Building secured by alarm system
Smoke detectors
Climate-controlled warehouse

  • First month free (minimum storage period of 6 months)
  • Free pick-up on ground floor, 1st floor and in buildings with elevators (up to 12m²)
  • (Partial) returns within 24h or pick-up at the warehouse (charged service)
  • Basic insurance included
  • Minimum storage period 3 months (contact us for shorter storage periods)
  • 5% discount for 6 months minimum storage period, 10% discount for 12 months
  • Monthly invoicing
  • No cancellation fee
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up to 10m² living space

up to 20 boxes

ca. 2 cubic meter

Size visualization of a 1 square meter storage


17,48€ / month

(4,06€ / Week)

50% discount for the first 2 months

Booked 6 times in last 24 hours


up to 20m² living space

up to 40 boxes

ca. 4 cubic meter

Size visualization of a 2 square meter storage


22,48€ / month

(5,23€ / Week)

50% discount for the first 2 months

Booked 11 times in last 24 hours


up to 30m² living space

up to 60 boxes

ca. 6 cubic meter

Size visualization of a 3 square meter storage


29,98€ / month

(6,97€ / Week)

50% discount for the first 2 months

Booked 6 times in last 24 hours


up to 40m² living space

up to 80 boxes

ca. 8 cubic meter

Size visualization of a 4 square meter storage


37,48€ / month

(8,72€ / Week)

50% discount for the first 2 months

Booked 2 times in last 24 hours

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modern warehouses

100,000+ m²

available space

Self Storage in Berlin with Boxie24

Especially in Berlin more and more self storage space is needed. Between 2010 and 2018, the population of Berlin increased by 300,000 new inhabitants - a major city in Germany has at least 100,000 inhabitants. So Berlin grew in the last 8 years by three major cities. And this reflects on to the housing market, according to the newspaper Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg the square meter price in Berlin is with 11,09€/m²  for a new lease at an all-time high. That's why Boxie24 has developed a unique solution for self storage in Berlin,  for everybody who is looking to free up space.

Self storage in Berlin: how it works

To rent a storage unit in Berlin, follow these steps:

  1. Determine your storage needs
    Evaluating how much self storage space in Berlin you will need, sounds like an easy task but it can get difficult. How much space do you need for your two tables, one closet, and 10 boxes? Maybe just 2 m² but depending on the size of your furniture it could also be 4 m². So if you don't want to overpay for self storage you might not need, try to determine your space needs beforehand. At Boxie24 we offer a free space calculator that you can use, but the easiest way is to contact us by phone:  030 22957890. Our storage experts have several years of experience and are happy to assist you.

  2. Let us pick it up and store it for you

    Let us know when you would like us to collect the stored goods from you. We offer this service throughout Berlin - so you can stay at home and don't have to come to our warehouse. This service is partly free of charge for smaller quantities. Larger quantities and higher floors incur a small transport fee. Alternatively, you can also deliver your stored goods to us yourself. After the pick-up, your goods are stored professionally by our employees. Our facilities are clean, air-conditioned and secure, you will receive your own separated spot.

  3. We return your items back to you

    If you need your stored goods back just get in contact with us! We offer a return delivery directly to your home. For this, we charge a small delivery fee, which depends on the volume of the stored goods.

If you have any further questions or something is unclear to you, then don't hesitate to contact us: 030 22957890. We offer self storage in Hamburgself storage in Munich, self storage in Düsseldorf and self storage in Cologne

The Advantages: Self Storage in Berlin with Boxie24

Boxie24 has developed a unique self storage solution with advantages over other storage providers.

  • Fair Pricing:
    In our warehouse in Berlin-Marzahn we us an advanced storage system, this is one of the reasons why we are the cheapest provider in town – renting storage in Berlin is nowhere cheaper. And the best thing about our self storage in Berlin? You only pay for the storage space you use. Don't rent storage rooms that are too big for your needs, go with Boxie24 and save your money for a trip to the number one coffee shop in Berlin, according to TripAdvisor, “Die Stulle” (Carmerstr. 10, 10623 Berlin).

  • Professional Storage:
    We have several years of experience in the field of storage, your items are stored professionally. Our storage facilities in the Econo business park, in the Wolfenerstraße in Berlin are dry, air-conditioned, clean and camera-monitored. 

  • Free Pick-up Service:
    Nobody wants to spend their free time transporting furniture. Therefore go with Boxie24 - we come and pick up the goods for you, do the transporting and storage. So you can spend your free time with a walk through Görlitzer Park at Görlitzer Str. 3, 10997 Berlin. 

  • Flexibility:
    Not just you have to be flexible, your storage provider should be as well! We offer short minimum storage periods and flexible cancelation times - so you can store according to your needs.

If you have questions regarding self storage in Berlin, just contact us!

Rent self storage space in Berlin center: Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, and Prenzlauer Berg

Especially at the center of Berlin space is expensive, self storage units from Boxie24 can help you free up space in your business or home for a reasonable price.

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg - Until 2001 Kreuzberg was an independent district of Berlin, today the district belongs to the district Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. Kreuzberg is multicultural: almost one-third of the 160,000 inhabitants are migrants and that's reflected in the diversity of restaurants. Kreuzberg is full of restaurants with different cultural backgrounds, on the Adalbertstr. 93 you can find the “Maroush” a restaurant offering Lebanese cuisine and just a few steps away you will find the restaurant “PHO - Noodle Bar” offering Asian cuisine. But Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg does not only have great restaurants - their bars are also well known among locals. Boxie24 already stores the furniture of numerous restaurants who have contacted us to rent self storage space in Berlin. 

The density of pubs is particularly high in the Oranienstraße or the Schlesische Straße. But you can find everywhere in Kreuzberg a nice small bar where you can sit down with friends to enjoy the nightlife. One of our favorites is the Cocktail Bar “Schwarze Traube”, located at the Wrangelstraße 24, 10997 Berlin, a very exclusive bar that offers a wide variety of drinks. But be aware: to get into the bar you have to ring the bell on the door and hope you get invited. 

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg is not just famous for its nightlife and restaurants, you can also do some sightseeing. Starting at the Mühler Straße 1 in Berlin-Friedrichshain you will find the East Side Gallery, the longest section of the Berlin Wall still standing at 1,316 meters. You can visit the “Oberbaumbrücke” at the Warschauer Straße 43, it is regarded as the symbol of the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district as it connects the two districts over the Spree.

In a nutshell, Friechsrain-Kreuzberg offers a variety of hip restaurants, but it is also good for a sightseeing trip. 

Prenzlauer Berg - Prenzlauer Berg has changed drastically, after the reunification of Germany. First, it was a scene district but in the last decade, it changed because of gentrification to a family district. But for many families renting is more expensive in Berlin than in their hometown. Therefore families are renting self-storage unit ́s at Boxie24, to save some space and to bring everything from home to Berlin.

But Prenzlauer Berg has a lot to offer, you will find a lot of playgrounds but also the typical hip cafes and restaurants. Want to go for a late breakfast until 6 p.m? No, problem at “Betty ́n Caty” (Knaackstraße 26, 10405 Berlin) you can have a beautiful breakfast until 6 p.m. And if you prefer to go for dinner, The Bird” serves burgers with premium quality meat that comes from Black Angus beef from the USA and is freshly minced every day. Even the French fries are still carved by hand from Dutch potatoes.
The Prenzlauer Berg also has a bustling bar scene, for example, the Buck & Breck Bar looks quite inconspicuous, but behind the simple door and the shop window hides a real jewel in the Berlin bar scene. You can find this jewel at the Brunnenstraß 177 in 10119 Berlin. 

Overall the Prenzlauer Berg is a quarter for everyone, you have a nice breakfast with your kids in one of the cafes or go for a late-night drink in one of the many bars.

Self storage in the North of Berlin: Pankow and Reinickendorf

The north of Berlin is full of self-employed people and small businesses. Boxie24 has developed self storage solutions for businesses that are searching for a smart solution to their space problems.

Reinickendorf - In the north of Berlin you find Reinickendorf. A district that is called the “greenest” district of Berlin because of the large number of lakes and parks and an extensive forest area. The district has more than 260,000 inhabitants in total.  Whether villa quarter or high-rise housing estate: nature and urban culture live here directly side by side.

One of the highlights in Reinickendorf is the Tegler lake. It is the second biggest lake in Berlin and always worth a visit. And not far from the Tegeler lake (Brunowstraße 50,13507 Berlin), you can find the restaurant “Trattoria da Silvana & Renato”  a real insider tip among locals. You will find authentic Italian cuisine in Berlin. For dessert, you can check out Berlin's oldest chocolate factory, Sawade on the Wittestraße in Berlin-Reinickendorf has been creating the finest chocolate specialties by hand since 1880. 

It does not matter if you live in the villa quarter or in a high rise housing estate, everybody can use self storage in Berlin and save some money.

Pankow - The district Pankow has a population of 404.400 and is, therefore, the most populous borough in Berlin. Pankow is characterized by many “New Berliners” who moved in after 1995, mainly from the south of Germany. Also, a relatively large number of self-employed people and company founders live in Pankow.

You can find idyllic and extensive green spaces as well as trendy neighborhoods, attractive residential quarters, popular cultural centers and flourishing business locations, all in Pankow. The “Weiße See” is one of the highlights in Pankow. You can go for a swim or dive in the water of the lake or for a cafe at “Milchhäuschen”. After the summer you can store your swim and dive equipment in one of our self storage units in Berlin.

Also in Pankow is the “Hüttendomizil”. It offers authentic German cuisine, for example, schnitzel, red cabbage with apples and oven tubers. 

Overall Pankow is a great spot for locals and tourists, you can find a lot of restaurants, lakes, and parks.

Rent self storage in the East of Berlin: Lichtenberg, Marzahn und Neukölln

The east of Berlin is one of the most trending districts in Berlin. Young families and trending restaurants portray the east of Berlin.

Lichtenberg - Lichtenberg is one of the trending districts in Berlin. Young families move to the Rummelsburger Bucht and creative people let off steam in the charming industrial buildings. Creative people are also saving some money by storing their art in a self storage facility. The district is one of the few that succeeds in combining urban flair with a rural atmosphere.

Lichtenberg also has a variety of parks. The city garden of Lichtenberg is a highlight in the area. You will find a variety of vegetables and fruits growing in the park. The members of “Lichtenberg Stadtgarten e.V” are maintaining the park for free. You can join them without obligations, just contact them at their clubhouse at Dunckerstraße 17, 10437 in Berlin.

Marzahn - Marzahn is in the north-east of Berlin and is often considered to be boring and ugly. But Marzahn is highly underestimated. From the viewing platform on the Kienberg in Marzahn-Hellersdorf you can enjoy a very nice view: Gaze over the extensive parkland of the gardens of the world, over the Wuhletal valley to the large urban settlements and the Brandenburg landscapes in the distance. Also, a beauty in Marzahn is our Warehouse, (Wolfener Str. 36, 12681 Berlin) with several self storage solutions.

Berlin's green district to the east can also be seen from a bird's eye view: simply sit in the new suspension railway and glide one and a half kilometers over the Kienberg and over the gardens of the world. You can find the railway directly at the gardens of the world (Blumberger Damm 44, 12685 Berlin) and both attractions are worth a visit. 

Neukölln - Neukölln has established a name for itself. A decade ago it was known for its high crime rates but nowadays it has become a new scene district that attracts millions of people every year. More and more cafés, bars and small boutiques are opening up here. Every week a new trend restaurant is opening in Neukölln.  A trend in Neukölln for the last decade is renting self storage space. At “Yame Numnum” you can have a Japanese breakfast, the “Berliner Zeitung” just wrote a review where they highlight the great taste and service. You can find it on Flughafenstraße 46, 12053 in Berlin-Neukölln. But Neukölln is not just known for great restaurants, the night-life is one of the best in Berlin. You will find bars and clubs everywhere in Neukölln.

Self Storage in the South of Berlin: Tempelhof and Schöneberg

Although the south of Berlin is one of the smaller districts in Berlin, the “Tempelhofer Feld” an old airport, repurposed into a park attracts people from all over Berlin.

Tempelhof -  Tempelhof has 62,000 inhabitants and is most famous for its Airport, the “Tempelhofer Feld”. After the closure of the Airport in 2008, Berliners are allowed to let off some of their energy on the Tempelhofer Feld, where raisin bombers, John F. Kennedy and the Beatles landed: They skate, kite and cycle on the former airfields, they fly kites, and play mini-golf. They use the green areas in the middle of the city for cozy picnics and barbecues - on two and a half hectares of barbecue area. You can join the Berliners for free, the address is: Tempelhofer Damm, 12101 Berlin.

Schöneberg - Schöneberg has belonged to Berlin since 1920 and has been an integral part of the city ever since. Originally a village settlement around today's main street, Schöneberg is now home to around 120,000 Berliners. The local LGBTI+ scene, which is represented in many clubs, restaurants, cafés and more, is particularly well-known today. Famous personalities such as mathematics genius Albert Einstein and pop icon David Bowie spent part of their lives there and shaped the diversity of the district with their work. 

Schöneberg also has a wide variety of restaurants and cafes, “Jones Ice Cream” is one of the most famous ice cream shops in Berlin. Since 2017 there are offer crazy varieties like "Salted Butter Caramel" and "Grapefruit & Earl Grey". 

At Boxie24 you can rent your individual storage room, no matter if you live in Tempelhof, Schöneberg or Steglitz. Because we pick up your goods directly at your door.

Rent Self Storage in the West of Berlin: Spandau and Charlottenburg 

The West of Berlin is known as one of the most expensive quarters in Berlin - especially the lack of space is responsible for the high rents. Therefore take advantage of our service and store everything you need in your warehouse in Charlottenburg or Spandau. Rent your space at Boxie24!

Spandau - Spandau offers both urban flair and local recreation. There are many forest and water-rich recreation areas, unique sights, cultural highlights, and tourist attractions. One highlight of Spandau is a nearby river called “Klein Venedig”: an ideal starting point for boat trips, preferably on a paddleboat or kayak. If you are more interested in cultural attractions, the “Zitadelle Spandau” and the “Luftwaffenmuseum” are always worth a visit. 

Charlottenburg - The heart of the district is definitely the Kurfürstendamm. You will find the flag stores of well-known labels, shops of international brands and well-known names as well as Karstadt, another large department store. But Charlottenburg has more to offer than the Kurfürstendamm. You can also find the traditional Berlin Zoological Garden in the middle of the City-West near the railway station of the same name. It is the oldest zoo in Germany and one of the most species-rich zoos in the world.

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