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4 Reasons Why Boxie24

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The Ultimate Self Storage Solution in Germany

Do you glance into your guest room and wonder where guests would actually sleep if they stayed over? Is the storage room in your business beginning to expand into other areas of the building?

Do you simply just need somewhere to put your things while you move from one place to another? If any of these problems sound familiar, self storage with Boxie24 Storage might be the solution.

Self Storage in 3 easy steps

Why Boxie24 is the Ultimate Self Storage Solution

Many different types of people utilize self storage solutions for many different reasons. From freeing up space within a home or storing unused office furniture to housing your possessions during a move, Boxie24 Storage offers units in a variety of sizes to accommodate your individual needs.

We also have available moving boxes, packing tape and other packing materials to help ensure your belongings make it safely to and from our facility. Let’s take a look at what full-service self storage really means.


Regardless of the things you need to store, there’s a unit available to accommodate them. From motorcycles to big artwork and everything in between, the size of your storage unit is dependent on the amount and type of possessions you place in it.

Should you over or under-estimate the size you need, it’s not a problem. You can change it at no charge.

Also up to you is the duration your things remain in storage. From short 2-week placement to an indefinite timeframe, your things always have a home for as long as you need.

Easy Reservations

Online access, as well as 6-day-a-week customer service availability, gives you options for reserving a self storage unit quickly and easily. You may reserve a storage unit by contacting us via phone Monday-Saturday, or you can make a reservation online anytime. Reservations remain valid for 24 hours.


It can be time-consuming and somewhat stressful when packing and storing your belongings. To make it a little easier for you, the full-service self storage solution offers free pickup and delivery in most areas. This means all you have to do is pack your things. Once they are ready, it’s as simple as dialing a phone to schedule their pickup and transport to the storage unit you’ve rented.

It’s just as easy to schedule delivery of your possessions, too. When you are ready to have them returned to you, all you have to do is call to schedule the time.

In the event pickup and delivery isn’t available in your area, you will receive recommendations for third party delivery services, or if you prefer, you can transport your belongings yourself to the storage facility where you may secure your unit with your own lock or use the one provided by the facility.

Other Services

In an effort to make storing your belongings safely as easy as possible, moving supplies are available for purchase. Moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, moving blankets and the like can be purchased to ensure your things make it safely to your storage unit.

If you’re ever in doubt as to what supplies you need, expert storage reps are on hand to offer advice.

Whatever the reason, self storage is a convenient and smart way to keep your important possessions safe and out of the way, both temporarily and long-term. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should consider when placing your things in self storage.

5 things to consider when renting Self Storage

Renting a self storage unit requires some consideration on a few important points. Making the proper decisions in these areas will ensure you get the right amount of space for the least amount of money.

1. Type
Different storage purposes require different types of storage units. For instance, personal/residential items such as furnishings, household goods or sports equipment require a private storage unit. On the other hand, office furniture, archived paper records and other business-related items should be stored in a business storage unit.

2. Size
As stated before, storage units and containers come in a variety of sizes. You must decide how much room you need for the things you want to store. You have a couple of options for making this decision.

3. Security
If there’s a chance you might visit your storage unit after dark, it’s important there be sufficient lighting on the property to ensure your safety.

4. Climate Control
Do you have belongings that are susceptible to humidity or extreme temperatures? If so, you might opt to not put them in self storage if climate controlled units are not available.

5. Payment
How will you pay for your storage unit? Will you pay month-to-month, which could be more expensive, or up-front, which could save you money in discounts?

Not all self storage units are created equal, so it is important that you take into consideration several factors in order to choose the right unit for your needs.

While size and price are the main aspects most people consider when deciding on storage space, several other factors may be just as important.

Boxie24 Full Service Storage Provider is your Self Storage Solution

Self storage gives you a convenient way to store your possessions, and Boxie24 Storage makes it even easier with full-service availability. Whatever your need for storage space is, we have a unit available to accommodate it.

From our smaller, private storage units to our larger business storage units, you never pay for space you don’t need. For more information on our self storage solutions or to reserve a storage unit, contact us to speak with a trained storage professional. We look forward to being your self storage solution.