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Store winter tires; everything you need to know

Last update: 02.12.2020

Winter tires are the safest option when driving in winter or winter conditions. Although they are not mandatory in the Netherlands, more and more Dutch people are opting for the winter tire because of the many advantages and higher degree of safety during winter. But storing winter tires is a completely different story. What happens to your winter tires if they are simply left outside, placed in the garage or in a drafty shed? Then the life of the winter tires will be considerably shorter.

Storing the winter tires properly is important for the performance of the tire, the lifespan of the winter tires and, above all, it offers convenience. The tapes will not get in your way when they are stored correctly.

How can you store winter tires in an easy, correct and affordable way, why is it so important and why does the winter tire actually offer so many advantages in winter?

Store the importance of (winter) tires in the right way 

Car tires are designed to be used while driving. They can withstand a lot of weight, extreme pressure in the corners and a lot of heat, for example due to the friction during braking. Winter tires are specially developed for winter conditions, summer tires are developed to withstand the hot summer days.

No car tire is designed to be stored for a longer period of time. It's that simple. The rubber compound is not resistant to this. When tires are stored in the wrong way, it can have small, big and disastrous consequences. Of course this also depends on the age and condition of the tire, but also to what extent the tires are stored incorrectly.

This does not only apply to winter tires. If you store summer tires or all-season tires in the wrong way, this will also be at the expense of the tire. 

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Store winter tires properly 

Storing winter tires the right way, how exactly do you do that? There are a number of things to keep in mind. All these things have to do with the properties of the tire or the rubber itself. For example, direct sunlight on the tire is not good; This causes the rubber to dry out, causing the tire to lose its properties and the rubber to harden. The result is that not only the life of the tire is shorter, the risk of a blowout is also much greater.

Another point is that nothing should actually "rest" on the tire during the storage of the winter tires. So no heavy boxes on your winter tires, don't stack winter tires on top of each other (unless they are off the rim, which is a rarity) and no other heavy stuff on your tires.

This also applies to caravan and camper tires. Campers and caravans are often simply put away until the next season. This can be disastrous for winter, summer or camper tires. Because the weight is constantly on the tire and the tire does not move, the tire deforms. The result is the "square" tire. The tire cannot be used after deformation. The same applies to winter tires for the car when these are stored in a wrong way.

Heat sources or burning objects

Winter tires can withstand a lot. Heat is not one of those things. The rubber compound has been developed to withstand extreme cold. The soft composition of the rubber of the winter tire ensures that the tires remain elastic at very low temperatures. Handy, but this does have consequences for winter tire storage.

The moment there are heat sources in the vicinity of the winter tire storage and these are close to the tires, the tires can deform. Especially when they are exposed to heat sources in the same place for a long time and the belt does not change position. Storing winter tires is certainly something you should consider. The same also applies to burning objects or fire. Winter tires are made of rubber and rubber is flammable. In fact, rubber burns very well and needs very little to burn down an entire shed or garage. It is also important to store winter tires safely.

Storing winter tires: safe from all elements 

Not only sun and heat are harmful to your winter tires. When storing winter tires, it is important that the winter tires are protected against all elements. So also rain, wind, frost and drafts. That may sound a bit strange, since your winter tires should be resistant to the elements. They are, but that is only with daily use. Driving the tires is an important factor in the life of the tires when it comes to the weather. 

When you are not driving, the weather and elements are damaging. This not only means that the life of the tires decreases, the performance will also immediately decrease when you start riding these tires again.

What doesn't work when storing winter tires?

Storing winter tires in an open shed, a room without a roof, a room with many temperature differences or a place where burglars can easily come, that obviously does not work. Larger temperature differences, such as in an average shed, ensure that the rubber "works" constantly. This also has negative consequences for the winter tire.

In addition, storing winter tires in the shed is often annoying. They always take up more space than you want, they quickly get in the way and at the end of the summer you will see that a lot of stuff is stacked on the winter tires, so you can empty the entire shed to access the winter tires.

It is not practical, convenient either and it is not good for the tires. Fortunately, there is a much easier way to store the tires properly and that is by choosing Boxie24 winter tire storage.

What is important when storing winter tires?

A number of points are of enormous importance in winter tire storage. A constant temperature, for example. When the temperature does not fluctuate too much, this is an optimal climate for the tires. Speaking of climate; regulated humidity also contributes to the longevity and properties of winter tires.

If you store the winter tires at Boxie24, there is another advantage. Your garage opens several times a week. Your shed probably too. Boxie24's storage only opens when you want to store more items or if you want to get things out of the storage. As a result, the elements are much less likely to adversely affect your winter tires. Practical, especially because no one can reach it; your winter tires are simply safe with us.

What can you take into account when storing winter tires yourself?

Even if you choose a professional storage location for your winter tires, where you bring and store the tires yourself, things can go wrong. That is why we are happy to give you a number of tips, so that you know exactly how to store your winter tires.

Are your winter tires not mounted on a rim? Then you can simply stack it. It is best to put it off the ground, for example on a pallet. The tires themselves have a low weight; it is the rim that makes stacking undesirable. If the tire is not yet on a rim, then that is no problem at all.

Are the winter tires mounted on the rim? Then there are two options. You can place these upright, next to each other. If you have more space, you can also place the belts next to each other, for example on pallets. Preferably do not stack the tires. Especially with steel rims, the weight is high, so that the tires still press against each other considerably. Of course, especially the bottom band is affected. 

Are you planning to place the winter tires upright in storage? Then take a slat with you. Place it on the ground in front of the tires so that they cannot roll. Despite the flat surface and the closed doors, the winter tires can start rolling by themselves due to the working rubber when the tires are placed in storage.

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Store before you choose winter tires: is the tire still sufficient?

Storing winter tires properly and safely is a great idea. Unless you can no longer use the tire and find out at the beginning of next summer that the mechanic does not want to fit the tires because they are not reliable. Therefore always ask the mechanic whether the dismantled tires can still be used next season. You will usually also be told this without asking; after all, the garage would like to sell you new tires.

Do you change the tires yourself? Then you can see for yourself whether the tire can still be used next year. You then look at the wear and the tread depth of the tire. Is the tire very worn on one side, for example only on the inside or outside? Then you cannot use the tire again next year. There is also a good chance that your wheels will need to be realigned.

There are different opinions about the tread depth. The minimum legally required profile depth is 1.6 millimeters. Many people prefer not to drive on winter tires for as long, because this is already quite risky. Measure the tread depth at the shallowest point on the tread itself. Is it more than 2 millimeters? Then the tire can be used again next year. Is the tread depth more than 1.6 millimeters, but less than 2 millimeters and do you drive a lot? Then consider having the tires replaced. That way you can avoid risks.

Should a tire be replaced? You never replace just one tire; it's always two or four new winter tires. Doesn't any tire need to be replaced and do you want to choose winter tires storage directly from Boxie24? Then write down on the tire itself in which position the tire was on the car. A simple LV (front left) or RA (rear right) makes changing the tires yourself for next summer a lot easier, as you immediately know which tire should be used where.

Why do you choose Boxie24 for winter tire storage? 

You can choose to store your winter tires yourself at home. For example in the garage or shed. Chances are, however, that the environment and climate there are not optimal. We also often hear from our customers that the winter tires are in the way. Storing the tires at a garage is an option, but the prices are often a bit on the higher side there. Not only for the storage itself, but also for the additional costs that come with this, such as the new tires that are sold to you.

At Boxie24 you know exactly what to expect. We use the lowest storage prices in the Netherlands, do not ask annoying questions and we have never tried to sell anyone new winter tires. We are, however, experts in the field of winter tire storage and the storage of stuff in general. That is why we are happy to look at the possibilities with you. Do you have a lot of stuff to store next to your winter tires? Then you have come to the right place.

We ensure that there is enough space to store the winter tires. We also have climate control, so that your tires do not wear out unexpectedly or reduce performance. You choose with us how you want to rent the storage space and of course you can cancel with us every month. Handy if you only want to store winter tires once and you don't need space after the season.

Do you suddenly need more space, because you like the way we are storing your winter tires and you want to store more stuff? Then you can just contact us and together we will look at the best option for you. 

Storing winter tires? You can arrange that today!

At Boxie24 you can store everything you want, so storing winter tires at the lowest price is no problem at all. Do you have any questions about the possibilities or do you want to rent a location immediately so that your winter tires can be properly stored? Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can immediately arrange a good storage space for all your winter tires!

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Eric D.

Reliable and friendly drivers and a great customer support. Finally a self-storage provider that delivers on their promises!


Amir H.

Easiest storage service I’ve ever done. The team is extremely helpful, dynamic and flexible.


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