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There are various reasons for renting furniture storage. For example, your new home is not yet finished, but you already have to leave your current home.

Or maybe you are moving or renovating, and you are looking for a safe place to temporarily store your belongings and household effects. Storing seasonal household goods such as garden furniture or hobby items is also a reason to rent a storage box. Maybe you are going to travel abroad for a while, and you want to rent out your apartment in the meantime – and therefore store your belongings.

Renting a furniture storage box can then offer a solution. Regardless of whether you want to store a few moving boxes or your entire household effects. BOXIE24 has a wide choice of storage boxes to store your household goods.

Rent furniture storage rates

You can safely store your belongings in one of our storage facilities at a fixed low rate. With our lowest price guarantee, you can be sure that you will never pay too much.

Naturally, the costs for furniture storage differ per location. In addition, the costs for furniture storage depend on the size of the room. That is why it is important that you know how much stuff you want to store. This way, you can determine the correct rate for your household effects storage. For this, you can use our space calculator. Or call us on 844-337-7739, and we will be happy to help and estimate the space you need.

You can rent furniture storage from 1 month, so you are not immediately tied to an annual contract. And if you rent a household contents storage box for more than 3 months, you will even receive the first month for free. See inventory storage prices per location below.

Prices of contents storage

The displayed furniture storage prices can change in the meantime due to the current situation of COVID19. That is why we advise you to reserve your furniture storage space free of charge and without obligation, so that you are assured of the price shown. Of course we use the price shown for you at the time of booking. You can store household goods safely and quickly at m².

Why m² furniture storage?

At BOXIE24 you enjoy many more advantages in addition to the lowest price for household effects storage. For example, we offer a collection and delivery service and all storage boxes are heated and individually secured.

Advantages of storing household effects at m²

  • 24/7 security
  • Covered loading and unloading
  • Delivery service
  • Flexible rental
  • No security deposit
  • 1st month free*

As you can see, renting furniture storage at m² is a safe and an affordable choice for storing your household effects. Therefore, rent a box today for the storage of your household effects and create space in the house again. Storing household goods has never been easier.

Does my home contents insurance cover damage?

In some cases, your contents insurance will cover any damage if you rent an external storage space in which you have stored your contents. However, this is not always the case. Therefore, ask your home contents insurer whether temporary storage is covered and the associated conditions. You are responsible for this yourself.

In addition, it is important that you do not cancel your home contents insurance when you move, because the insurance no longer applies to the items in the storage box.

In case your household contents are not insured by your household contents storage insurance, you can also take out insurance with us, so that your belongings are properly insured.


For a small amount per month, your household effects are already insured up to €1000. In addition, you can have your belongings insured for up to €10,000.

Choose the right external storage for your contents

Do you temporarily need extra space to store your belongings? Then it is important to determine which external storage suits you best.

  1. Decide how much stuff you want to store
    Do you have a lot or few things you want to store? Use our space calculator to make a good estimate. Or call us on 844-337-7739, and it will be our pleasure assisting you. Do you ultimately have more or less stuff than you thought beforehand? Then we will adjust the size of the storage space for you free of charge. Or (then we will adjust the size of the storage space automatically upon its arrival at our facility, and we will contact you within three business days to inform you about the update)  
  2. Decide whether you want to store the stuff for short or long term.
    For example, have you already sold your old home, but your new home is not yet ready? Then a temporary household effects storage close to your new home is probably the most convenient. Even if the construction of your new home has been delayed, or if you have not yet been able to find a new home, but already have to leave the current home. Storing the household effects in external storage is then a good solution, because people often do not know what to do with the things in the short term.  By storing the household effects in an external storage box, you can in any case quickly have the house ready for sale or termination of the lease. In this way, the items are safely stored indefinitely, and a decision can be made later on the stored household effects.
  3. Determine if the items are fragile
    For example, are the things you want to store very valuable and / or vulnerable? Then choose conditioned external storage. Especially if the items are sensitive to differences in humidity, such as leather sofas or antique cabinets.  If you only need the external storage for a few months, you can also choose to rent a normal furniture storage space. The temperature is monitored in all our storage units. However, not as strict as in the acclimated storage units. Do you have any questions about renting furniture storage? Please contact us or visit one of our branches. Don’t forget to read our tips below.

5 useful storage tips before renting external storage

  1. Determine whether the company and the storage space to be rented meets your needs.
  2. Compare the price of several providers with each other to form a good picture.
  3. In addition to the price for renting a storage space, check on the internet whether the storage company has good reviews and whether there have been complaints and how / whether this has been resolved.
  4. Check how your belongings are insured and whether you can purchase additional insurance when renting your storage space.
  5. Check whether the storage company also offers free collection services, such as m² Storage. This way you don’t have to rent a van, and you save yourself a lot of time and money.

4 handy packing tips when renting external storage

  1. Make sure all items are dry and clean before storing in your container box. Disinfect your refrigerator, freezer and do not store damp clothes or books to prevent mould.
  2. Make sure you pack your belongings properly with, for example, our packaging materials. Determine if your items are very fragile and wrap them in bubble wrap, for example, and make sure they cannot slide during transport to minimize the risk of breakage.
  3. If you are moving or need temporary storage space to store your belongings, it is useful to label all your products so that you can easily find them later. For example, label the moving boxes to the room where it should be, so living room, bathroom, dining room, kitchen, etc.
  4. It can also get dusty in our external storage units, despite all the measures taken. Therefore, cover your TV and mattress with our protective covers or a sheet. If you want to put a TV in external storage, wrap it in bubble wrap. If something bumps against it, it is at least protected.

*1st month for free with a minimum of 3 months storage of furniture.

More information about renting storage at BOXIE24?

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