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Save time and money by reading these 6 moving tips!

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Whether moving abroad, or just a few doors down, it always takes a lot of time.

Especially if you are not well prepared. That is why it is important to take a structured approach if and plan efficient moving well in advance.

The tips below can thereby save you a lot of time, money and stress.

6 Ultimate moving tips to save time and money

  1. Clear out your belongings
    Sort your belongings and decide what you do and do not want to take with you to your new home. Throw away what you no longer need or sell it on marketplaces, for example. So this will even make you money! There is little point in taking it to your new home if you are still going to throw it away there, or worse, keep it there.
  2. Get the right removal materials
    You will always need more than you think beforehand. You might save a little money by wrapping your breakables in your clothes, but cheap is expensive in this case. It takes a lot of time to separate everything again and if something breaks, you might find yourself with shards of glass in your woollen jumpers or socks. You are better off investing a few Euros in sturdy packing paper and bubble wrap, for example.
  3. Use sturdy moving boxes
    Cardboard boxes from the supermarket may be free, but they cause many problems with moving. They collapse, do not seal properly, do not stack firmly and cannot withstand a few raindrops. Good sturdy plastic moving boxes you can just rent and get delivered to your home. You pack them, and stack them easily until the big day comes.
  4. Label all moving boxes
    Describe not only what is in the moving box, but also in which room it should go later. Then on the day of moving, you won’t have any shouting about what belongs in which room and you can immediately put everything in the right room. You can also use colour coding for this by putting different coloured stickers or duct tape on the boxes. Helpers can then easily see where the box should go.
  5. Organise your stuff
    For example, drawers from a cupboard do not need to be emptied unless they contain breakable items. Wrap a sock drawer or underwear drawer with plastic wrap and take it that way. Leave clothes on hangers. Put screws of furniture in a plastic bag and tie it to the piece of furniture it belongs to.
  6. Ask friends early
    Ask your friends early on if they want to help you pack some moving boxes or bring them to your new home. This will then save you a lot of time and money by not having to do this yourself or have it done by a moving company.

Moving and packing takes more time than you think. So make sure you are well prepared and don’t forget to read our moving tips and move like an expert!

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