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How to move your items efficiently

Moving box with archives on it

You are going to move and obviously want to do this as efficiently and cheaply as possible, because after all, moving is expensive enough.

A good plan is half the battle, which is why you might want to hire moving boxes as they will be delivered to you free of charge, saving time and money.

All you need to do is pack the moving boxes efficiently. Here are some useful tips to pack your moving boxes as efficiently as possible:


  1. Apart from sturdy moving boxes, make sure you have other packing materials at home, such as paper or newspapers, bubble wrap, kitchen foil, labels, sticky tape, and markers.
  2. Pack your belongings by room. This makes everything clearer and easier when unpacking.

Think ahead, because everything that gets packed needs to be unpacked:

  1. Hold a big clean while you pack. This is an opportunity to give away and/or sell old stuff.
  2. If you have different sizes of moving boxes, use the smaller boxes for the fragile items and don’t overload them.
  3. Seal the moving boxes tightly and label them. Write on the label what is in the moving box and in which room it should go. You can also use a colour system for the different rooms in the house. This way you can easily find them again later.
  4. Pack in 1 moving box essential items, which you will need immediately upon arrival in the new home such as: toilet paper, washing-up liquid, lamps, music, as well as a coffee maker and a few mugs.

How do I pack a moving box as efficiently as possible?

  1. Wrap the heaviest items with moving paper or bubble wrap and put this at the bottom of the moving box.
  2. Pack lighter and smaller items on top of the heavier and larger items. For example, glass dishes at the bottom and wine glasses always on top, or inside if possible. This again saves space.
  3. Pack similar items together. Glass to glass, pans to pans, books to books.
  4. Pack flat objects like picture frames or plates vertically. This way, you can fill the moving boxes completely across their width and they will not move.
  5. Wrap fragile items individually in several layers of paper or foil. Glasses and cups also fill with a wad of paper. Don’t be too economical with paper when packing glasses and crockery. Wrap several individually wrapped plates together once more in paper and lean it against the side of the moving box.

Handy solutions and life hacks:

  1. Use sandwich bags for smaller items such as jewellery. Transparent bags let you easily see the contents.
  2. Put screws in a sandwich bag and tape them to the piece of furniture it belongs to. Roll up cables and tie them to the appliance they belong to.
  3. Number each moving box. This will ensure that all items arrive safely in the new house.
  4. Take out an internet contract in advance at your new address. This way you will immediately have internet and TV at your new address.
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