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Christmas decoration tips, DIY ideas and trends

Christmas decoration

Once a year – during the contemplative Christmas period – almost all houses and flats in the country are decorated and beautifully prepared. Christmas is the time of reflection and family, your home should be beautiful and decorated. We have compiled 10 interesting and unique DIY ideas for the Christmas period for you. We also present the current trends at Christmasworld, the Frankfurt Christmas market and other information worth knowing about Christmas.

10 wonderful DIY ideas

  1. At Christmas, nature offers us the most beautiful decorations and completely free of charge. Take a walk, look around and take what seems appropriate. For example, collect pine branches and tie them together with a red ribbon. Now you have a typical Christmas bunch that you can attach to doors, windows and wherever you want with nylon thread.
  2. A transparent vase or a large glass filled with Christmas tree balls is a real eye-catcher. Optionally, you can also add a light chain, which is also available with battery. The full vessel is a very pretty table decoration.
  3. Again something from nature: collect pine cones and rosehip branches, which also make great Christmas decorations. You can decorate the rosehip branches in a glass or directly on the table. You can hang baubles or other decorations from the buds. Pine cones are part of the classic decoration. Either just lay them out, or paint them with gold or silver spray. Coloured pine cones look really good.
  4. Looks really good and is easier than you think: a canvas with a glitter motif. For this, you will need a canvas, stencil, glue and gold dust or other material. First, apply the glue to the canvas using the stencil. Then you just need to spread the gold dust over the canvas and just blow away the rest in the areas where there is no glue. That’s how quickly you have your homemade Christmas canvas ready, which is also ideal as a gift.
  5. The in-laws announce they are going to the Advent Cafe, but you only realise at the last minute that you don’t have an Advent wreath in your living room. Now what? No stress at all! Take 4 empty tins, jars or other decorative containers and remove labels and tags. Now you could write on the vessels (for example, at 1st – 4th Advent), decorate the inside with moss or other things and then put a candle inside. Your homemade and modern advent wreath is ready. Tip: Once you have started designing and decorating something yourself, other things often come to mind. Let your creativity take over your body and mind.
  6. Do you have any pine cones left over from your walk? If not, you should definitely buy some or gather some quickly, because now comes the DIY Christmas tree decoration: you will need pine cones, small colourful balls, a string and a hot glue gun. You can also choose to colour the pine cones gold or silver, as mentioned above. Next, glue the balls to the pine cones, make a loop with the (gold) string you attach to the end and you have your homemade Christmas tree decorations.
  7. Have you ever made a snow vase yourself? You should definitely try this, it’s very simple. You will need a vase, double-sided tape and snow spray. Apply the tape to the vase, pull the attachment strip off the tape and then apply the snow spray. Your first snow vase is ready.
  8. Do you have leftover wine glasses that you can provide for decoration? Glue decorative objects of your choice and artificial snow onto a cardboard lid as big as the opening of the wine glass. The decorative objects should fit inside the wine glass, as the cardboard lid acts as a base. Next, glue the wine glass “the wrong way round” to the cardboard lid. Place a candle on the base of the wine glass. You can fix the candle with some liquid wax. Your little work of art is ready.
  9. Still bare spots on the Christmas tree? No problem, why not make pretty wooden stars from simple popsicle sticks? Always glue three popsicle sticks together to form a triangle and you can then make a star from two triangles placed on top of each other. You are welcome to further decorate the star – for example, by painting it or putting decorations on it. Finally, attach a (gold) string as a loop so you can hang the new poinsettia.
  10. Finally, Boxie24 has unearthed a special DIY decoration idea for you: reindeer and moose made from wood and branches. Again, a walk is needed to get the basic material: small logs or thick branches 40-80 mm in diameter, branches 15-30 mm in diameter, thinner branches 10 mm in diameter and branched tops (hornbeam hedges are very suitable) are needed. You will also need a saw, a drill with a wood drill bit, loppers, a sharp knife and wood glue. From the thick branch first cut off a “belly piece”, from the others legs, neck and head. Remove 10 mm of bark from the branches at the bottom of the legs and sharpen them a little so that the animal can be assembled more easily. Then drill slightly diagonal 10 mm deep holes for attaching the legs to the reindeer belly. Likewise the hole for the neck. Now glue the pointed legs into the 4 holes and the basic structure is in place. Next, glue the head onto the neck and the antlers from the forked branches onto the head. Now you can decorate your new quadruped even more, for example with self-crocheted scarves or hats….

What to do with Christmas decorations after the party?

Everyone knows the annoying issue: the holidays are over, the tree is losing its needles, but no one wants to collect and put away all the decorations again. But surely it must be the case that you cannot spread a Christmas atmosphere at home all year round. Once everything is packed away, the question arises: what to do with the Christmas decorations during the year? What storage space can I use? For seasonal decorations, sports items or other items, intermediate storage from where you can easily store them for the time the items are needed. Boxie24 offers warehouse rental and will even collect your Christmas decorations from your home and deliver them again when the cold season starts and you want to decorate again. With Boxie24, you can currently rent storage space Aalmseer for your Christmas decorations, storage space Alkmaar, storage space Almere, storage space Amsterdam, storage space Amstelveen, storage space Duivendrecht, storage space Heerhugowaard, storage space Hoofddorp

Four highlights of Christmas trends 2020

In 2020, as every year, there are new trends for the Great Christmas. Boxie24 was at the Christmasworld fair in Frankfurt for you and looked at what’s popular this year. Christmas decorations made of wood are particularly trendy this year because they are timeless and beautiful with a natural look and feel. No matter what is decorated with it, as it fits everywhere!

Another trend focuses on the main colours, namely red, green and gold. But this year, grey is especially trendy, even if it sounds cool and un-Christmas at first. Whether as a napkin, placemat, Christmas tree ball, grey decoration – exudes tranquillity and harmonises (almost) with any interior. The grey is often combined with brass, which gives a certain elegance.

The third annual trend is all about glamour: after all, Christmas is also a festival and sparkling lights are part of the festivities. Luminous colours and reflective surfaces absorb the generated radiance very well. Attached to this is a radiant base colour with bright metallic colours in different shades, creating an interplay of colour tones.

The fourth and latest Christmas trend is clearly the Ugly Christmas Sweater. At any Christmas party – corporate, club or family – they promise a few laughs and funny conversations. The Ugly Christmas Sweaters have taken knitted Christmas tops as a model and feature funny motifs.

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