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Storage units Brooklyn - Happy couple sitting in the middle of moving boxesStorage Units Brooklyn - Boxie24 Storage is your storage partner

If you’re looking for a safe place to store your things, look no further than Boxie24 Storage.

We are a full service storage facility providing clean, dry storage units in Brooklyn at prices to fit any budget.

Conveniently located and serving the entire Brooklyn area, Boxie24 Storage caters to both residential and business customers.

It is our goal to help the people of New York get the storage they need, as well as use the spaces they have more efficiently.

Check out our prices for self storage units in New York!

Boxie24 Storage Prices for Storage in Brooklyn

Here at Boxie24 Storage, we strive to provide the cheapest storage in Brooklyn. We do this in a couple different ways.

  • Monitoring the competition – We monitor our four biggest competitors in the area and adjust our prices to be at or below theirs. You always get the best self storage prices with Boxie24 Storage!

  • Discounts and incentives – We offer discounts and incentives for such things as extended contracts and upfront payment. We even have a refer-a-friend program!

Available Storage units Brooklyn - Boxie24 Storage

  • 2x5 storage units - Brooklyn

  • 5x5 storage units - Brooklyn

  • 5x10 storage units - Brooklyn

  • 5x15 storage units - Brooklyn

  • 9x9 storage units - Brooklyn

  • 10x10 storage units - Brooklyn

  • 10x15 storage units - Brooklyn

  • 10x20 storage units - Brooklyn

  • 10x25 storage units - Brooklyn

  • 10x30 storage units - Brooklyn

Free Pickup and Delivery with your Storage Unit in Brooklyn

As a full service storage provider, we offer free pickup and delivery of your stored belongings. This saves you time and money because all you have to do is pack.

There’s no need to worry about how you’re going to get everything to your storage unit, and no more spending hours doing so. You don’t have to rent a truck or make several trips bacStorage units Brooklyn - packed living room waiting to go to store unit in Brooklynk and forth.

We come pick up the stuff you want to store, transport it to our facility and pack it neatly into your storage unit.

When you want your things back, just give us a call. We’ll deliver them to you at a conveniently scheduled place and time.

Learn how to pack your things for transport and storage with our Best Self Storage Tips.

Business Self Storage Units in Brooklyn with Boxie24 Storage

Boxie24 Storage offers self storage in Brooklyn to help local business owners get the most out of their office space. Our multiple business storage solutions provide short-term and long-term storage options for almost anything you wish to store.

Boxie24 Storage also has archive storage with a confidential shredding service for all those important documents businesses must keep but rarely have room for on company property.

Learn More about our Storage Units in Brooklyn with Boxie24 

Storage units Brooklyn - Nice and clean living roomBoxie24 Storage is changing the way people think about self storage. Our dynamic approach to business combined with our drive to provide the best and be the best gives us a leg-up on our competition.

When you contract with us for storage in Brooklyn, you get more than just space. You get full service options from a company dedicated to you and what they do.

If you’ve been searching for clean, dry storage units in Brooklyn, Boxie24 Storage has just what you need.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to clean up your basement, or a business owner in the midst of an office renovation, we have a Brooklyn storage unit for you. Contact us today to get started!