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Storage rental in case of divorce

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Unfortunately, divorce is becoming increasingly common and we are ill prepared for it when it actually happens to us.

Often, the cake has already been cut and you can no longer work it out together, which often results in an unpleasant period in which you already have a lot to arrange and in which administrative matters can just run into the papers and take up a lot of time.

A period of much worry and turmoil, for yourself, your ex-partner and any other family members.

What happens to the house? Keep it or sell it? Who will live where? How do we divide the stuff? What do I do with the things if I have to live in a smaller house?

Just some questions that suddenly need to be considered. In these cases, a temporary storage space can help until you both settle down.

This also gives you more time to deal with administrative matters and, if necessary, you can already put the house up for sale and get used to the new situation after the divorce.

You cannot work things out together – now what?

You are going through a divorce. A period in which a lot of things need to be arranged. You used to live under one roof, but that will now become two different homes.

Various scenarios are of course conceivable:

You stay in the house together until (one of) you has found another home, you sleep with friends or family, or you move into a temporary home.

You can also choose that one of you moves out, the other stays, or that you both move to a new home and put the old one up for sale.

In all these cases, you need to consider the wishes of the children, pets, location of work and what will you do with the belongings?

Living smaller after divorce – put your belongings in storage

In many cases, divorced partners also start living smaller. After all, you live with fewer people, so you need less space. But this also makes financial sense.

Financially, living smaller after a divorce is usually the wisest choice. However, you need to make a choice about which items you do and do not take with you, as you will no longer be able to store all your belongings in your new home.

Your old contents such as sofas, wardrobes and a bed will surely come in handy in your new home. But will you also have room for all the books or your hobby? Will that one piece of art also fit well in your new home? You need to make choices.

Items that you cannot put in your new home after the divorce, but that you do not want to get rid of either, can of course be put in a family member’s garage.

However, this is strongly discouraged, as humidity, mould and/or dust will quickly take hold of your valuables.

An air-conditioned storage unit, on the other hand, is safe, clean and you always have access to your own storage space and does not have to be expensive at all.

With this handy storage unit calculator, it’s easy to work out how much you would spend per month and what the annual cost will be.

Dividing your stuff

With your divorce, you often also have to divide up the joint possessions. It is wise to do this right away. This will prevent (more) suffering and/or arguments afterwards.

First of all, you should make an inventory together. If you are married on prenuptial agreements or lived together with a cohabitation contract, you have already partly agreed which items are for which partner.

But even then, there are items that you probably bought jointly.

Think for example of kitchen utensils, a carpet, paintings, towels, electronics or souvenirs from holidays.

Once you have the list complete, it is wise for both of you to write down separately what he or she wants to take. Some items, such as heirlooms, will automatically stay with the original owner.

Once you have decided which partner keeps which items, record this in the divorce document, which has to be approved by the court. The Nibud has a very complete explanation of how to divide things during a divorce.

Have your belongings been divided but you cannot yet move into your new home? A temporary storage space offers a solution! You simply store your things for a while, safely under lock and key, yet always accessible if needed.

Note! It is important that you move your belongings to a new house or a storage space with the approval of your future ex-partner. Otherwise, there could still be problems about this afterwards.

What are the advantages of temporary storage during a divorce?

Some divorcing people temporarily move in with family or friends. Of course, you cannot take all your possessions there.

Especially if you are in a spirited divorce, it is wise and pleasant to move your belongings as soon as possible. This poses a problem, because you don’t have a new place yet.

But fortunately, the solution is simple, quick to arrange and affordable: a temporary storage unit!

So you can be sure that your things are safe and dry, while not getting in anyone’s way. And you can access your own things again as soon as you have found or can move into a new place to live.

Building up your outfits – but where do you leave them?

In some cases, partners choose to continue living in a house together. Or move in with friends or family until you find a new home. But you will need new things for your future home.

Sometimes these are small things like a new kettle, or a knife or pan set. But if your partner keeps the larger items such as fridge, sofas or bed, you will need to look for new items that can take up quite a bit of space.

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