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Self Storage for Students in Amsterdam

self storage for students in Amsterdam - bridge, canal and bicycles

Renting a storage unit can be a great solution for students in Amsterdam.

The academic year is about to start and for a large group of (new) students, that means an exciting period ahead. New city, new friends, new study.. and suddenly you have to do all kind of things yourself that you might not be used to at all!

Cooking, cleaning, repairing your bicycle tyres, arranging insurances and so on.

What to do with all your stuff?

Having your own place is really cool, but it also comes with new challenges. For example; what to do with all your stuff? Especially in cities like Amsterdam with a shortage of student rooms, it is often difficult to find enough space for all your belongings.

In Amsterdam, it’s very common to live in a studio or room of about 12 square metres. Your surfboard, winter sports gear and racing bike rarely fit in there. That’s exactly why renting a storage unit in Amsterdam (or any other student city) can be a wonderful solution!

Studying in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has over 108 thousand students. Almost half of them live there too. This really drives up the rental prices in Amsterdam, as in other cities with many students.

Therefore, it’s economically interesting to live in a smaller dorm room. It simply costs less than a bigger one. However, with a bed, a desk, a closet and possibly a chair or a sofa, the room will soon be full. So what to do with all the stuff you use for your hobbies? For example, a surf board, racing bike or kite-surfing gear? Or your ski’s when your a winter sports fanatic?

Winter sports gear

Rent cheap storage space in Amsterdam

Renting self-storage in Amsterdam is the answer. Sure, you could store your stuff in your parents’ garage (assuming they have one), but what if that beautiful day arrives and you need your surf board?

What if your friends organise a spontaneous weekend trip to the snow? You don’t want to use public transport to go to your parents and pickup your ski’s. Let alone having to take a surfboard back to Amsterdam by train in the summer.

By renting a cheap storage space, you save yourself the trouble and the money! After all, you can live in a smaller apartment and still have all your belongings nearby.

Moreover, our storage units are clean, climate controlled and well secured. Your valuable belongings are safe with us!

Searching for a dorm room

The search for a dorm room in Amsterdam can be quite challenging. Because of the scarcity you have to start searching for a room long before you are planning to move to Amsterdam. You could find a host to stay with (which can also be great fun, by the way). But if you rent a self-storage unit in Amsterdam, you can afford to be more flexible when it comes to the type of accommodation.

With fewer demands and more flexibility, it’s easier to find a room for a lower rent. After all, with fewer demands there will be more rooms that suit your needs.

Rent an affordable storage unit with free pick-up service

At BOXIE24 you can rent very affordable storage units with free pick-up service. Plus, our storage facility is always nearby, 100% safe and free of moist.

Furthermore, if you don’t know your roomies very well yet, it might feel more comfortable to store your most valuable belongings in a secured storage unit. Also, in a house for students it often happens that many (unknown) people come over to study or to party. It’s advisable to keep a close eye on your belongings.

Especially the things that you don’t use on a daily basis, but which are valuable and you would like to keep close by. Storing those in one of our storage facilities is a convenient solution.

Self storage in Amsterdam for students

Storing your stuff during your internship

During your study, you will probably do an internship at least once. Sometimes you have to temporarily move to another city – in the Netherlands or abroad – to get an internship at that very cool company where you always wanted to work.

You could cancel your room and store your things with us, or temporarily sublet your room to another student. But where to leave your stuff? Your furniture and other belongings that you don’t need for a while?

We pick up, store and redeliver your belongings

Whether you move abroad or go to another city in the Netherlands; your belongings are save with us. And we redeliver them to you whenever you return. We take care of everything: in most cases, we pick up your stuff for free. We store them safely in one of our storage facilities and return them to you whenever you want. Even if you just need a few items. You don’t have to drag your stuff around or arrange transport yourself.

Therefore, renting a storage unit in Amsterdam with BOXIE24 is very convenient for students. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Simply use our storage space calculator to find our how much space you need. The costs of renting storage will certainly be lower than you’d expect!

Self Storage in Amsterdam for Students

Do you have questions about renting self storage in Amsterdam? Call 020-262-1141 or fill out one of our contact forms. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to answer all your questions.

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