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Make money on King’s Day

Canals of Amsterdam

Clean up your house and get rich! (well, sort of)

Now that the corona crisis has subsided, we finally get to wander the flea market, grab terraces and attend gigs again on King’s Day. But Kings Day offers more opportunities; selling second-hand stuff at the free market is an excellent way to earn extra cash. Boxie24 Storage Rentals gives you the best King’s Day tips for a tidy house and a fuller wallet!

Tidy up your home and make money at the flea market!

Of course, you can just watch on television how our royal family graces Maastricht with a visit. But why not earn money on King’s Day? Clear out your attic, shed or garage and sell your excess at the flea market! A tidy house and extra money in your pocket: win-win!

What sells best at the flea market?

Certain items always do well at flea markets. We at Boxie24 Storage Rental list them for you:

  • Toys and games
    For example, Lego, Barbies, board games as well as Xbox and Playstation games
  • Household appliances and glassware
    Kitchen appliances, drinking glasses and vases
  • Electronics and gadgets
    Think of the less expensive items such as earpods.
  • Clothing, bags and shoes
    Especially trainers and vintage bags can bring in a lot of money, but children’s clothes, sportswear and swimwear also sell well.
  • Sports and fitness equipment
    Such as rollerblades, hockey sticks, bicycles and weight
  • Books, DVDs and vinyl records
    The CD era may be over, but DVDs, (children’s) books and vinyl records are still very popular at flea markets.

Have a wide range

Of course, the wider your offer, the more attractive your stall will be. Provide a combination of the above items. Also take into account the season. Sportswear, swimwear and outdoor toys sell well in spring. Winter clothes and other items tied to the winter season are better stored temporarily.

Don’t throw away old stuff but make someone happy with it!

After a festive King’s Day, you often have some unsold items left over. What do you do with them? Sell them on, for instance, marktplaats or sell your clothes on Vinted. Or make someone happy with your unsold items; take them to the thrift shop or post them on a local giveaway corner on Facebook.

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