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How a storage unit can help with the loss of a loved one

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Losing a loved one is always a sad time. We are unexpectedly confronted with all kinds of emotions and many secondary issues that often require an immediate approach.

Especially when it comes to vacating the deceased loved one’s home, quite a lot is expected of us during this period of mourning. The house has to be delivered empty, and furniture has to be sold with all the emotional memories this brings.

We don’t want to immediately part with furniture and household contents that have a lot of emotions attached to them. It can be painful to photograph the deceased’s entire life and sell it, distribute it or give it away to a second-hand shop.

Renting a storage unit for the contents of the dearly departed can then be a good solution. This way, we are not faced with saying goodbye again during this difficult period, and we can fully focus on the things that we consider more important at the time, or that present themselves as more urgent.

Storing household goods and furniture in a storage unit

Storage units are a good solution when it is necessary to find a space that can accommodate entire household goods or furniture temporarily or for a longer period of time.

These storage rooms offer a safe place that are free of humidity and large temperature differences, keeping stored goods in perfect condition.

In addition, storage units are fully lockable and can be accessed at any time.

After a funeral, there are often still a lot of heirlooms from the household contents to be distributed to which quite a few emotions are attached. Not everyone has the opportunity to be able to choose from the remaining furniture at that precise moment.

Selling or disposing of them is often too emotional, and brings a lot of grief at that very moment.

When using an external storage unit, we have the opportunity to postpone that painful moment and let it sink in for a while. Difficult decisions about the household effects do not have to be made at that time, which is nice in a death situation.

Temporarily storing household effects in a storage room

If it concerns a deceased person who lived independently in a rented house or perhaps even an old people’s home, it is often quite a worry for the next of kin to clear the house in time.

This often creates some time pressure, which is not exactly what you need during a period of grief and mourning.

Next of kin may not always have the time or the opportunity to help clear the house at the same time. In that case, too, renting a storage unit offers a solution.

From a safe, well-guarded storage space, pieces of furniture and other objects can be taken to a central point, and distributed or sold at a later, quieter time.

This not only saves a lot of tension, but also provides a lot of peace during a period of grief and emotion.

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