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Want to make your move less stressful? Rent our innovative moving boxes! Our service is cheaper than buying regular cardboard boxes. And our moving boxes are extremely durable to better protect your items. Free delivery of your boxes.

Moving checklist 

Are you going to relocate soon? Chances are you have enough to think about already and you may easily overlook something. That’s why should use our useful moving checklist, to make sure the whole moving process, and everything that it involves, goes as smooth as possible. 

Keys to new home

Moving checklist - what to arrange in advance

  • Terminate the rent 

  • Measure your new home

  • Plan a moving date 

  • If needed, arrange a moving lift 

  • Arrange movers 

  • Arrange gas, water and electricity

  • Internet, telephone and tv

  • Make an inventory list of your home

  • Throw away what you don’t want to move or store it through Boxie24 

  • Transfer insurances (household, fire, etc.)

  • Arrange Moving boxes and packing material

  • Rent a lorry or arrange transport

  • Rent Temporary storage space 

  • Compensations (reimbursement of removal expenses, a day off )

  • Start on time with packing moving boxes (saves a lot of time)

  • Disassemble the furniture 

  • Cleaning of your old and new home

  • Remove dowels and screws in your former home (paint the walls if needed)

  • Key exchange

  • Before you empty your pantry, be sure that enough food and drink is left over

  • Dismount lamps, curtain rails and pictures

  • Put your important paperwork somewhere separately  

  • Write down your meter readings 

  • Arrange a parking permit (terminate the former one)

  • Ask friends and family to help

  • Set a date


Communicate your change of address to:

  • Friends and family

  • Local municipality

  • Insurances (house, car, health etc.)

  • Newspapers, magazines

  • PostNL

  • Employer and colleagues

  • Dentist

  • Doctor

  • (Physio-) therapist

  • Bank

  • Notary

  • Car repair shop

  • Schools 

  • Sports club

  • Tax authorities

  • Parking permits

  • Internet, telephone, tv 

Checklist new home 

  • Measure all rooms (and outdoor area)

  • Measure height and width of all windows 

  • Detailed dimensions of the kitchen (stove, fridge, etc.)   

  • Heating installation

  • Doorways (some open inwards, some outwards)

  • Number of power outlets 

  • Regulations landlord 

  • Regulations about pets 

  • Household / Bulky waste 

  • Anti-burglary measures 

  • Connection to gas network

  • District-heating (when available)

  • Glass fibre internet (if available)

  • Introduction to the neighbours

  • VVE (Union for apartment owners) 

  • Parking permit 

  • Take up insurances 

  • Check the zoning plan


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We currently serve the cities Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.

Every box has a volume of 67 liters and a size of 60 x 40 x 37 cm.

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How much is the pick-up?

The pick-up is free of charge up to 4m2 from the ground floor, 1st floor and buildings with elevators. For all other jobs we charge a small pick-up fee.

Do you also pick-up outside of the city area?

We do pick up outside of the cities, if the distance to the warehouse does not exceed 50km. A km-charge applies.

Would you like to change your pick-up appointment?

You can always cancel a pick-up appointment free of charge up to 48 hours in advance. Please note that we have to charge a cancellation fee for appointments that are being cancelled on short notice. Less than 48 hours in advance: 50% of one month’s rent. Less than 24 hours in advance: 100% of one month’s rent.

Please provide us with all relevant information on your return, e.g. detailed description of items for partial return, parking situation, name on the doorbell etc).

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