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5 Tips for relocating

Tips for relocating - Boxie24

Are you going to move soon and in need of some useful tips? We listed them for you below, so that you can be sure that you have thought of everything!

 Moving tips part 1: Before starting

  1. Make sure to plan your relocation well in advance.
    Make a plan which says what has to be moved on what day. This way you’ll have an overview of all the things that have to be done.

  2. Measurement is the key
    Are you going to relocate soon? Measure the size of the rooms and doorways. This way you will prevent that you’ll find out your couch doesn’t fit through the door. That will save you trouble and precious time.

  3. Start on time
    Be sure to have arranged moving boxes and other moving material well in advance. It will save you time when you have all you need at home already.

  4. Don’t move in the summer
    Having to lift and move boxes to the third floor in the middle of summer? With high temperatures, that might not be a pleasant job. If it possible, you better plan your relocation to happen in spring or autumn.

  5. Request a parking permit
    Arrange a parking permit well in advance, when needed. This saves yourself a high fine.

best moving tips - room full of sturdy moving boxes

Moving tips part 2: Pack wisely

  1. Make use of gloves and packing materials
    We often tend to forget that paper moving boxes and certain furniture pieces could have sharp edges, with all its consequences. That’s why you should use working gloves, to ensure that you don’t damage your hands.

  2. Organise your moving boxes per room
    Put items out of the same room in the same box. This way you save yourself some trouble. When moving into your new home, you can easily track what items are in what box.

  3. Label the moving boxes
    Make sure to label each moving box or furniture piece, so that you know exactly which room a certain box should go. Make a list of all the moving boxes, that makes it clear how many boxes should go to each room.

  4. Wrapping well is half the battle
    Be sure to wrap fragile things, like dishes and glasses, with for example wrapping paper or bubble wrap. This way you avoid that they’ll get damaged during the removal.

  5. Remove all the bulbs out of lamp sockets
    Lamps are not made to move and break easily with the slightest shaking or bumping.

Put them in a separate box and put a label with ‘fragile’ on it.

  1. Transport flammable items separately
    Flammable items should not be packed, because they are under pressure. They could explode during moving.

  2. Keep medicines and toiletry apart
    Ensure that your personal toiletries and medicines are packed separately. As well as, lenses, glasses, hearing aids and other important things. Put them in your ‘hand luggage’, so that you’ll always have easy access to them.

  3. Keep important paperwork apart
    Use one moving box for important paperwork, like car documents, insurances, passports etc. This way you’ll exactly where to find them when needed, and you can be assured that they don’t get lost during relocation.

  4. Make sure to close and seal bottles and jars
    The last thing you want is leakage out of your bottles and jars during transport. Close them well, so that you avoid having to clean up a huge mess and having to throw away wet paper boxes.

  5. Fill up half empty storage boxes
    Do you have partly filled moving boxes? Be sure to fill them up with something like old newspapers. This way, the contents will not move and get damaged during transport.

  6. Close the moving boxes properly
    Make sure that all your moving boxes are closed properly, by using tape or tie wraps. You could also use our solid moving boxes.

Moving tips part 3: Wanting to transport your washing machine or other heavy furniture?

  • Moving your washing machine or fridge

Close your washing machine or fridge and make sure to secure the doors with tape for example. Use lifting slings.

  • Empty your cupboards

Take out drawers, or secure them with tape. Make sure to empty drawers and cupboards if you want to save yourself some heavy lifting.

  • Make sure to wrap fragile items carefully

Are you going to move your TV? Make sure that it is well protected by bubble wrap or a moving blanket. Make sure that fragile items like televisions, mirrors and pictures are well wrapped up and secured during transport.

Moving tips part 4: Saving tips

Are you going to relocate soon? You definitely want to keep costs at a minimum.

That is why we listed some useful moving tips which will help you save money.

  1. Find out whether you have the right to have an extra day off because of your relocation. With many firms this is the case.

  2. Buy or rent affordable moving boxes, of good quality. Our affordable moving boxes are extensively tested and meet te European standards. Cheaper moving boxes do often not meet those standards, which means that you risk cracking or sagging.

  3. Save on having to rent a removal company, by asking your friends to help you out. Many hands make light work and will allow you to save costs. Plan a barbecue or drinks to make it up to them.

  4. Rent an affordable storage space. Rent an affordable storage unit through BOXIE24 to store your belongings in the meantime, if your new home isn’t finished yet. BOXIE24 offers a flexible storage space with a free pickup service as interim solution.

Moving tips Boxie24 storage

Are you sure you didn’t forget anything?
Use our useful moving checklist

A renovation takes up a lot of time and if you are busy you are likely to overlook something. To be sure that you don’t forget anything, we made a checklist regarding relocation for you.

Print a copy and check items off step by step. After reading our moving tips of 2019, you are at least well-prepared for your relocation. This will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Do you have questions or do you want to book a storage unit to store your items in between relocations? Please feel free to call us on the number displayed above or leave your contact information through the contact form on our page, we will make sure to call you back as soon as possible. You can also reserve a self storage unit.

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