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Storing your items during a renovation

Items packed for storage

When you have a remodeling or renovation planned, there are many things that need to be arranged. This period brings with it a lot of stress, and of course your belongings need to be safe during this hectic period.

Perhaps even easier and, more importantly, safer is to store your things so that there is enough space to work without worrying about damage.

Boxie24 has enough space to store your belongings, this can be for a short period, but also for a longer one. No problem for us.

No matter how long or short the renovation or refurbishment, storing your belongings temporarily is done safely with us.

The best advice for storing your belongings

When you want to rent a safe place with Boxie24, we are happy to give you good advice first.

We fully understand that it is sometimes difficult to determine how much storage space you need.

After all, the amount of chairs, desks, dining tables and other large pieces of furniture needs to be considered. Don’t forget fragile items either, as they often cannot be stacked.

And should you want help calculating, use the handy storage space calculator.

Storage units from Boxie24

Our storage units are all secure, dry and heated. So there is no need to worry about your belongings. Make sure there is enough space during this period, store your things safely and make sure you can soon enjoy your remodeled or renovated home.

Of course with your own belongings, everything undamaged and a nice addition to the improved interior.

The advantages of temporarily storing your belongings

Your remodeling or renovation will go faster because there is enough space to work with.

Your things are safe, there is no chance of anything being damaged by falling grit or dust, for example.

Nothing can be stolen, we always assume the good in people, but you never know who you’ll bring in to renovate/renovate.

Plenty of room to work, nothing is more annoying than unnecessary delays. After all, renovating already costs enough.

You have the perfect opportunity to decide what comes back into your home, make the choice whether certain pieces of furniture still fit into your interior.

Avoid hectic and chaos

A renovation is almost always a (prolonged) time of hectic and chaos, a time when your household sometimes even seems to be upside down. Chances are also high that all the stuff that gets in the way cannot be neatly stored somewhere else in the house.

And there is always the increased risk of damage. Avoid these reasons for extra stress, and give yourself a little more peace of mind. So temporarily storing your things somewhere else is recommended to give remodelling or renovation a happy ending.

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