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Storage unit prices

Through BOXIE24 you can rent storage spaces up till 200 m². Our prices are dependent on many factors. The prices for storage space depend, among others, on the city you want to store, the location of the warehouse and the size of the storage box.

Besides that, the total price of renting storage space can also be affected by how long you rent. If you for example rent longer than 6 months, you will qualify for great deals. We will come back to that later on. 

Rent storage space

Prices of renting storage per m²

Listed below is a useful overview of our monthly prices for storage space in the Netherlands.  The actual price for storage space in your city may differ. 

1 m²         €34,95

2 m²         €49,95

3 m²         €59,95

4 m²         €79,95

5 m²         €89,95

6 m²         €109,95

7 m²         €129,95

8 m²         €149,95

9 m²         €159,95

10 m²       €169,95

11 m²       €174,95

12 m²       €179,95

13 m²       €192,40

14 m²       €204,40

15 m²       €216,00

16 m²       €227,20

17 m²       €238,00

18 m²       €248,40

19 m²       €258,40

20 m²       €268,00

* >20 m², please contact us to get a personalized offer

Download price list

The shown prices are all inclusive for our private customers. For our business customers, there will be added VAT.

Is your desired size storage box not listed in the overview above? We definitely have larger storage units available. Please contact us to reserve your storage unit, we will offer you sharp prices.  

For our business storage spaces and prices, we would like to send you to our page dedicated to business storage space prices.

Rent storage space

Low prices for long term storage rental

More affordable prices for renting storage, who doesn’t want that?  

At BOXIE24 you will get the first month off, if you decide to store long term with us.
This, in combination with our free pick-up service, makes it even more affordable. 

Besides that, you can save money by staying a minimum of 6 months. The great deals that we can offer you by long term renting are listed below.  

This is how you profit of our low prices:

  1. If you stay longer than 6 months, you will get 5% discount 
  2. If you stay longer than 12 months, you will get 10% discount 
  3. If you recommend a friend for a minimum of 6 months, you both get €50,- discount. A

The prices for renting storage can get quite affordable. Rent a storage box, invite a friend to store with us as well and benefit both of €50,- discount. This way you are assured of the lowest storage prices of the Netherlands.  

Rent storage space

A fixed low price for renting storage space without price increases 

With BOXIE24 you reserve a storage space with a fixed low price. This means that you pay the price displayed at the time you were booking, even if the prices would have been increased in the meantime.    

Be sure to reserve quickly, to be assured of the displayed price. You can always cancel your reservation for free. 

For example: you book 1 m² storage space in Amsterdam for €34,95 and you want to start using this in 6 weeks. In the meantime the storage price would hypothetically go up to €39,95 a month. Then you will still pay €34,95 a month for as long as your contract runs. 

Transparent storage prices without hidden costs 

Besides that, our prices are inclusive and without any hidden costs afterwards. This way you are not surprised by the invoices later on.

We do not apply costs for administration or termination, which a lot of other suppliers do. We also don’t ask deposit costs. And you don’t need a credit card when storing with BOXIE24.  

This way you know exactly what the monthly cost for you storage box are going to be. The storage prices may differ per city. Listed below are all the advantages of renting storage space with BOXIE24. 

  • Free reservation and cancellation
  • Free pick-up 
  • Fixed low price
  • No costs for administration
  • No deposit costs
  • No price modifications in the meantime
  • Great deals
  • No termination costs
  • No need of a credit card

Rent storage space

How does it work?

  1. You select the desired location.
  2. You reserve the preferred storage box. 
  3. We will contact you to make the reservation final.

We will contact you as soon as possible and will answer all your questions. Listed below you will find a useful overview with frequently asked questions.

  1. When should I pay?​
    On the day you start storing with BOXIE24, you will receive your first invoice with a payment term of 14 days. After that, you will receive a new invoice every month for the following 30 days.
  2. What are the payment methods?
    You can pay with us by bank transfer, direct debit, credit card and Paypal. Paying with cash is not possible. 
  3. When is the first month off?
    If you store long term with BOXIE24, you will get the first month for free. Please feel free to contact our customer service about this discount.
  4. What if I had a free pick-up, but I am not staying for 3 months?
    If you had a free pick-up, but you store for less than 3 months, we will charge you the pick-up on your last invoice.
  5. How do I get high discounts for long term storage?
    If you let us know beforehand that you want to store for 6 months or longer, then we will offer you a discount of 5% or 10% on your monthly rent. If you are terminating your storage earlier, we will add these discounts to your latest invoice. 
  6. Can I get both the first month off and discounts?
    Yes, if you stay long term, you will qualify for twice as much discount. You will get the first month for free and on top of that you will receive a 5% or 10 % discount.
  7. How does the free pick-up service work?
    As long as you stay longer than 3 months, we will pick-up your belongings for free up till 4 m² and from the ground floor. Have a look at our price list for more information.
  8. What is the termination period?
    From the moment of termination we apply a termination period of 2 weeks. Do you only want to rent one month, be sure to quickly terminate or at least 2 weeks before the new invoice.
  9. What are the opening hours?
    The servicedesk is opened Monday till Saturday between 09.00 and 18.00 and on Sunday between 11:00 and 17:00. With your own access card you will have access to your box 7 days a week between 06.00 and 23.00.
  10. How can I cancel my reservation?
    Please contact us per e-mail at nl.info@boxie24.com or call us.
  11. What are the termination costs?
    We don’t apply termination costs. We do apply a termination period of 2 weeks.
  12. Are there any extra costs I need to think of?
    We don’t apply additional costs, or administration costs. The shown prices are the actual monthly costs you will pay for your storage space. 

Not sure yet how much storage space you need? Feel free to use our storage calculator.

Costs for renting storage space depends on several factors: 

The costs for renting a storage space depends on a number of factors. The prices for storage rental can differ per location, but also per month. Besides that, the availability of the box you want to rent plays an important role in the total costs for storage rental.  

Listed below you will find on what the total costs for renting storage space depend:

  • Location of the storage facility 
  • Measurements of the storage unit
  • Location of the storage box in the warehouse
  • Additional options 
  • Availability of the storage box

This way, it might be possible that storage space prices in Amsterdam Centre are higher than the storage prices in Amsterdam North, due to the high lease costs and other costs. However, this doesn’t have to be the case! 

Besides the place where you want to rent storage space, the storage prices are also depending on what size storage box you want to rent and on what floor it is located in our warehouse.  Naast de plaats waar u opslag wilt huren zijn de opslagruimte prijzen ook afhankelijk van het formaat van de te huren opslagunit en de locatie in de opslagfaciliteit.

The price of a storage unit on the ground floor is often much higher than the price of the same storage box on the 6th floor.   

This is because a storage unit on the ground floor is easier to access. That is why renting a storage box on the ground floor is so popular among self-employed people or other entrepreneurs, who operate out of their storage box. 

Besides that, the price of a storage unit also depends on whether you choose additional options, like air condition, insurances  and extra security. Lastly, the availability of the storage box also plays an important role when it comes to the price.  

In the end, you determine yourself what storage space best meets your needs and budget. You can always ask for advice, free of charge. Our staff would be glad to help you out. 

Not sure yet how much storage space you need? We recommend using our storage space calculator!

Rent storage space

Renting storage space in the Netherlands for the lowest price 

BOXIE24 tries to keep the costs for renting storage space as low as possible for all customers. We achieve that by working as efficient as possible and having our drivers choose the most efficient routes. 

This doesn’t only result in an affordable storage space, but also in less emissions, what is better for the environment. Besides that, we offer a lowest price guarantee. If you happen to see a better price elsewhere, please let us know and we will repay the difference to you (except of special promotions)

This way we are able to offer sharp and low prices for storage space in Amsterdam and surroundings. 

Other costs for renting storage space 

The costs for renting storage space in the Netherlands depends on a number of factors, as described above. Listed below you will find a useful overview of the factors that affect the prices of storage units. 

Prices of renting storage space depend on:

  • Measurements of the storage unit 
  • Location of the storage facility
  • Location of the box in the warehouse 
  • Availability of the storage unit
  • Additional options, like air condition 

Besides that, the costs for renting storage space in the Netherlands, can be affected by, among others: 

  • Insurances
  • Additional security, like an alarm 
  • Optionally receive packages 

Depending on what your needs are, you could rent a smaller or larger storage space. Are you not sure yet what the size of the storage box should be? Use our storage room calculator. Our storage space calculator makes an accurate estimate based on your belongings and will advise you the right size storage unit. Are you in doubt? Please feel free to contact us by dialing the phone number mentioned above or by sending us an email.  

Rent storage space

Couple sitting on couch with cardboard boxes behind them

Lowest price storage space rental without deposit or administration costs 

Most storage space facilities ask you to pay deposit or non-recurring administration costs. This could lead to higher storage prices than you expected in advance. If you rent a storage space with BOXIE24, you don’t need to pay deposit costs or administration costs.  

This way, you can rent a storage space at one of our facilities in the Netherlands, without additional costs. You also won’t be needing a credit card when storing with us. 

You can make a storage space reservation for free and, if needed, also cancel it free of charge. 

Are you going to move to another address soon and are you looking for temporary storage space? You might need some moving boxes as well. Order your moving boxes easily and quickly in our shop. Here, you will find all the prices of renting or buying moving boxes. 

Do you want to know how it works to rent moving boxes? Go ahead and check out our moving boxes rental service!

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Comparing prices of storage space

In the recent years, a lot of self storage suppliers arrived on the market. However, for the customer it is often hard to assess which one actual offers the best prices for renting storage space. This has been confirmed by the Dutch Consumers’ Association.

Definitely so, because storage firms are not transparent about their prices. 63% of the customers are not satisfied with the tariffs of their storage company.  

Lastly, a lot of suppliers raise their prices intermediately and they hardly ever inform their customers accurately about this. 

We listed a few storage suppliers for you below. Compare storage spaces in Amsterdam: 

Supplier: BOXIE24 Storage
Address: Van Marwijk Kooystraat 5, 1096BR, Amsterdam
Advantages: Transparent prices, no costs for administration or deposit, pick-up and return service
Disadvantages: No access 24/7, no car storage 

Supplier: Allsafe Mini Opslag
Address: Joan Muyskenweg 38, 1114 AN, Amsterdam- Duivendrecht
Advantages: Transport service, access 24/7, also storage of cars or motorcycles
Disadvantages: No transparent prices on the website, intermediate price raises

Supplier: Shurgard Amsterdam Amstel
Address: Van Marwijk Kooystraat 11, 1114 AG Amsterdam-Duivendrecht
Advantages: Largest in Europe, 1th month €1, storage per week
Disadvantages: Costs for administration, intermediate price raises, costs for locks 

More information about renting storage at BOXIE24?

Want to know quickly if we can pick up your items from your place? Then look among our storage locations or contact us by phone (fastest answer).

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