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Boxie24’s pallet warehouses have always been a step ahead of the usual providers. We are prepared for anything and can store your stored goods efficiently and safely. The advantage of our pallet storage system is the easy storage with Euro-pallets. This gives us quick and easy access to your goods if you order a return shipment, for example.

Benefits of a pallet warehouse

  • Width and height
    At our pallet warehouses, several racks are put together. These are put together so that they can hold as many pallets as possible. This means we can ‘stack’ and put everything next to each other. Mainly because of this, we always offer you the lowest price.
  • Professional warehouse staff
    Well-trained warehouse staff are essential. Boxie24’s employees have several years of experience. As a result, you always store your stuff with us carefree.
  • 24/7 security
    The warehouses are equipped with the latest security technology and are secured 7 days a week with sharp cameras. Besides the cameras, there are also fire detectors and sprinklers installed.
  • Transparent pricing
    You pay per month per pallet stored. This price includes warehouse management and order picking costs.

This is how the logistics service works in the pallet warehouse:

  1. Organisation of transport or optional independent delivery to our pallet warehouse.
  2. Goods receipt and quantity control
  3. Storage in the secure pallet warehouse on high shelves
  4. Stock management
  5. Picking and preparing pallets for outbound logistics
  6. Organisation of collectionDelivery of partial quantities or total goods also possible

For which companies is the pallet warehouse useful?

For companies that:

  • Have limited storage capacity;
  • Need a warehouse for a limited time without having to sign long-term contracts;
  • Want to outsource storage management to focus on their own expertise rather than efficient storage.

Not sure if we have the right offer for your situation? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to explain everything.

What does a pallet space in a warehouse cost?

The cost of pallet space in a warehouse depends entirely on the amount of space you need and, of course, the duration of storage. You also need to think about the (partial) return service. How often do you want to use it? For a complete overview of all costs, we recommend you to contact us.

More information about renting storage at BOXIE24?

Want to know quickly if we can pick up your items from your place? Then look among our storage locations or contact us by phone (fastest answer).

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