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Get Self Storage in Gelsenkirchen with Boxie24 Storage

Everyone needs a little extra storage space now and then. Whether a divorce, downsizing or a death in the family leaves you with excess possessions and nowhere to put them, Boxie24 Storage has a self storage solution to meet your needs.

Full Service Self Storage in Gelsenkirchen

Boxie24 Storage is a full service storage facility offering the space you need to store your things, as well as a host of other great benefits not typically found with traditional self storage. We offer:

·       Free reservation

·       Moving boxes

·       Moving supplies

·       Nationwide coverage

·       Self storage insurance

·       Online inventory management

·       Outstanding customer service

When you take advantage of our free pickup and delivery service, you never do any of the hard work. All you do is pack.

We transport your things to our facility and load them into your storage unit. You can keep track of everything with our handy online inventory management app.

Affordable Self Storage in Gelsenkirchen

Many people think renting self storage is expensive. With Boxie24 Storage, however, it isn’t. We go out of our way to bring you cheap self storage prices in Gelsenkirchen to fit nearly any budget.

We do this by comparing prices with our four biggest competitors in the area. We adjust our prices as necessary to stay highly competitive so you always get the lowest prices with us.

We also offer some great discounts and incentives if you qualify. It’s our goal to help you afford the storage space you need.

Boxie24 Storage has Business Self Storage in Gelsenkirchen

In addition to our individual storage options, we also provide business self storage in Gelsenkirchen. When you need to free up space in the office, or you need temporary storage during a renovation, we have a storage solution to meet your needs.

Our archive storage gives you the space you need to keep important documents handy without them taking up valuable space in the office.

Our office move services give you a place to put office furniture and the like during events such as renovations or relocations. Our flexible monthly contracts are designed to give you the freedom to obtain temporary storage on your own terms.

If you need extra space to store your things, Boxie24 Storage has self storage in Gelsenkirchen to fit most any budget. Contact us for a free quote today!